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Friday 12th July


The last full week of term has been extremely busy. The children performed brilliantly at presentation afternoon. I hope you were all extremely proud of them and their achievements this year. 


This week the children have still been working hard. They learned about Mary 1 and considered whether she was really the terrible character she has been painted as. In Maths they continued to learn about coordinates. They finished off the week with a Maths treasure hunt using all the skills they have learnt over the year to unlock the treasure.


The children also enjoyed testing their cars and we asked Mr Moses to be an impartial judge to see which car travelled furthest. Well done to Liora, Amelie and Hollie, the winning team!


As this is the last blog of the school year I would like to take the opportunity to say that it has been an absolute pleasure teaching your children in Year 4 and wish you all an enjoyable summer.

Friday 5th July 2019


Costumes for End of Year Presentation


The children may wear 'party clothes' for the presentation. 


Girls may wear dresses or skirts.


Boys may wear shirts and trousers.


This week


We had a fabulous time visiting the Globe Theatre and Golden Hinde. At the Globe, the children learned about theatre in Shakespearean times. They enjoyed finding out that the 'penny stinkards' who paid a penny to stand would have a bath once a year and went to the toilet where they were standing. They then took part in their Tempest workshop which included games and drama using lines from the Tempest. 


After that, we walked over to the Golden Hinde. The children dressed up as sailors and were transported back to 1577. They became officers and barber-surgeons before learning how to load and fire a canyon. 


In Maths this week the children finished off their money topic by creating a shop. The Year 2 children visited and enjoyed buying different items from the Year 4s. The Year 4 children worked hard giving change and found that they had to calculate quickly to make sure the correct change was given. The children began learning about coordinates on Thursday, this topic will continue next week. 


In Topic, we debated which of Henry VIIIs wife had the worst life, and which had the best. The children gave interesting and thoughtful reasons for who was worse off.


The children have continued to develop their cars in STEAM and enjoyed doing the final tests on them before our grand rally next week. 




Friday 28th June 2019



Next Tuesday 2nd July is our final school trip. We will be visiting the Globe Theatre and Golden Hinde. The children should wear PE kits and comfortable shoes. They will need a milky or parve lunch, two snacks and water. We will be leaving school at 9:05, all children should be at school for 8:45. We will return to school for 4pm. 



This week


Year 4 have had a very busy week!


In English, the children began to study the Tempest. They imagined that they had been shipwrecked and that they landed on an island. They wrote stories about being shipwrecked. We then acted out parts of the Tempest and made a comic strip using the most important events. We are preparing for our Shakespeare workshop next week. 


In Maths the children learned about money, they rounded amounts to estimate the cost of items and looked at a variety of money problems. They are looking forward to making a shop next week to work on giving change and adding amounts mentally.


The children carried on learning about the Tudors. They enjoyed finding out about Henry VIII and his wives. They used sources to work out what type of king Henry was, most children decided that he was more 'monster' than man. 


In STEAM the children tested their new cars, and worked out the final changes they needed to make. In computing they used the 3D printer to create the third draft of their car. Next week the children will compete in a 'rally' to find the car that travels the furthest.


There is no written English homework this week. The children have received their lines for the end of year presentation and should spend normal homework time learning them and work on saying them with expression. 

Friday 14th June


This week in English the children continued reading Kaspar the Prince of Cats. They are looking forward to finding out what happens to Kaspar, Johnny and Lizziebeth.


In Maths the children finished learning about decimals. They learnt how to round decimals, how to order decimals and completed some advanced comparison work comparing decimals and fractions.


The children began looking at Tudor portraits. They will be spending the next few art lessons turning themselves into Tudor kings and queens.


We have also started a STEAM project this week. The children have been tasked with designing a car that travels the furthest. They researched streamlining and aerodynamics. Then they began to design their own cars. We will be using the 3D printer to design and print the cars and will test them next week.

Friday 7th June 2019


This week in Maths the children have continued their work on decimals from earlier this year. They learnt how to add fractions to make a whole, and how to order decimals. 


In English, the children imagined that they saw the Titanic for the first time. They spent time acting out their emotions and thinking about how their faces changed. The children wrote excellent diary entries to explain how they felt. 


In Science, we started our new unit on Solids, Liquids and Gases. The children learned about the differences and definitions. 


At Forest School this week the children had a fabulous time building dens, climbing trees and even creating natural paint.

