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Nursery Newsletter 27th September


The children have had a wonderful week in Nursery and have enjoyed staying all day. They have continued settling into the lunchtime routine and are really enjoying the lunches. 


In Personal, Social and Emotional Development we continued to discuss the class rules. We focused on turn taking and read a book called ‘It’s Mine’. It is about different scenarios and asks questions about what the children need to do when faced with a difficult situation. For example, if the children want the same toy, it explains how they can resolve the situation fairly by using their words rather than their hands. This is something we will continue to work on at school. At home, if situations arise when sharing is difficult, please help your child by modelling the correct words to them to help them achieve what they need.


We talked about the importance of being kind and this linked to Yom Kippur. We read the story of ‘The Rainbow Fish’ and in Expressive Arts and Design the children designed their own handprint fish selecting the colours they wanted to use. Then they named their fish and said one kind thing that their fish was going to do.


Each day we listened to a variety of action songs and the children followed the instructions and made the appropriate actions. We do these before our learning sessions, first thing in the morning and after lunch. This covers many areas from Physical Development, Communication and Language and also Expressive Arts and Design.


In Physical Development some of the children enjoyed fine motor activities, which included threading pipe cleaners through a colander and sorting different sea creatures by colour. They had to pick up the assorted sea animals using tweezers. These are great activities for developing your child’s hand-eye coordination.


In PE the children started by playing the traffic light game to warm up. Red for stop, yellow to jump on the spot and green for running. Then the children practised rolling a ball back and forth to each other. The children also had great fun playing the bean game. They listened to the teacher’s instructions and when the teacher said “running bean” they ran, “jumping bean” they jumped around, “jelly bean” they all wobbled and “baked bean” when the children crouched down, jumped up and said “pop”. The session ended with the game ‘Shark Attack’.


In Literacy we started the Letters and Sounds programme that is followed at the EYU. Aspect 1, is the first area which covers sound discrimination and exploring sounds that we hear in our everyday environment. The children sat quietly in the classroom and listened to the sounds around them.


In Mathematics we have been focusing on numbers. Each week we will have a number of the week. This week we started with number 1. We also discussed higher numbers which have a 1 in, for example 11, 12, 21 etc, to extend children who know number 1. When you are at home or out and about, maybe you can look for number 1 or higher numbers that contain a 1. There are numbers all around us, for example door numbers, bus numbers, weighing scales, rulers etc. Please post any photos on Tapestry of numbers that you find with your child, it will be great for us to see them. 


Some of the children enjoyed completing different puzzles. We discussed sorting all the edge pieces and the middle pieces into two piles before starting the puzzles. 


In Understanding the World the children were excited to learn the names of various vegetable plants that were delivered for planting. Some of the children helped to prepare the beds for planting by putting manure into the soil using trowels. We discussed the importance of making the soil healthy, just as we keep our bodies healthy by eating wholesome food. The children then helped to plant the vegetables. We discussed how different plants need different amounts of space depending on their size. We used a tape measure to help space out the plants accordingly.


In Music the children started the lesson by copying Mr Fingerhut who was doing different clapping actions. The purpose of this was to help the children learn to clap in time to the music. They counted together and when they reached a certain number they had to clap. They then progressed to clapping on 2 numbers. This taught the children about listening to the beat of the music. They also stamped their feet to the beat of the music. This helped with understanding the rhythm. The children then enjoyed moving to the tune played on the piano which was light fairy music and they had to stop when the music stopped. Then loud music was played and they had to stomp.


This week in Jewish Studies the children learnt about Yom Kippur.  A very important day in the Jewish calendar when we ask Hashem to forgive us for all the things that we have done which were not so good, and to give us another chance to do better. The children learnt about the story of Yonah and the big fish, read during the davening on Yom Kippur in Shul.  The children enjoyed making their own Yonah sitting inside the tummy of the big fish.

This week on  the Shabbat table was:

Shabbat Aba Dylan

Shabbat Ima Bella

Shabbat Ben Jethro

Shabbat Bat Sienna


Other Information:

  • If you have not returned your child’s folder for art activities, please do so.

  • Please make sure you send your child in with wellington boots and waterproofs so they don’t miss out on outdoor activities, for example, jumping in muddy puddles and cooking in the mud kitchen.

