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Year 6

Friday 24th September 2021 


Dear Parents,


In maths this week, we revised BIDMAS/BODMAS as well as multiples, factors, and prime numbers. The children really enjoyed solving puzzles and discussing which numbers had unique features such as squared or prime numbers. They also had a go at drawing prime factor trees - recognising that the prime numbers at the end totalled the initial number. They also worked through an 11+ paper, which many worked well at. It may be helpful to ensure that they have read and understood what the question is asking of them before they attempt to answer.


For non verbal reasoning, the children recapped rotation and reflection. They went through two multiple-choice papers. One was completed in a small group with discussion while the other was timed and independent.


In english the children wrote a story about 'The deserted house'. Prior to this, they were able to analyse an example text, picking out strong vocabulary and effective sentence structures. For  'Guided Reading', we decided to take a trip to the library- selecting new books and having a quiet read. WE also looked at an extract from Malamander.


The children have thoroughly enjoyed creating pieces of work based on our current book 'What we'll build'. In PSHE, they came up with solutions to friendship worries or problems. They worked in teams to either act it out or even perform their advice through song. 


Our Art lesson (also linked to the text 'What we'll build) had the children designing their own spaceships. We hope to model these out of clay so they are able to create actual 3D models of their creations. We have attached some photos below for you to take a look at!


Shabbat shalom

The Y6 team

PSHE- we will build a fortress to keep our enemies out and higher walls for when they shout. But you don’t lose or always win, so we will build a gate to let them in.

What we’ll build…

Jewish Studies - 24th September ~ 18th Tishrei 5782

I hope you are all enjoying this wonderfully warm Sukkot!

Year 6 have been learning about the various details needed to be taken into consideration when building a Sukkah to ensure that it is a 'kosher' Sukkah, including different heights, widths, materials and locations.  We have looked at different rules in the Mishnah and learnt that a kosher Sukkah can be built on a wagon, a boat, the top of a tree, or even on a camel!


We have reviewed the special brachot for Sukkot - Al Netilat Lulav for shaking the lulav (as well as shehecheyanu for the first time we do this) as well as Leishev BaSukkah for eating in the Sukkah - naturally, this brachah was accompanied by the happy munching of biscuits in the Sukkah too - after all, Sukkot is also known as Zman Simchateinu - the Time of our Happiness!


Wishing you all Shabbat Shalom and a beautiful second-half of Chag!

Mrs Hill



This week may have been short but it was one we will never forget. From the moment we left Norrice Lea in the early hours of Sunday morning until the time we dropped them back in Monday evening, we were blown away by your children's positive attitude, kindness towards each other and their perseverance and resilience. As you can see from all the pictures below (and we have now added a few more), we had a jam-packed two days which included raft building, a campfire, climbing poles and ladders and being dropped from a height on a 3G swing. If you look carefully, you may spot a few of the teachers having a go too! What really stood out for us was how kind the children were to each other; they encouraged each other when they were unsure and congratulated each other when they succeeded. These are attributes to be admired. We hope the children has as much fun as we did.


In maths this week, we revised long multiplication and long division. The children discussed what mistakes they commonly make and how to avoid them. Please encourage your child to estimate an answer first; this will ensure that they look carefully at the calculation and help them spot when an answer does not make sense.


In English we looked at a page from our book 'What we'll build' and asked the children to write a poem saying sorry from the perspective of one of the characters. We also began one exam comprehension practice focussing on how to interpret sentences when you do not understand all the vocabulary. For our 'Guided Reading', we looked at extracts from Treasure Island, which supported their inference skills.




In Science this week, we began our topic on All Living Things, where the children researched three famous microbiologists. Some made informative posters, books on book creator and even a quiz. 


As it is Succot next week, we will not be setting any formal written homework. There will, however, be the option for some Atom learning- we will set questions based on some of the common errors made in prior atom learning papers.


Shabbat shalom

The Y6 team


Jewish Studies 17th September - 11th Tishrei 5782


I hope you all had a meaningful Yom Kippur and an easy fast.

It's been quite a week this week, what, with two days in Kingswood, preparing for Yom Kippur, remote teaching and starting to learn about Sukkot!


We briefly recapped all the basic information of Yom Kippur and looked in more detail at the Tefillah of Kol Nidrei itself, understanding how much importance HaShem places on the making of promises and why we therefore shouldn't ever break a promise - we decided that it's better not to make a promise at all rather than risk breaking it.