Friday 24th May


In English this week the children read the next chapter of Kaspar and wrote a diary from the point of view of one of the characters. They enjoyed discussing the characters’ motivations and are looking forward to hearing more about the characters’ adventures on the Titanic after half term.


In Maths the children began looking at time. They converted units of time and looked at some time problems. They also began to look at digital and analogue clocks.


In Science this week we worked on Electricity. This was very practical; the children enjoyed working out how to make a circuit and experimenting with different components. They also completed an investigation about conductors and insulators. 


In Topic this week the children investigated Henry VII’s reign. They gave him advice about how to deal with some of the problems he faced, and examined what he did to fix those problems. 


Have an enjoyable half term, and I am looking forward to seeing you after half term.

Friday 17th May 


This week the children have learnt about the properties of shape. They have focused on angles, triangles and quadrilaterals. They also completed a shape investigation using geo boards. Next week they will finish their work on shape and begin to learn about time.


In English, the children read the next chapter of Kaspar. They identified different character traits and found evidence from the text to back up their thoughts.


In History the children re created the Battle of Bosworth and wrote an entry in the diary of a soldier in the battle. They are already demonstrating excellent knowledge of this period.


Please check the Ivrit blog for information about a test.



Friday 10th May 


This week has been a lot of fun in Year 4. 


In English, the children explored the reasons why Johnny kept Kaspar. They wrote reasons 'for' and 'against'  before creating a diary entry detailing Johnny's feelings and final decision. 


In Maths, the children learned how to interpret and draw line graphs. 


The children enjoyed their first visit to Forest School. They had opportunities to make Kerem monsters, use a saw, drill, and mallet. They also played games, completed a scavenger hunt and made beads from Elder wood.


On Thursday, the children celebrated Yom Haazmaut. They made hanging Magen Davids and blue and white flowers. They also participated in the walk to Jerusalem. 


Please ensure your child has their spelling book with them on Fridays. This week several children did not bring their spelling books. This makes it very difficult to test them and give them new words for the following week.

Friday 3rd May 


It has been a lovely first week back at school, 


In English, the children read chapter three of Kaspar, Prince of Cats, and wrote prequels to the story. In their stories Kaspar was a street cat, lived in a palace and even lived at Hogwarts.


In Maths, the children begun some work on statistics; they are learning how to interpret tables, graphs and charts.


This week we started to explore the Tudor topic. The children looked at a royal family tree and started to learn about how the Tudors came to power. They were particularly interested to learn about the Princes in the Tower and completed a historical investigation to try and work out what happened. They also enjoyed hearing about Richard III and how his bones were found!



A few reminders,


Uniform and Homework





Homework due

Homework set



Times tables










PE and Swimming Kit








Please ensure that spelling books come back to school every Friday.


We have Forest School this coming Tuesday 7th May and Thursday 6th June.


The children should bring their wellington boots and waterproofs

Friday 5th April


In English this week the children completed their non-chronological reports. If you would like to know about a Caterbird-zee-ruff, a BHdog or a Gicat-bundog please come and look at our class book!


In Maths the children continued to learn about decimals. They are using their understanding of fractions to aid them in understanding the place value of a tenth and hundredth. Next week they will continue this work and begin to learn how to add fractions to make a whole.


In Topic the children created comics about the Egyptian book of the dead. They also unwrapped and revealed their tomato mummies! They found that over the past three weeks the salt and baking soda mixture had removed a huge amount of liquid. They were amazed at the difference when they weighed the tomatoes.


The children loved their pajama day, thank you so much for supporting this treat!




Projects are due on Monday. 


We had the last Gym session for this term this week. Next Wednesday the children should come in school uniform.


Please see the information about a special fundraising day for Camp Simcha on 12th April in the poster underneath.


Next Term - We will be reading Kaspar Prince of Cats by Michael Morpurgo as a class. Please make sure that your child has a copy of this book at home; occasionally next term part of their homework will be to read a chapter. They should read the first two chapters over the holidays. 




Friday 29th March


This week in Maths the children have begun to learn about decimals. They have understood the concept of tenths and are able to convert fractions into decimals, and place decimals onto a number line. We have also reviewed division. Next week the children will be learning about hundredths. 


In English this week the children planned their non -chronological reports about their mythical animals. Next week they will be writing these up.