  • Please also make sure your child has an apron.

  • We are finding that some of your child’s clothing is not named. Please make sure everything is labelled so that it can be returned to the correct bags. 

  • Please make sure your child has spare clothes in their bag, including socks. We will not be able to change them if there are no spares and you will be called to bring them in. Due to the current situation, we are only able to use your child’s clothes to change them into.

  • Snack and lunches: Please can you make sure that your child's snack boxes are labelled morning and afternoon snack. Please make sure that your child’s lunch is not in the same box as their snack as it is confusing for them.

  • Next week we are hoping to make two scarecrows; a lady and a man. If anyone has any old clothes we could dress the scarecrows in, please could you send them in. For example jeans, baggy shirts, hats, jackets, Wellington boots.



We wish you and your family a good fast. See you back at school on Tuesday 29th September.


Shabbat Shalom


Miss Cowen and the Nursery Team


Nursery Newsletter 18th September


It was lovely that so many of you joined us for the Nursery Curriculum evening, as I said at the meeting, if you have any questions please feel free to email me.


We have had another very busy week at school. The children continued to come in confidently and independently. Now that we have become one class, the children are mixing well together, making friends and starting to become a cohesive group. We will continue with name games next week, so that the children can get to know all the names of their peers.


We are encouraging the children to self-register. Each child has a named bee and when they come in we are helping them to find their names and put them in a pot. This will help with their name recognition. 


We have been going over the class rules and reminding children about the importance of listening to the teachers, putting their hands up if they want to ask a question or asking for permission if they need to leave the classroom. We also talked about the importance of looking after the resources in the environment.  


This week the children learnt about the festival Rosh Hashanah and that it is the Jewish New Year. We talked about the sweet things that we eat, like apple and honey to ensure we have a healthy, happy and sweet new year. The children enjoyed eating apple dipped in honey and recited the bracha before eating it. The children were also shown a head of a fish and it was explained to them why some people have one on the table for Rosh Hashanah. They learnt it is to remind them to be thoughtful. Some children were keen to touch it and find out how it felt. They also learnt about the shofar and that it comes from a ram, the male sheep.


In Tefillah the children continued to learn Modei Ani to thank Hashem for waking us up and Al Netilat Yadayin for washing their hands.


In Expressive Arts and Design the children completed a variety of Rosh Hashanah activities. We hope you like the special honey pot Rosh Hashanah card your child made for you. They used rollers dipped in paint to coat bubble wrap and then used this to print on the card to create a honeycomb effect. They also made an apple print placemat to use for Rosh Hashanah. They colour mixed blue and yellow paint to make green and used it to make apple prints on their placemat. They also made apple prints with red paint.


In Mathematics some of the children enjoyed playing with water which was made yellow to look like honey. We discussed capacity with the children and they filled bottles. We talked about full, half full and empty. Some of the children enjoyed using the weighing scales to weigh the acorns that they had found in the outdoor area. We discussed which side was heavier or lighter and we showed the children how to make the scales balance.


The children enjoyed listening to a variety of number songs. They practised their counting skills and used their fingers to match the numbers. 


In Understanding the World some of the children enjoyed going on a treasure hunt to see what they could find in the garden. They each had a paper bag with pictures of different things for them to look for. It is really good for the children to familiarise themselves with what can be found outdoors. 


In Music Mr Fingerhut used the piano to explore different sounds from “nice” to “scrunchy”. The children learnt to hum and changed the volume from soft to loud and the tone from low to high. The children listened and followed his instructions very well. When Mr Fingerhut counted to 4 the children had to clap. They made an exciting rhythm by tapping on their chests and clapping to the count of 1,2,3,4! The children also enjoyed moving in different ways to the music, stomping to loud music and dancing fast to exciting music.  


In Physical Development the children played a variety of games including ‘Shark Attack’. Whenever they heard the words ‘Shark Attack’ they had to run into a red or yellow circle which was made out of cones. They then played ‘Stuck in the Mud’ which they thought was great fun! The PE session ended with a football activity. The children took turns to kick a football around and when the teacher asked them to swap, they had to share their ball with another child. 



