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Spelling Practice Ideas

Ideas for practising spellings include:


  • Look, say, cover, write, check - look at the word, cover and write it, check it before writing again (see table below)
  • Rainbow spellings - write each word in a different colour of the rainbow
  • Scrabble spellings - write the words out so that they interlink with each other like on a Scrabble board (or use the actual Scrabble board and letters if you have them)
  • Playdough - Use play dough to make the words
  • Backwards spellings - Write the spellings backwards. Can you reverse the letters?
  • Wrong hand spellings - Write the words using the hand that you don't usually write with.
  • Nature spellings - Use sticks, pebbles, leaves, petals etc to make the spellings.
  • Slime spellings - Create the words using slime.
  • Pyramid Spellings - Write the 1st letter of the word on line, on the 2nd line write the 1st and 2nd letter, on the 3rd line write the 1st, 2nd and 3rd letter etc
  • Alphabetical order- Write the spellings out in alphabetical order
  • Magnetic spellings - Using magnetic letters spell out each word
  • Jigsaw spelling - Write each word onto a strip of card. This is repeated several times. Each card is then cut into sections  and the child should try to put the word back together
  • Write the words within sentences to use them in context 


Every child at Kerem also has a Doodle account, the login details for which are the same for Doodle Spell, Doodle Maths and Doodle Tables. If you are not sure of these, please contact your child’s class teacher.


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