Topic this week was rather exciting; the children acted out the different stages of mummification and then wrote instructions on how to mummify someone!


Our Science topic on Habitats is drawing to a close. The children were interested to learn about the ways that animals are adapted to their environments and the impact of habitat destruction. Many of the children are talking with great enthusiasm about their projects. Please refer to the letter sent out on Monday for guidance on what should be included.



Friday 21st March 


This week the children had a very interesting trip to the British Museum. The children saw the mummies and wall paintings from Egyptian tombs. They couldn't believe what they were seeing, and kept asking 'are they real?'

We also went to see the Rosetta Stone, the children were able to find the three different languages and discussed this at length! We also attended a talk about how Egyptologists investigate mummies and were amazed to learn about the different methods including 3D printing that they use. 


In Maths the children continued learning about Fractions. They learned how to find a fraction of an amount and made a Fraction Museum to celebrate finishing the topic. Next week they will begin learning about decimals. 


The children took part in many extracurricular activities this week including football tournaments, cross country and Quiz Club! 


Next week the children will be writing their own non-chronological reports about mythical animals and will begin to learn about endangered animals. 


Please note, as mentioned in 'Hot off the press', Love Corn will not be allowed in school from next week. If children have any they will not be allowed to eat it, please send them in with an appropriate snack. Many thanks for your support with this.


Friday 15th March 2019


This week the children have been busy getting ready for their trip to the British Museum. They have learnt about the stages of mummification and performed these steps on a tomato. We are looking forward to seeing the results in a couple of weeks. They have also found out about the Rosetta stone and are looking forward to seeing it in person. Please see the email sent today for further details about the trip.


In English the children looked at the features of non-chronological texts. Next week they will begin to practise writing in this style.


In Maths the children continued work on fractions; this week they looked at adding and taking away fractions and finding fractions of a number. Next week we will be finishing our work on fractions.


Friday 8th March


This week the children have continued to learn about fractions. They consolidated their understanding of equivalent fractions and started to learn about improper fractions.


In English the children created their own mythical creatures and began to describe them. Next week we will begin to use these to create reports.


We had a fabulous trip to the Zoo! The children enjoyed visiting a variety of animals and had a very interesting workshop about habitats. 

Friday 1st March


This half term in English the children will be learning about non- chronological texts. This week they began by describing mythical animals in detail. Next week they will begin to create their own mythical animals.


In Maths this week the children began to learn about fractions, starting with finding equivalent fractions. Next week they will continue to learn about equivalent fractions and will find fractions of an amount.


In Science this week the children learned about the differences between vertebrates and invertebrates and went on a bug hunt!


The children created colourful self-portraits inspired by Picasso. These are up on display in the corridor outside the classroom; if you get a chance please come and have a look.


The children also read about the discovery of Tutankhamon's tomb and learned about the different objects inside.



Next Thursday is our trip to London Zoo. Please make sure your child is wearing PE kit, comfortable shoes, a coat if weather appropriate and has a Kosher, nut free packed lunch.


Jewish Studies (week beginning 25.2.19)


We have had a busy first week back in Year 4! We have continued learning the story of Yaakov and Eisav and we are about to read the Pesukim where Eisav spurns his birthright. We have also been gearing up for ShabbatUK with a special assembly from Tribe and the children thoroughly enjoying the ShabbatUK dome experience. 

Friday 15th February 


Book Week


We have had lots of wonderful activities for book week. The class and school poetry recital was a particular highlight for Year 4. The standard was extremely high and it was clear that all the children had taken a lot of time and put in a lot of effort to learn a new poem.


The children also enjoyed participating in the whole school activities including the book quiz and debate, as well as a shared comprehension activity with Year 3 where the children created their own comprehensions and a book scavenger hunt in class. 


In English the children wrote their own Cinderella stories, they have put Cinderella in the ocean, the sky, a farm, space and even in the middle of a football pitch.


In Maths the children completed their work on Area by looking at compound shapes. Next half term we will be focusing on Fractions and Decimals.


Have a wonderful and very relaxing holiday!

Friday 8th February


This week in English the children have planned their own Cinderella stories. The children have planned to write Cinderella stories in football stadiums, oceans, space and the sky! They are looking forward to writing their stories next week. 


In Maths this week the children have been learning about area. The children have gained understanding of what area is and have begun to learn how to work out the area of shapes. 


