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Kerem's Vision Statement


Kerem is proud to be a Modern Orthodox, Jewish school that gives pupils excellent academic outcomes and a genuine love for Judaism, Torah, and Mitzvot. Jewish and British values permeate every aspect of school life. The school infuses pupils with a love of Israel and a connection with its people. 


Children experience nurturing learning environments that offer an innovative and engaging curriculum that, year on year, is moulded to the interests and needs of the cohort. Aspirational academic excellence is a key priority and is complemented by the development of the holistic child. This is guided by the Kerem Characteristics of learning which are collaboration, curiosity, developing good middot, flexibility of mind, humour, initiative, persistence, resilience, reflectiveness, and risk taking. 


Kerem School prides itself on working closely with our families to ignite curious minds and develop confident, ambitious children who know that their opportunities are limitless and who are ready to play their part in society as active British and Jewish citizens now and in the future.


If you will it, it is no dream -  אִם תִּרְצוּ אֵין זוֹ אַגָּדָה

                                                      Im Tirzu, Ein Zo Agadah                  


                                                                                                                        Theodor Herzl


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