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June 2023 - Year 2 have been learning the preposition עַל -‘al’ (on). They used their memory skills to make sentences using the word.

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

The children followed instructions using the preposition עַל (on)

May 2023 - the children in year 2 have learnt the verb אוֹהֵב/אוֹהֶבֶת - ‘ohev/ohevet’ (love). They made a wonderful display of the things they love in Ivrit and are now able to sing and follow the song with understanding (see link)

אני אוהב שוקולד - שיר ילדים - שירי ילדות ישראלית

מילים: יונתן גפן לחן: יצחק קלפטר אנימציה: מיקי מוטס ביצוע: מקהלת שרונית אני אוהב שוקולד ועוגות גבינה וארטיק וסוכריות ותות גינה אני אוהבת ימי הולדת ושקיות עם דברים טובים ואת השמש ואת הירח וגם כמה כוכבים. אני אוהב את החורף ואת הקיץ ואת הסתיו ואת האביב ואת מה שעכשיו אני אוהב את גלית בעיקר עם צמות ואת זאת עם הנמשים ואת זאת עם הגומות.

Yom Yerushalayim 2023. Year 2 learned many words connected to Yerushalayim. They watched ‘live’ from the Kottel and saw the many gates - שׇעַר. They learned about the stones and colours זׇהׇב and decorated their own חוֹמׇה - wall, writing notes and messages in Ivrit.

May 2023 - The children in Year 2 have started learning the verb אוֹהֵב/אוֹהֶבֶת - ‘like/love’ for male and female. They chose items and made sentences saying what they like and don’t like.

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April 2023 - It was so lovely to welcome back Year 2. The children were excited to be back in Ivrit. We started the learning for Yom HaAtsmaut, focusing on the סְמׇלִים - ‘symbols’ of Israel. We looked at a variety of symbols such as the Magen David, Emblem of Israel and the National Anthem (הִמְנוֹן). The children challenged themselves to draw some of the symbols by memory.

March 2023 - Learning all about אַבִיב - Spring. The children learnt a song and enjoyed activities connected to words in the song. They also learnt that Pesach is celebrated during אַבִיב and made Matza boxes and place mats.

איך יודעים שבא אביב - שיר ילדים - שירי ילדות ישראלית

מילים ולחן: דתיה בן דור - אתה יודע מי בא בחודש ניסן? - מי? - האביב - אה? - איך יודעים שבא אביב ? - יש סימנים.... איך יודעים שבא אביב? מסתכלים סביב סביב ואם רואים שאין עוד בוץ בשבילים ואם רואים שנעלמו המעילים ואם פרג וגם חרצית לכבוד החג קישטו ארצי אז יודעים (אז יודעים) שבא אביב (שבא אביב) אז יודעים שבא אביב, אז יודעים שבא אביב.

W/C 30/01/23 - The children have been learning a rhyming song about fruits in Ivrit for Tu BiShvat. Some of the fruits were quite unusual so we brought them in for the children to see and taste - פֺמֶלׇה, גוּיׇאַבׇה, תׇמׇר, רִימוֹן, מׇנְדׇרִינׇה (pomela, guava, dates, pomegranate, mandarina)

16/01/23 Book Week in Ivrit. The children listened to the story Changan Haganan - חׇנַן הַגׇנַן - the story of a gardener who grows fruit.

W/C 5/01/23 The children have learnt how to use the verb הוֹלֵך/הוֹלֶכֶת - To go.

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W/C 5/12/22. Fun for Chanukah in Ivrit. The children consolidated all their learning and matched words to pictures, decorated Chanukhiot and listened to traditional songs in Ivrit.

W/C 28/11/22. The children started learning words for Chanukah this week looking at the words in the plural too: נֵר-נֵרוֹת, סְבִיבוֹן-סְבִיבוֹנִים, חֲנֻכִּיָּה-חֲנֻכִּיּוֹת

W/C 21/11/22. The children have learnt the adjectives שֺמֵחַ/עַצוּב - ‘happy/sad’ in all their conjugations. They have used the adjectives in Ivrit to describe the friends from the song they’ve been learning - Shnay Chaverim.

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W/C 14/11/2022 The children started learning a song in Ivrit about Friendship (Two Friends helping each other) called שְנֵי חֲבֵרִים which they will perform at the Winter Show this year.

W/C 7/11/22 The children went outside to search for many of the items connected with Stav סְתָיו -Autumn. They found עַלִים נוֹשְרִים, נֲחַלִיאֵלִי, חׇצׇבִים, גֶשֶם, חִילָזוֹן.... Then they used the עׇלִים to decorate the poem they had written.

W/C 24/10/2022. The children started learning the vocabulary for the season סְתָו -Autumn. They learnt a song and wrote out a poem. They compared סְתָו in Israel to the UK.

W/C 3/10/22. The children started learning the vocabulary for Sukkot. They learnt the words אוֹרֵחַ/ אוֹרַחַת - ‘Guest (m/f)’ and heard a story in Ivrit about which guests are coming to the Sukka. They decorated a ‘rimon’ - ‘רִימוֹן' to hang inside their סֻכׇּה

29/09/22 The children are preparing for Yom Kippur. They have learnt to say the word סְלִיחׇה (sorry) and thought about who they would say it to and why.

W/C 19/09/22 The children completed their Rosh Hashanah blessings writing in Ivrit a note to אִמׇא וְאׇבׇּא שׇנׇה טוֹבׇה. They also were given a Shana Tova puzzle to take home. They should know all the words of the puzzle pieces in Ivrit

W/C 12/9/22. The children are learning the Ivrit words for רֺאש הֲשׇנׇה and making greeting cards with the Greeting phrase ‘שׇנׇה טוֹבׇה'. The children know how to say שׇנׇה טוֹבׇה וּמְתוּקׇה - Have a Happy and Sweet New Year.

W/C 5th September שָנׇה שֶל כֵּיף A Year of Fun! מַתְחִילִים בְּחִיוּךְ - We Start with a Smile! The children learnt the phrase מַתְחִילִים בְּרֶגֶל יָמִין - Starting on the ‘right’ Foot. They decorated a foot and the Ivrit words.

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