In History this week the children continued to learn about pyramids and wrote diary entries for a pyramid builder.

Friday 1st February 


This week the children have continued learning about ancient Egypt. They learnt about different types of pyramids and the process of building them. 


In English the children wrote character descriptions of the characters in Mufaro’s beautiful daughters and read Raisel’s Riddle. They particularly enjoyed this Jewish version of Cinderella where instead of the lost shoe Raisel told the rabbi’s son a riddle. It explored the Jewish value of learning, something you may want to discuss at home. Next week in English the children will begin to plan and write their own Cinderella stories, thinking about interesting settings and characters.


In Maths the children completed their unit on multiplication  and division. They have worked extremely hard to develop good understanding of formal and informal methods of multiplication and division. Next week the children will be learning about area.


The children also enjoyed navigating blue bots around the pyramids that have been brought into school. Have a look at the photos below.










Friday 25th January 2019


This week the children read two more versions of Cinderella, The Egyptian Cinderella and Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters.  They saw that the stories can be very different and are influenced by the culture and country in which the story takes place.


In Maths the children continued to work on multiplication and worked on some difficult one and two step problems. They began working on division and will continue this work next week.


In Science the children completed their egg shell experiment and were shocked by the dramatic effect the different drinks had on the egg shells. Next week we will begin our next Science topic - Habitats.


In History this week the children looked at timelines; they took a time machine back to the Ancient Egyptians, stopping off at lots of different important events in history first. They then created time lines of important events during the Ancient Egyptian period.


Week of 11th February- Book Week.  There are many exciting activities going on during the course of this week. We will be having a class and school poetry recital. Every child is expected to learn a poem to perform- it maybe helpful to discuss or guide your child’s choice with them.  





Friday 18th January 2019


This week the children have worked extremely hard finishing off their Science topic on teeth. We have an ongoing experiment in the classroom looking at the effect of different drinks on teeth. We poured Coca Cola, Diet Coke, apple juice, coffee and water into beakers and have submerged egg shells in the drinks. Each day the children observe and record any differences that they notice.

In Maths this week the children have learnt formal methods for multiplication and will continue working on this, and formal methods of division next week.

In English the children read the story of Yeh- Shen, the original Chinese Cinderella story.


Please can boys going to football club bring with tracksuit bottoms and trainers on football days so that they can change to avoid a muddy classroom!


Friday 11th January 2018


Welcome back!

It has been an excellent start to the term. The children have come back very excited to start working and have put in lots of effort.


In English this half term we will be looking at Cinderella stories from different cultures.

In Maths over the next few weeks we will be working on formal multiplication.

In Science we will be looking at Teeth.

In Topic we will be learning about the Ancient Egyptians.

This week the children enjoyed their first gym session at Hendon Leisure Centre and started a new ‘News’ lesson with Year 5.

We welcome Ms Coleman and Mrs Sassoon who will be working in our classroom at various points during the week.


Next week is E-Safety week at school. On Monday 14th January there is an E-Safety evening at school, 7:30 -9 pm . We strongly advise you attend even if you have been before. It is always an interesting and informative talk which helps us all keep the children safe online.

Thursday 13th December 2018


The children have had an extremely busy end of term. This week they enjoyed finishing their dioramas. Look at the photos to see the finished products.


They had a general knowledge quiz in Creative Writing during which the children demonstrated their knowledge of the world and current events.


This week the children were given their date for their book review for next term. They are welcome to choose a book that they have already read and enjoyed or could choose a new book to read over the holidays. 


A few book recommendations from Year 4


Zak-Spy Dog and The 13-Storey Treehouse

Lauren- Secrets of a Sun King - All about ancient Egypt

Sadie - The Land of Stories

Arielle- Ice Monster

Mrs Sondhelm - My Brother is a Superhero

Hollie - My Naughty Little Sister

Mia J- Carbonel

Amelie- Secret Lake

Ms Rose - Anything by Michael Morpurgo 


Friday 7th December 2018


The children have worked extremely hard on their dioramas this week. They used all their knowledge of the rainforest to create trees, plants and animals. The children focused on putting plants and animals at the correct layer of the rainforest.


In English this week the children completed their letters about deforestation. 


In Maths the children continued working on multiplication. They learnt how to multiply three numbers together, for example 3 x 4 x 5= 60. 


