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June 2022 - Learning about Kayets - ‘Summer’ in Ivrit. The children have learnt how to use the interactive game on JI Tap.

May 2022 - Yom HaAtsmaut in Ivrit. The children learnt the song ‘Eretz Yisrael Sheli’ and about some cities in Israel

April 2022 - The children are learning the verb -'ochel' - 'eat', and -'shoteh' - 'drink' to say what they eat and drink during Pesach

March 2022- Reception are learning about the season Aviv (Spring) learning about flowers - פְּרַחִים, and Pesach

March 2022 - Purim in Reception


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Still image for this video

February 2022- Book Week the children listened to a story גָם וְגָם

February 2022 - חוֹרֶף -Winter


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January 2022 - Children in Reception are learning vocabulary for Tu BiShvat. - שְקֵידִיׇה , עֵצִים, פֵּרוֹת.

December 2021 - Chanukah in Reception in Ivrit. The children learnt the vocabulary נֵר, חֲנוּכִּיָה, לְבִיבָה, סְבִיבוֹן . They learnt about how family - מִשְפַּחַה celebrate Chanukah and played pairs games to reiterate the vocabulary.

November 2021 - Stav - Autumn. The children are learning the words and creating pictures using Alim Noshrim - Falling Leaves.


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October 2021- The children learnt about different moods and listened to a story in Ivrit - Lifamim - Sometimes. They learnt how to say שֺמֵחַ (happy) and צוֹחֵק (laugh).

חֲגֵי תִשְרֵי September 2021

The children in Reception class learnt the word סְלִיחׇה - ‘Sorry’. They talked about the things they might be sorry about and coloured in the letters of the word in Ivrit.

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