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Year 3

Dear Parents,


I hope you are having a lovely Sukkot. 


We have had a lovely few days in school over Sukkot, with a whole school Tefillah and the children having a wonderful time eating their lunch in the Sukkah. 


This week in English the children continued to explore the book ‘What We’ll Build’. We discussed the page that writes, “we’ll put these favourite things beside the earlier love we set aside.” The children wrote about their favourite items and why these things mean so much. The children also wrote excellent adventure stories about where they would go if they could build a road to anywhere. They used lovely descriptive language in their stories, using many adjectives and adverbs. 


In Maths this week we continued to learn about the place value of 3 digit numbers and finding 1,10 and 100 more or less than a given number. 


In JS this week the children had an extremely enjoyable time sitting in the Sukkah and shaking the lulav and etrog.


In Geography we learnt about the North and South poles. The children gathered information about the similarities and differences between them and learnt many interesting facts.


The children started their new topic in Science, forces and magnets. They learnt the definition of what a force is and what the terms ‘push’ and ‘pull’ means. They sorted through pictures of different push and pull objects into categories and then played a fun quiz to see what they had learnt. 


On Monday school closes at 2pm so the children do not need to come to school in their PE kits. 


Moadim L’simcha and Shabbat Shalom,


Mrs Prais and Mr Salter


Shaking the lulav and etrog in the Sukkah

Shalom Parents and Friends,


Wow! What an incredible week of learning it has been and you should all be incredibly proud. The week started learning about Yom Kippur and we consolidated this, with some exciting Yom Kippur games. The week ended, preparing ourselves for Sukkot, learning about this week’s Parasha (Parashat Haazinu) and with a spectacular Kabbalat Shabbat. Year 3 were particularly spectacular and kol hakavod to everyone for setting such a wonderful example to the other years, by singing and participating so nicely.


Wishing you all Shabbat Shalom


Mr Salter

Dear Parents, 


I hope you all had an easy and meaningful fast.  


This week in English we continued to learn about the book ‘What We’ll Build’. We read about how the characters wanted to build a house to make their home. As a class, we discussed what the difference was between a house and a home and what makes a house feel like a home. The children wrote a lovely piece of writing about a place that most feels like home to them, using some excellent descriptive language. We also focussed on the page that read ‘I’ll build your future and you’ll build mine’. In pairs, the children built a future for their partner, based on their likes, dislikes, hobbies and interests. 


In Maths this week we learnt about numbers to 1000, focusing on the place value of each digit and the importance of zero as the place holder, for example in 406. 


In our Guided Reading session this week we read an extract from Stuart Little. The children explored some new vocabulary as well as discussing their thoughts on the characters' personalities and why the author may have included certain describing words. 


In Geography we recapped what we learnt last week about the Northern hemisphere and Southern hemisphere. The children then developed their understanding by learning about longitude and latitude and how we can use coordinates to locate different countries and towns on the map. 


In our first art lesson, we also focussed on the book ‘What We’ll Build’ and the children painted what they wanted to build in their own future. They drew wonderful pictures to best demonstrate what they wanted to be when they grew up. 


Next week the children are going to be starting their science lessons and learning about forces. Please can they bring in any push or pull toys they have to help with their learning. 


Wishing you a wonderful Sukkot. 


Shabbat Shalom 


Mrs Prais 


Shalom Parents and Friends


I hope you all had a wonderful Rosh Hashanah and that this year, brings much joy and happiness. This week in Jewish Studies, we have learnt about the halachot and minhagim ~ laws and customs ~ of Yom Kippur, as well as delving into the story of Yonah and the Big Fish. We also discussed the importance of Tefillah and how it can bring us closer to Hashem, particularly during this festival and have begun writing our own Tefillot in beautifully decorated Machzorim (prayerbooks) that will be displayed in our classroom when completed.


Stay tuned for some photographs!

Wishing you all Shabbat Shalom and Best Wishes


Mr Salter

Dear Parents,


Shana Tova! I hope you have had a lovely Yom-Tov and were able to enjoy the wonderful weather. 


Thank you for supporting your children with their remote learning sessions on Monday. The children produced some lovely work and I have really enjoyed reading about their summer holidays.


This week in English, we started to read the book ‘What We’ll Build’. We had an in-depth discussion about what the word “build” meant to the children and what they would like to build. They came up with creative ideas, including building physical structures and abstract concepts such as friendship, relationships, happiness and trust. 


In our first guided reading session, we read an extract from the story ‘The Gingerbread Star’ and discussed the characters feelings as well as learnt some new vocabulary. 


In maths we started our new unit – Place Value. The children have been focusing on two and three digit numbers, understanding what these numbers represent, for example, the number 245 represents two hundreds, four tens and five ones. They used different resources, such as place value counters and bead strings, as a visual aid to enhance their understanding. 


In geography we started our new topic, ‘All around the World’. We learnt about the Northern & Southern Hemispheres and which countries were in each. Then the children researched key information about those countries and placed them on a map template. 


I have now read with all the children and provided them with a reading folder, record book and reading book. I aim to read with each child and change their reading book at least once a week. Please ensure that your child brings in their reading book everyday so that I can read with them. 


Just a reminder that the children have PE on Monday and Tuesday, so please send them in their PE kit on these days. 


Shabbat Shalom and I hope you fast well. 


Mrs Prais

Shalom Parents and Friends


What an incredible couple of days we have had in Jewish Studies, learning all about Rosh Hashanah and the special foods we eat during the Chag, known as the Simanim.


Wishing you all Shabbat Shalom and Shana Tova


Mr Salter

Dear Parents, 


Welcome back! Year 3 have settled in really well this week. They have had a very exciting first couple of days back in school. The children were extremely happy to see each other after the holidays and could not wait to share their wonderful holiday news. 


Starting off on Thursday morning we had a fantastic whole school assembly, where we davened all together and listened to the Shofer being blown. Ms Simon introduced and read the story What We’ll Build by Oliver Jeffers, which we will be learning about over the next few weeks. 


As a class we came up with our class rules and expectations in order to achieve success and build an excellent learning environment, as well as continuing to build lovely friendships. We also discussed how Year 3 are the oldest of the lower school and what this means in terms of their responsibilities to the younger years. 


In English, the children completed an ‘all about me’ activity, as well as writing what their personal goals are for Year 3, so that I can get to know the children and understand their likes, dislikes and what they would like to achieve in Year 3. 


On Friday we learned about representing 2 and 3 digit numbers. The children also had an extra JS lesson to continue learning about Rosh Hashana. They had a lovely Kabalat Shabbat assembly with Years 1 and 2 where they sang beautifully to welcome in Shabbat. 


The children will bring home their iPads today so they can be used for remote learning on Monday. The children will have an English and Maths lesson which will be posted on Google Classroom, along with a live JS and Ivrit lesson (please find the timetable attached). Please ensure that the children bring their iPads back to school on Thursday. 


This term the children should come to school in their PE kits on Mondays and Tuesdays. 


My email address is, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you need.


I have really enjoyed my first few days with the children, getting to know them and setting off with them on their learning journey. I look forward to a fantastic year ahead. 


Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom and Shana Tova. 


Mrs Prais 

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