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Friday 25th September 2020

Dear Parents,


The week began with a wave of prefect forms being placed on my desk. It was great to recognise all of the children's excitement as they put themselves forward for positions of responsibility. The children will be informed of the new prefects in a few weeks time. 


Reading has been a key focus in Year 6 this week. Over the past few days we have incorporated D.E.A.R (drop everything and read) time into our daily timetable. This will support their vocabulary as well as help them understand different texts and themes. I would therefore wish for them to bring their books to and from school daily so they can take part in this activity. 


Thank you for making the time this week to speak with me about your child- these proved very helpful.


Topics coming up next week:

Maths: 4 operations with fractions

English: Short writes, Modern Texts, Grammar - Colons and Words of the week.

Science: Identifying Microorganisms

Geography: Weathering and Erosion

Art: Drawing from still life

Working together

Jewish Studies – 7th Tishrei – 25th September

In Jewish Studies this week, the children have continued to impress me with their positive attitudes and enthusiasm to learn.  We have been focussing on Yom Kippur across the week, including studying the relevant verses in Vayikra which instruct us about the Mitzvot of Yom Kippur and learning a text from the Mishna regarding who will and who won’t be forgiven by HaShem on Yom Kippur.  We also discussed why so many famous Jewish athletes, actors etc choose to keep Yom Kippur even at the expense of their day jobs and what it is about Yom Kippur which makes its observance so crucial for Jews everywhere.


I wish you all an easy and meaningful fast and a beautiful, relaxing Shabbat!

Shabbat Shalom,


Mrs Hill

18th September 2020



In Maths the children where using their multiplication and division skills to solve problems involving decimals. These skills were challenged later in the week with reasoning problems as well as exam based questions.


In English the children unpicked a descriptive piece about a location, which they then had to replicate using a different location. We received excellent pieces of writing from them which we were very pleased with.


The topic for Science this year is All living things, so year 6 had started learning the 7 life processes followed by annotating and understanding plant and animal cells. Next week we will be using microscopes and researching a famous microbiologist, which I am sure they will all enjoy.


Our artist this term is Paul Cezanne. For this children have begun to study his work by understanding how he uses colour, texture and movement in his work. I then took the children outside to draw/sketch in the style of Cezanne, which turned out very well.  As for next week, children will be bringing in a small item from home in order to complete a still life drawing. I hope to share these with you in the coming weeks.



Please see below what is coming up next week:


Dear Parents,


Over the coming days I will be sending emails requesting to meet with each of you to discuss where the children are in terms of their assessment results as well as any additional support or plan put in place.


I look forward to speaking with each of you.



Shana Tova and Shabbat Shalom

Miss Weiner


Friday 11th September 2020


Dear Parents,


It was lovely 'meeting' you all on Wednesday during our Meet the Teacher evening. It definitely felt strange seeing you all on a screen rather than in person but I hope it was helpful nonetheless. 


We are now reaching the end of our first full week into year 6 and I cannot stress enough how amazing it has been to get to know the class as a whole and find out about their individual personalities. I hope they are all ready for the year ahead and are willing to put in the work to help them be successful in everything they do.


This week we have been incorporating a lot of PSHE lessons based on friendships. These lessons will be ongoing as I hope that the children can learn to empathise with each other and work together to support and uplift one another. I will keep you updated about their progress.


There are a few requests that I would like to share with you. The first is that children should be bringing in two snacks for morning break, as they often tend to be hungry when coming in from break. The second is to be wearing correct school uniform: School shoes- not trainers unless there has been a letter written to us to let us know new school shoes are being ordered and Tzitzit and Kippot (boys).


Have a restful weekend and Shabbat Shalom!


Kind Regards

Miss Weiner



Jewish Studies - 11th September 2020 - 22nd Elul 5780


After just one week back, it feels like we have never been away.  It's good to have lockdown behind us, and here's praying that this school year and new Jewish year are meaningful, positive and filled with 'togetherness' and good health.


In Year Six this week we have been focussing on two main areas - i) our roots and our personal connection to the Torah and Judaism and ii) Rosh HaShanah.  We have been using the edtech tool called Sutori which we have greatly enjoyed and, amongst other things, have created a mosaic of our Jewish selves, a poster for Teshuvah, Tefillah and Tsedakah, as well as deciding why it is an apple - rather than any other fruit - which we dip into honey.  We will be looking into some of the Rabbinic sources on this topic next week as well as examining the ten given reasons for why we blow a Shofar on Rosh HaShanah (Do you know why?).


Also, please note that the children's Hebrew reading homework is published on the JS Google Classroom - please do encourage your children to keep up their Hebrew reading practice.


Wishing you all a Shabbat Shalom and a lovely weekend - enjoy the sunshine .


Mrs Hill








Welcome back!


It has been great to see all of the children back where they belong and it has been a pleasure actually seeing their faces in person. They have settled in well over the past two days and are slowly but surely getting back into the routine of being at school. I am looking forward to speaking with you all at 'Meet' the teacher evening on Wednesday - even though we have now moved to Zoom calls, I will always be available to speak with you if you have any questions.


Please can I just remind the children to bring in a substantial snack for morning break and perhaps rice cakes to keep them going until lunch. I think this would really help their concentration in class.


Shabbat Shalom

Miss Weiner

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