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June 2023 - The children have just started a new topic - מֶזֶג הֲאַוִויר 'mezeg ha’avir’ (weather). See topic vocabulary for revision. 

June 2023 - The children in Year 4 completed the topic of ‘Picnic ba Park’ by having a picnic in the park. They used the Ivrit they learnt to ask for the foods and drink they wanted.

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May 2023 - The children practised the ‘flavours’ in Ivrit by tasting a variety of foods and drinks. They tasted the food blindfolded and then said the food and flavour in Ivrit - מׇתוֹק-sweet, מׇלוּחַ- salty, חׇמוּץ-sour, בׇרִיא-healthy, חׇרִיף-spicy.

May 2023 - Year 4 have been learning the vocabulary and phrases for the topic - Picnic Ba Park. They have learnt the infinitive verb לאכול/לשתות - To eat/To drink and adjectives to describe food such as the flavours.

See topic vocabulary for the words and phrases. 

April 2023 - Welcome to the summer term in Ivrit. We have been learning all about the culture in Israel in preparation for Yom HaAtsmaut. In Year 4 we are focusing on Israeli art and artists as well as jewellery and accessories. So far we have looked at the Israeli artists Reuben Rubin and Hinoch Piven. Rubin painted classic scenery and Piven used recycling products to create portraits of Israeli leaders such as Ben Gurion. .

March 2023 - The children have now finished the topic of כִּיתׇה שֶלִי - My Classroom. They are able to describe their classrooms, what’s in their school bags and pencil cases! Kol HaKavod Year 4! כׇּל הַכׇּבוֹד!


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W/C 16/01/23. Book Week in Ivrit. The children listened to the story הֲכִּיסִים שֶל עַנׇתִי -The Pockets of Anati. They discovered all the items in her pockets and had fun recreating the story.

W/C 28/11/22 The children made and labelled their own תִיק - Bag, and all the items inside and can now describe what is in their bag in Ivrit.

W/C 21/11/22. Year 4 have continued learning how to describe items in their classroom and pencil case. They have started using adjectives such as colours and can use more complex prepositions such as בְּתוֹךְ (inside).

W/C 7/11/22 The children have started recalling the items in a classroom and learnt some of the more complex rules for making plural nouns. They are able to make sentences using the preposition ‘בָּ' and the phrase 'יֵש' (there is...)

W/C 24/10/2022 - The children in Year 4 have started the topic of 'My Clasroom' - הַכִּתָּה שֶׁלִּי. They will learn adjectives and phrases and prepositions in this topic, making sentences describing what is in their classroom.

W/C 19/09/22. The children are now able to ask and answer questions in Ivrit about what they learn on each day of the week according to their timetable.

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W/C 12/09/22. The children have now learnt the names for many subjects at school in Ivrit. This week we learnt the verb לוֹמֵד (learn) in all its conjugations and the children were able to make simple sentences about what they learn at school each day.

W/C 5th September - The children revised the Days of the Week and started learning how to say some subjects in Ivrit.

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