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W/C 02/11/2020

Year 5 began a new topic - חֶדֶר שֶלִי - My Bedroom. They learned the vocabulary for the items in a room. They played memory games and matched words to pictures. Some children were able to describe where items are using prepositions  הַמִיטָה שֶלִי מוּל הֲדֶלֶת - My bed is opposite the door 


The children in Year 5 will now be given regular spelling tests. This is part of our focus on reading and writing in Ivrit. They will be given 4-5 words and tested on the spelling and meaning. 

This week’s words: שוּלְחָן .  כִּסֵא . חַלוֹן . דֶלֶת .

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