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Secondary Transfer

Secondary School Transfer


Pupils from Kerem move onto a range of selective and non-selective, Jewish and non Jewish schools. 


Although Kerem is not a prep school, it prides itself on working to enable pupils who wish to, to pass the required examinations for independent selective secondary schools at 11+. 


This process involves working with pupils and their parents.


Support for Pupils

From the summer term of Year 1, pupils begin taking English and maths assessments which give them a standardised score. After the initial test in the summer of Year 1, these tests are taken biannually (October and May) until the autumn term of Year 6. 


The results are tracked over time and used alongside teacher assessment to monitor progress and implement interventions or stretch and challenge sessions. Results from these assessments are shared with parents from the autumn term of Year 3.


Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning is another aspect which is tested as part of the 11+ process. Verbal reasoning lessons begin in Year 4. During these lessons, pupils are exposed to the different style of questions that come up in verbal reasoning tests and they are taught strategies for answering them as well as the knowledge needed in order to do so. Pupils take their first formal verbal reasoning assessment in the summer of Year 4. Lessons continue until the end of the exam process in Year 6. In Year 5, non verbal reasoning lessons begin. As with verbal reasoning, during these lessons, pupils are exposed to the different style of questions that come up in non verbal reasoning tests. Pupils take their first formal non verbal reasoning assessment in the autumn of Year 5. Lessons continue until the end of the exam process in Year 6. Results of these assessments are shared with parents from summer of Year 4.


In the spring term of Year 5 exam preparation begins in earnest. Mrs Sharman joins the Year 5 teaching team meaning that there are 2 qualified teachers as well as a teaching assistant with the class. The class is split into teaching groups both according to current attainment levels and the schools that pupils are sitting for. The reason for the second consideration is to ensure that children are prepared for the exam style that they will come across. At this stage, anyone who is not sitting an entrance exam, will be in the group that best matches their current attainment level but they will not need to over-practice exam papers.  


The model of two teachers extends into the autumn term of Year 6 with Mrs Sharman moving to Year 6 for the autumn term. 


In addition to exam preparation lessons, pupils have the option to attend 11+ preparation club for 3 terms from January of Year 5. 


In Year 6, alongside academic preparation, pupils are prepared for interviews with the class teacher and Mrs Sharman. Parents who work with interviewing in their line of work are also utilised to support this process. 


Support for Parents

In addition to pupils being prepared for the secondary transfer process, parents also need to have a good understanding of the process and where their child fits within it. 


In Year 4 and Year 5, parents are invited to attend a secondary school fair. At this fair, representatives from a wide range of independent selective schools are available to talk to parents about their schools and answer any questions that parents may have. Although we are a small school, we have representatives from approximately 8 different schools which is testament to the high regard the schools have for Kerem. 


Parents evening in the spring term of Year 5 is a 30 minute meeting. This is in order to allow time for the class teacher and Mrs Sharman to have a detailed discussion with parents about what schools they wish their child to apply for. It also gives teachers time to talk with parents about their child’s most recent academic information in order for there to be a conversation about whether the choices for schools are realistic. The school will never tell a parent that they should or should not sit for a certain school but they will offer a guide as to what further work needs to be done in order for it to be realistic that a child will be successful in their entrance exams. 


In addition to the individual meetings, there is a meeting for all parents where parents are guided through the process of applying for secondary school - both state and independent. In addition to this, members of staff are available to help parents with any part of the application process that they are not sure of. 


As a school we have both experience and success with this programme and pride ourselves on the high level of support we have available and the success that pupils have had as a result of the support they have received. 


Below you can see the results from the last 7 years. 


Secondary Transfer Data 2022/23


This data refers to the children starting Year 7 in September 2023.

11+ applications and offers for September 2023.


SchoolApplicationsOffersScholarship offersWaiting ListAccepted
Belmont32 10
Channing53 02
City of London Boys32 00
Habs Boys22  2
Habs Girls321 - creative writing 2
Highgate20 10
Immanuel College1515


1 academic

1 music exhibition

1 art

1 Jewish life and learning

1 Dual academic & Jewish life and learning

JFS    4
North London Collegiate21  0
South Hampstead30 10
UCS32 00
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