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May 2023 - Year 6 are continuing to learn the words and phrases for the topic of Shopping - קניות. They have learnt the names of the shops and the phrases אפשר לקנות  -'it is possible to buy..'

See topic vocabulary for the words and phrases needed for the topic.

April 2023. Welcome to the summer term in Ivrit. This week we started preparing for Yom HaAtsmaut. We learnt about the first prime minister of Israel Ben Gurion. Year 6 were lucky enough to go on a live ‘virtual’ tour of his home in Sdeh Boker in the Negev desert. They discovered a lot about Ben Gurion including his hobby of standing on his head, his admiration of leaders such as Gandhi and Plato and most of all his love of the Negev desert and his dream to turn it into a living land for the Jews.

March 2023- The children in Year 6 have started a new topic Kniyot - קְנִיוֹת -Shopping. They have learnt the verb קוֹנֵה/קוֹנָה (buy) and the infinitive verb לִקְנוֹת -To Buy and can make simple sentences.

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The relationship with Moreshet School in the north of Israel is still going strong.

W/C 16/01/23 W/C 16/01/23 - Book Week in Ivrit. The children listened to the story הַבֵּיצׇה שְהִתְחׇפְּשׇׂה - The egg who dressed up. They learnt about all the characters she wanted to be and why.

W/C 5/12/22 The children had lots of fun speaking and singing to their Twinning school Moreshet and asked them questions in Ivrit.

W/C 21/11/22. Year 6 continue to develop their relationship with their Twinning School Moreshet. They have planned gifts to send each other with Year 6 making magnet Chanukiot blessings.

November 2022. The children in Year 6 have been working hard on the topic of Daily Routine - סֶדֶר הַיוֹם שֶלִי. They have now learnt a range of verbs describing their day and most children are confident telling the time. 
Ivrit Spelling tests started on 14/11/22. 

Faces of Israel. Year 6 send this video to their Twinning school Moreshet to show them how we celebrated Persian Jews.

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W/C 3/10/22. The children are continuing the topic of סֶדֶר הַיוֹם שֶלִי - My Daily Routine. They are now able to ask and answer each other questions in Ivrit about what time they get up using the verb קׇם/קׇמָה. 

בְּאֵיזוֹ שָׁעָה אַתָּה קָם בַּבֹּקֶר? (Asking a boy)
בְּאֵיזוֹ שָׁעָה אַתְּ קָמָה בַּבֹּקֶר? (Asking a girl)
אֲנִי קָם בְּבֹקֶר בְּשָׁעָה.... (a boy answering) 
אֲנִי קָמָה בְּבֹקֶר בְּשָׁעָה....(a girl answering)


The children recorded the results of every member of the class and drew a bar chart accordingly. They were then able to analyse the results in Ivrit. 

W/C 19/09/22 The children said Shana Tova greetings to our twinning school Moreshet in the North of Israel.

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W/C 12/09/2022 The children have been practising asking and answering the time in Ivrit

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W/C 5th September 2022 - The children have started learning the time in Ivrit ready for the topic סֶדֶר הֲיוֹם שֶלִי - My Daily Routine.

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