  • When you drop off and collect your child, please wear a mask.

  • If your child is not well and will be absent from school, please email the office and cc myself in.

  • Please make sure your child has wellington boots, waterproofs and an apron at school. It is really hard to say no to the children when they do not have the right clothing to join in the activities.

  • Please remember to send your child’s morning snack in a separate container from your child’s lunch. Morning snacks should only be fruit or vegetables.

  • Please make sure all snack boxes, lunch boxes and water bottles are named. As the children will be staying all day from next week, if you feel your child would like an afternoon snack as well, please send one in. It can only be fruit or vegetables. 

  • Please can you make sure that all food sent in is on the kosher list.  

  • Clarification of lunches on a short Friday.  Children will only need to bring in a fruit or vegetable snack. They will also have challah and grape juice at the Shabbat party, so they will not be hungry!

  • Please could you return the folders that were sent home today with your child's work, so they can be reused for future activities.


We wish you and all your families a Shana Tov and a healthy and happy year ahead.


Have a lovely weekend and Shabbat Shalom.


Miss Cowen and the Nursery team

Fun things we have done at Nursery this week

Nursery Newsletter 11.9.20


Dear Parents


What an amazing first week we have had in Nursery! The children have settled in so well and we were amazed that on the second day they confidently and happily walked through the gates on their own. It made us feel so very proud.


The children have been very busy. They  started the week by learning the class rules, finding their named mat to sit on  and listening to instructions. It is very important that the children get to know each other, so we started to play a variety of introductory name games. The children took turns to introduce themselves to each other. We will carry on with this next week as we become one class. 


In Literacy the children enjoyed listening to the story ‘Kissing Hand’. It is about a raccoon that is starting school and feels a bit sad. His mummy places a kiss in the palm of his hand, so when he is sad he can place his palm on his cheek and the warmth from the kiss goes straight to his heart. Then he is happy again. 


This linked to Expressive Arts and Design and Personal, Social and Emotional Development  where the children made their own kissing hand and discussed how they felt on their first day at school.


In Expressive Arts and Design some of the children enjoyed using the large wooden blocks to build a variety of different objects, from electric trains to towers. It was lovely to see them playing collaboratively and sharing together.


In Communication and Language the children discussed where they went on holiday. This linked to their Literacy activity where they drew a picture of their holiday, developing their mark making skills.  Some of the children also enjoyed role playing in the kitchen. It was lovely to hear the children chatting to each other, developing new friendships and extending their vocabulary.


In Physical Development the children enjoyed completing different exercises on the blue track in the outside area. They practised running, jumping, skipping and hopping skills.  


In Mathematics, some of the children enjoyed making different coloured patterns, using the pegs and boards to develop good hand eye coordination. Others threaded numbers to make number necklaces and some used the magnetic numbers to make number lines.


The children enjoyed snack time outside and started to learn the different Brachot for fruit from a tree, fruit from the ground and also for water .


In the outdoor area the children learnt the rules for using the climbing frame. They enjoyed riding on the scooters and bikes and also running over the hill and crawling through the tunnel. Other children enjoyed painting pictures on the easel.   


The children ended the week with Kabbalat Shabbat and enjoyed grape juice and challah.



  • Please make sure boys always come in wearing a kippah and tzitzit. To avoid your child losing their kippah, please make sure it is attached with clips.

  • Please make sure you have signed into Tapestry, so that you are able to see what your child has been doing this week.

  • Please remember to send in a milky packed lunch. 

  • Morning snack should only be fruit or vegetables, not bagels and sandwiches. Please make sure if you are sending in grapes or cherry tomatoes that they are cut in half length ways. 

  • Please make sure that you have sent in a picture of people who will be collecting your child on a regular basis. Please remember that if your child is having a play date and will be going home with another member of the class or is going home with anyone else, you must send an email authorising this. Without this information we are unable to dismiss the child without calling you.

  • Please make sure your child has an apron at school so that they can join in all creative activities, without getting messy.


Week Commencing 14th September


For security purposes, please only come to the gate close to the start and finish times that you have been allocated. For your safety it is important that we limit the amount of time you are standing outside the school.


Have a lovely weekend and thank you.


Shabbat Shalom


Miss Cowen

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