We reviewed the story of Yonah which is read on Yom Kippur afternoon as it focuses on the theme of Teshuvah. The children are finishing off their videos of the story and we look forward to watching them all next week.

Today we began discussing Sukkot, firstly reviewing the basics (see below for what they came up with) and then starting to learn what constitutes a kosher Sukkah.  Next week we will look in detail at the Mishna that discusses the laws of a kosher Sukkah - eg, is a Sukkah on the back of a camel considered kosher?!

Wishing you all Shabbat Shalom and an enjoyable weekend.

Mrs Hill



Part 1 swinging into action

Happy Birthday Rosie and Jonah

Shacharit al fresco

Campfire and marshmallows (yum)

We have arrived!! 


After an easy journey, we arrived with excited children ready to explore and find out the plan for the day. 


The first thing that the children did was find out their rooms and make their beds! This was quite a challenge for some of them but parents will be pleased to know that they will be keen to do this at home!


Having made Havdalah, the children are now davening Shacharit before we give them their second breakfast. 


After that they will be heading off to the obstacle challenge. There will be more activities in the afternoon. Keep watching this space to find out more.

Jewish Studies 10th September - 4th Tishrei 5782

Shanah Tovah to you all !


Year 6 have made such an excellent start to the new year in Jewish Studies, displaying so much enthusiasm and excitement for JS.  Our focus has been on Rosh HaShana (for obvious reasons!) and Teshuvah, and we have had some really interesting discussions.  I was blown away by the exceptionally perceptive and intelligent answers offered by many of the children in class.


We have learnt in detail about the five stages of Teshuvah and the children each then created a Guide to Teshuvah, many of which were really humorous and beautifully illustrated.  We went out to the stream that runs down the side of the playground and together we recited the Tashlich prayer, asking ourselves why we do Tashlich specifically at the water's edge, and what is the relevance of having fish in the water.  


Wishing you all a peaceful and relaxing Shabbat!


Mrs Hill

Friday 10th September 2021


I hope you all had a healthy and sweet new year.

This week we were excited to discuss Kingswood, which of course is just a few days away- we can't wait to spend a couple of days getting to know your children even better. We will upload photos onto the blog each day so keep a look out!


On Friday  Ms Simon came in to class to talk about prefect applications. This year we are looking for 2 Head prefects, 2 JS prefects, 2 technology prefects, 2 library prefects and 2 wellbeing prefects. The prefect form has been uploaded to google classroom. Please sit and read through the application with your child and print off the form for them to fill in. We would like the children to hand in a hard copy  by the deadline given. 


In English this week, we have been working on different texts. Linking to the text ‘What we’ll build’, the children wrote a descriptive piece about a storm during their creative writing lesson. Other texts that we have looked at this week are ‘Perfection’ by Nathalie Babbit,  ‘Holes' by Louis Sachar, and 'Silverfin' by Charlie Higson.


In Art this week (also linked to the book) the children , had been to ‘build’ a home using  different media including  watercolours, paper and sketching. They were also asked to design their own door and explain the meaning behind their design. The results were really impressive.


In Maths we have been looking at negative numbers - ordering, comparing, finding the difference, and completing challenges and word problems. We discussed when negative numbers feature in our everyday lives and spoke about temperature, bank balances, and, of course, goal differences in football.


We look forward to seeing all the children bright and early on Sunday morning- don't forget to provide a milky packed lunch.


Shabbat shalom

The Y6 team

Tackling maths puzzles



The children have settled in quickly and are definitely ready for Y6.

Yesterday we ran through the Y6 rules and expectations, explained the timetable and homework schedule and generally talked about life in Y6.


We were very excited to begin work on the whole school book 'What we'll build'. This week we focused on the line 'I'll build a door where there is none'. Yesterday the children wrote about what they expected as they walked through the door of the Year 6 classroom. Today we learned about different famous doors around the world- how many can you recognise in the pictures below?


In Maths we have begun our topic on place value which we will continue next week.


We will be uploading work on Sunday evening for the remote learning day in Monday 13th September; they will receive maths, English, and art. They should complete the tasks in their maths and English homework books which we have sent home. The art activity should be done on paper. The remote learning timetable is attached below. Here is the tefillah and Kabbalat Shabbat link :


Shabbat Shalom and Shana Tova




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