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Week Ending 25/09/20

Dear Parents,


This week in Maths we have had ' GREAT ' fun working with the chomping Alligator - ask your children to explain. You can rewatch the videos which are in Google Classroom. We learnt that the Alligator always chomps the largest number. Following on from this, we have been comparing objects and numbers and we have learnt to use the following mathematical language and symbols: greater than > ( greater rhymes with alligator),

less than < and equals =.


This week in English we have learnt the sounds ea (as in read) ey, e-e (swede) and a-e (cake). If you login to Espresso - Key Stage 1- English - Phonics - Ash's phonics Phase 5, there are lots of fun activities.

Espresso details are:

Username:  student33652

Password: kerem1

We also listened to a story about the seasons and wrote sentences about what we liked to do in each of them. If you have time, listen to this lovely conker song.


Forest school was lots of fun this week, although a little wet. We still had a great time in our wellies and waterproofs. When it rained, we sheltered under trees and explored the woods. Emma told us a lovely story about Mother Nature helping some bugs and we were able to make our own insects using clay, leaves, twigs and big pine cones. Some children helped Emma build a Bee  Hotel,  which we brought back to school to hang on a tree. We are continuing with our work on seasons and we are beginning to see a change in the weather too and it is getting darker earlier. Please help your children to look out for all the signs of  autumn. 


Shabbat Shalom and Gmar Chatima Tova,


Mrs Borman, Mrs Rosenberg and Mrs Sassoon  

Week  Ending 18/09/20


Dear Parents,


This week the children have had another busy week at school. 


Well done to all the children who found out what playground games their parents and grandparents played when they were 5. Once the marquees are removed from the playground we will be able to start playing them.


In Maths we have continued with our place value block. We have been counting forwards, backwards as well as finding one more and one less than a number. We used number lines and 10 frames to help us find the answers. In reasoning and problem solving we used the number cards 0 - 10 to find out how many different ways we could complete the statement 

? is one more than ?


In English we have continued revising Phase 3 of Letters and Sounds from last year, as well as beginning Phase 5 and learning that ‘ay’ has the same sound as ‘ai’. At storytime we have been listening to some of the Frog and Toad stories which are a favourite of Mrs Borman.


We have enjoyed learning more about the seasons this week and we can sort and identify different signs for autumn, winter, spring and summer. 


At Forest School we played listening games and the children had fun making leaf necklaces and clay models. They even made a life-size stick person using woodland resources! 


This week we watched Espresso Newsbites and found out about what is happening in the world. We completed the quiz and got 12 out of 12!


Wishing you Shabbat Shalom and Shana Tova Umetuka!


Mrs Borman, Mrs Rosenberg and Mrs Sassoon


Forest School

Week ending 10.9.20

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Year 1 blog!

We have had a fabulous first full week at school (please see the photo gallery below). Their smiley faces as they enter each day tells it all! They have been busy learning new routines, such as gelling their hands every time they enter the building and how to line up before entering the classroom. Well done Year 1! We have also been practising good listening skills, which we would be grateful if you would reinforce at home. 


Thank you for joining us on Zoom on Tuesday. It was lovely to share the Year 1 information with you, but just a shame that we couldn't see your faces. Please note that there is a Key Information section on the Year 1 class page which has details about teachers, homework etc. As we were unable to show Mrs Roodyn's video on Tuesday, we have attached it below.


The children have shared their summer news and they wrote about some of the activities that took place. In Maths we began our Place Value block and have been sorting, counting and representing numbers. We have been learning to use a ten frame and we have given the children an online activity for their homework. We were excited to begin our first topic on the ‘Seasons’ learning the names and the months in which the seasons occur. The children sit in groups in the classroom and each table is now named after a season. In Computing, the children have been learning how to ‘log on’. Please can you help the children to learn how to spell their surnames as this will help them a great deal in these lessons. 


On Thursday we had lots of fun back at Forest School, remembering the rules and enjoying the sunshine. The children listened attentively to a story and then had a wonderful time exploring the surroundings and making crowns and glitter worms out of branches. They also made special witches potions using materials from the ‘forest’ and water. 


The JS team asks that all Aleph Champ books taken home last year are returned to school as soon as possible. If you have mislaid your book, £4 will be added to your school bill. Many thanks!


'Happy Birthday Dael!' Thank you for donating tzedakah to Camp Simcha.


We really look forward to working with you and your children. Shabbat Shalom and have a lovely weekend.


Mrs. Borman, Mrs. Rosenberg and Mrs. Sassoon

A Message from Mrs Roodyn

Please click here to view a message from your JS teacher Mrs Roodyn
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