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Staying Safe Online

It is really important that everyone knows how to stay safe online. Kerem provides the following information for you and your children..

Stay Safe Online by remembering the SMART rules.

Be Safe – keep your personal information safe and secret. Think carefully before you share a photo of yourself or your friends.

Don’t Meet Up – never arrange to meet an online friend because it can be dangerous. No matter how well you think you know people, they might be pretending.

Accepting Emails Can Be Dangerous – if you receive junk mail (called spam) or messages that make you feel uncomfortable, tell an adult that you trust and delete them. Don’t reply to them.

Reliable – the internet is full of friendly people and amazing information. However, sometimes people might say or write things which are untrue, so you should always think carefully before trusting what you see or hear.

Tell Someone – most of the time that you are online, you will have lots of fun. However, if you see anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or worried, make sure that you tell an adult that you trust.


NCA CEOP Offender Animation #WhoIsSam

With the threat of offenders using online live streaming platforms increasing there is a need to educate children about the associated risks.

There are lots of excellent websites out there with masses of information and games to help you stay safe. Here are just a selection:

ThinkUKnow –

CBBC Stay Safe –

KidsSmart –

Childnet –

Net Aware NSPCC –

Kids Online World -

Parent Zone -


o2 and NSPCC Help Line - 

Information Matters -



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