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April 2022- Year 3 can now write their own invitations to their party in Ivrit!

March 2022- The children are learning the vocabulary and phrases for the topic Yom Huledet. They have started writing an invitation - hazmana- הַזְמָנָה - and have made a rap to learn the Days of the Week.


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March 2022 - Book Week in Ivrit. The children read the story הַאַרְיֵה שֶאַהַב תוּת -‘The Lion who loved Strawberries’. They loved the story and learnt lots of new food words. They also made a lion from origami.

February 2022 - Ivrit Spelling Tests. 
we will be starting weekly spelling tests on Mondays. I will upload the words onto Google Classroom on Thursdays. This week’s words are:






January 2022 - The children in Year 3 are now able to describe their family using זֶה/זֺאת, say their names using קוֹרְאִים לוֹ/לָה and can say what they have and haven’t got using יֵש לִי/אֵין לִי

November 2021 - The children have started a new topic - הַמִּשְׁפָּחָה שֶׁלִּי -  My Family. Please see the topic vocabulary tab to practise the words.

November 2021 - Chag HaSigd and the Beta Yisrael community (see Ivrit page - Whole School Events - for more details). The children learnt about the traditional Ethiopian Jewish community before they arrived in Israel. They recreated their own baskets and practised their weaving skills.

October 2021 - New Topic - מִי אֲנִי? Who am I? Year 3 have started the topic learning how to greet each other and asking each other their names/how they are etc. They are focusing on the endings for male and female.

Sukkot 2021. Year 3 were given only 3 tools - כֵּלִים (a word they learnt from the book we read together in Ivrit) to build a Sukkah in groups (יַחַד). They produced amazing Sukkot.

September 2021 - Year 3 have been reading the book ‘What We’ll Build Together’ in Ivrit - מָה שֶנִבְנֶה יַחַד. They focused on the word יַחַד - ' together’ and talked about how we can change the world together. They produced a lovely display and wrote words in Ivrit of how they can change the world.

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