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W/E 13/03/2020

On Tuesday Y5 will have a mini test on the subject: opposites.

here are the opposites they need to learn-

שָחוֹר-לָבָן (black-white)

עַל- מִתַחַת (on-under)

גָבוֹהַ- נָמוּךְ (tall-short)

צַר-רָחָב (narrow-wide)

שָמֵן- רָזֵה (fat-thin)

חַם-קַר (hot-cold)

אֲרוֹךְ- קָצָר (long-short)

מְתוּלְתַל-חָלַק (curly-straight)

עָבֵה- דַק (thick- thin)

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