There is no homework this week due to Hanukkah.



Week ends 7th of Decemberplease log the Ivrit blog, to watch the video from the Chanukah show.

This week in Jewish Studies (26.11.18-30.11.18)


This week in Year 4, we have focused on preparing for the upcoming festival of Chanukah! We have reviewed the Chanukah story and finished our 'Telling the story of Chanukah- dingbats style' in our books. The children also used their Ipads to create a poster that detailed significant numbers of the festival and gave a brief description of their relevance. This was followed by decorating the poster with Chanukah themed artwork- where doughnuts were a popular choice!

Friday 30th November 


This week the children began writing persuasive letters to the government to ask them to help prevent deforestation. They are very passionate about the cause and are excited to continue working on them next week. 


In Maths the children completed their unit on length and perimeter and moved on to multiplication. On Thursday the children enjoyed working on an investigation trying to prove that any number multiplied by an even number will always be even. 


On Friday Gesher joined for us for a fun art session to make beautiful Channukah cards using paint, crayons and wax. 


The children are looking forward to performing for you on Tuesday; please send your child in wearing all black. If they choose to wear leggings they should bring a skirt.



Friday 23rd November 2018


This week the children continued to learn about persuasive language in English and developed their own adverts, making ordinary classroom objects seem extraordinary.


In Maths the children learnt about kilometres and started to look at the perimeter of rectangles and compound shapes.


In Topic the children continued developing their understanding of the rainforest; this week they investigated animals that live in the rainforest and people who live in the rainforest. They also took a virtual reality trip to the Amazon!

This week in Jewish Studies (12.11.18 - 16.11.18)


We have again been busy in Year 4 this week! We have begun our preparations for Chanukah by introducing some familiar laws and concepts. We have also continued our Chumash studies about Yaakov and Eisav. We learnt about their struggles throughout Rivka's pregnancy and about the prophecy that the older child (Eisav) would serve the younger (Yaakov). Please also ask the children to sing you the new tune we have learnt for 'Oseh Shalom' at the end of the Amidah!

Friday 16th November 


This week the children enjoyed visiting Kew Gardens. They had an excellent session focused on rainforests and how people use the plants in them for food, shelter, medicine and water. In the Palm House, they were excited to see Cacao plants, and enjoyed finding out about the Monkey Toothbrush plant. They then continued this work in a classroom where they had the opportunity to see the real products that rainforest materials make including bamboo hats and baskets; they also worked out what rainforest products are in products we can buy in the shops.  


Our trip continued with a visit to the treetop walkway and ended with a visit to the Princess of Wales green house. The children were very excited to find the plants that they had been learning about, including orchids in many different colours and lianas.


In Maths this week the children have focused on subtraction and choosing efficient methods for mental subtraction. 


In English we started a new topic on persuasive writing starting with adverts. The children identified the features of adverts, such as slogans. Discuss any adverts you see with your children! They might be able to tell you what makes it persuasive. 


In topic this week the children  learnt about the layers of the rainforest and used their iPads to research different plants from each layer. 


Week of 3rd December. 

We will be making rainforest  dioramas in class, materials will be provided in class. Please send your child in with a shoe box and any extra materials they would like to use for their rainforest. 

Friday 9th November 2018


This week the children have written their own chapters of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. They have described how their characters were removed from the factory and have taken great pride in writing detailed and interesting accounts.


In Maths the children focused on column subtraction and have shown an excellent understanding of the concepts. Next week we will continue to work on subtraction looking at the informal and mental methods the children use to help speed up their mental arithmetic.


In Topic this week the children have looked at the climate of the rainforest and compared it to the climate in London. Every child drew two climate graphs which were extremely detailed and of which they should be very proud.


Next Wednesday is our school trip to Kew Gardens. Please send your child in PE. Uniform with a milky lunch.


Friday 26th October


What a busy half term! The children have worked extremely hard and I am extremely proud of all they have achieved in their first half term in Year 4.


This week in English the children have developed settings for their own Charlie and the Chocolate Factory story.  New rooms in the factory include 'The Toffee Room' 'The Chocolate Egg Room' and 'The Marshmallow Pillow Room'.


In Maths the children worked on Missing number column addition problems and developed their understanding of mental methods of addition.


In Science, the children finished their work on the digestive system by recreating the digestive system.  Look at the photos to see the results. The children also drew the digestive system onto to an apron. 


