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Our School Council Members

Meet our newly elected School Council

"I want to represent my class on the school council because I have some good ideas of how to help the whole school and also because I'm interested in it."

 “I think I will make a good student councillor because:

 I will try and get more games for the playground to play with during lunchtime

 I will improve the locks on the toilet so that nobody will get stuck again

 I will ask for better food at lunchtime.”

"I want to represent my class because I want to make sure that everyone is included in games. Also, I would like buy a classroom pet which we would look after together. "


"I want a kind and caring school, where everyone is happy and no-one gets hurt."

"I want to be on school council because I want to try and make a difference to the school. Kerem is almost perfect, but we could improve the school lunches and toilets! I also want to help raise money for people who are less fortunate than us."

"I want to represent my class on student council, because I care about them and want to make sure that they are happy in school. I also want the opportunity to meet new people and make a difference. I want to be a part of finding a charity that is close to everyone’s heart and help people with their problems."

"I am so happy to be in the School Council.

I wanted to represent my class so I can help the school become even better."

"I have chosen to be in the school council to represent Y5F and to work hard on their asks. I will faithfully try to make a difference during my time at school council."

"I wanted to run for school council because I love Kerem. It's a great place. However, in order to stay great, I think the school can always be improved and I wanted to see how I could change it for the better by listening to my fellow students and trying to make their ideas a reality instead of fantasy!"

"I would like to be school council because I feel I can make a difference to the school. I am a warm, friendly, caring and organised person. I regard myself as a team player and like to be inclusive. Together we will raise money for charity, come up with new initiatives, and help to make Kerem the best it can be."

"I wanted to be in school council because I believe we need to do something about the amount of plastic we use and waste. I also think we could do something to change the school lunches so everybody is happy. I am excited to be a school councillor for the year and to help make positive changes."

"I am looking forward to sitting on the school for my final year at Kerem. By the time we reach the end of the year, I hope we have clean and fresh smelling toilets. I want to encourage responsibly in the younger years by introducing a class pet program."
"I ran for school council because I wanted to bring in more exciting days and weeks including subjects that we may not learn in school such as architecture. I also wanted to help with more charitable causes that we may not already have been involved with. I wanted to represent our class and to bring their ideas forward in the meetings so that I could also help them find a way to achieve their aims and requests. I also wanted to be there to support our class (and others!)"
"I am very excited to be on the school council. I think there should be a 3 week cycle for lunch instead of a 4 week cycle. In doing so, food disliked by many, may be removed. In addition, I think other activities like tennis should be put into consideration for the school. Finally, I would like to encourage everyone to keep the toilets as clean as possible!"
I want to be a part of the school council because I will listen carefully to what you ask. I would like to raise a lot of money for the school. I want to try to make the playground more enjoyable by introducing more game and equipment. I look forward to working to make the school a better place for everyone. 
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