In PSHE we looked at the qualities of a good friend in relation to our topic on kindness.  Please discuss this with your child at home.

This week in Jewish Studies (15th -19th October) 


We have had another busy week in Year 4 Jewish Studies! The children have continued their mini Brachot project and produced a vibrant poster detailing the blessings on food items in their books. We have also progressed in our Chumash studies, this week learning that there is always a reason for seemingly superfluous repetition in the Torah. We have even delved into Rashi's explanation on the relevant Pasuk... challenge your children to explain it to you! 

Friday 19th October


This week the children had a wonderful trip to  Great Ormond Street Hospital where they enjoyed learning about CPR and AEDs. They were entertained by a magician before and after their session.


In English this week the children read chapters 9-15 of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. They debated whether Veruca deserved her golden ticket. During the debate many children changed their minds.

The children also began thinking about a sixth golden ticket winner. They drew characters in the style of Quentin Blake and wrote character descriptions of their new characters. Over the next few weeks they will be planning and writing stories about their exit from the chocolate factory.


In Maths the children began to learn about column addition. They will continue learning about addition next week.

Friday 12th October


In English this week the children wrote character descriptions of a character from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. They thought carefully about the language they used and how to structure their writing.


In Maths the children completed their work on place value, learning about rounding numbers to 1000, negative numbers, and counting in 25s. Next week they will begin work on addition and subtraction.


In Art the children completed their paper mache fruits and vegetables. They worked hard in groups using different shades of colour to make their creations look as realistic as possible. We will continue looking at our painting and producing work associated with it until half term. Next week we will be working on still life drawing.

Friday 5th October



This week the children have looked at rounding and comparison of numbers in Maths. They learnt how to round numbers to 100 and their understanding was consolidated using and applying this knowledge in problem solving.


In English the children  continued to develop their comprehension skills working on a range of sources. They analysed an illustration before moving on to an amusing text about a girl who likes to hide in small places.


English homework went home for the first time this week. It is due on Tuesday. The children should choose one task from the grid to complete in their homework books. 









Jewish Studies (week of 23.9.18)


We have had a festive and fun-filled week in Year 4, celebrating Succot Chol HaMoed in true style! Aside from our special Tefillot, shaking the Arba Minim etc, we have been Sukka hopping all over the Suburb! On Thursday, we enjoyed visits to the Bloom and Salem families and on Friday the Brass family kindly hosted us too! A very big thank you to them all! We made loads of Brachot on lots of delicious treats, learned Torah and shared stories and Jewish general knowledge together.





Thursday 27th September


This morning the children went on their Sukkah crawl. They enjoyed visiting two different Sukkahs and had delicious treats at both. Thank you so much to our hosts.



The children continued their ArTishrei project, using paper mache to create an enormous vegetable or fruit.

Wednesday 26th September


The children enjoyed visiting the Tate Britain, and learning about how to look at art. 


Friday 21st September


Look at the finished cereal boxes!

Thursday 20th September


Cereal making


Today the children created their own cereals! The children started the day with Maths where,following a series of rules,they were challenged toxins different ways to make 50g of cereal with different proportions of ingredients. In English they looked at the persuasive features of cereal boxes, looking both at the language and the use of colour and then planned their own cereal boxes. 


We were very lucky that Miss Burns joined us for the day and in the afternoon she worked with each child to weigh out their cereal.



Monday 17th September


Cabbage art


The children used white, green and black paint to create different shades of green to paint their cabbage.





Chocolate Tasting


This week we started our chocolate topic.


The children received golden tickets and were invited to try 6 different chocolates.


They described and rated each one, then used a thesaurus to help them find interesting synonyms.



The Digestive System


The children used string to show the length of the digestive system. Did you know that the intestines are approximately  7 metres long?  Ask your child to explain how they fit into the body.

This week in Jewish Studies (14.9.2018)


We have been extremely busy in Year 4 this week, learning all about the Aseret Yemei Teshuva and preparing for Yom Kippur. Upon returning to school after Rosh Hashana, we discussed the story behind Tzom Gedalia (3rd of Tishrei) and its relevance to this time of year. We have also discussed and explained the whole Aseret Yemei Teshuva period, culminating with the class making their own poster about some laws of Yom Kippur on their Ipads! Test them and see what they know.....

Class Photos



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