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Ivrit - עִבְרִית

21st May 2019 - Year 6 have learnt the meaning of the Ivrit words from the song ‘Eyn Li Eretz Acheret’ - ‘אין לי ארץ אחרת - I Have No Other Land. Please see the words below for the children to practise reading and singing as they need to know the song off by heart.

Welcome back to the last term in Ivrit for Year 6. We hope the children are well rested and ready to take on the final term. This term we start a new topic -FEELINGS- רְגָשׁוֹת. See the attachment for some of the 'feelings' words we will be learning. The first Ivrit lesson will be on 7th May 2019 this term.

W/E 12th April 2019 - Year 6 are now able to conjugate verbs into the past tense and are able to change many previously learnt verbs into the past tense using mainly the pronoun ׳אני׳ - ‘I’. The children in Morah Sharon’s group have written lengthy passages about themselves and have included the past tense in their extracts. In Morah Neta’s group the children are able to make sentences using familiar verbs and use previously learnt vocabulary to build these sentences. We will be continuing to use the past tense in the next topic.

W/E 15th March 2019. Year 6 have finished the topic of Hobbies - תַּחְבִּיבִים and are now ready for the next topic - learning about PAST TENSE - זְמַן עָבָר

W/E 1st March 2019 - Year 6 are continuing to work on the topic of Hobbies  - תַּחְבִּיבִים. There will be a written test next TUESDAY 5TH MARCH. The children have taken home their exercise books so that they can revise. We will be having another revision lesson next Monday. Please see attachment for a reminder of the vocabulary list. 

February 12th 2018 - BOOK WEEK in Ivrit - שבוע הספר. The children in Year 6 heard a story about an Egg that Dressed Up - הביצה שהתחפשה. They discovered all the things that the egg wanted to be and how she tried to disguise herself in order not to be herself. But in the end she realised that she was happy to just be herself and soon hatched into a little chick - אפרוח.

W/E January 24th 2019 - The children in Year 6 in Ivrit are learning about their hobbies - תחביבים. The children in Morah Sharon’s group have prepared a display describing their hobbies and clubs.

W/C 14th January 2019 - Year 6 are continuing with the new topic of Hobbies - תַּחְבִּיבִים. Please find the vocabulary for this topic below.

W/C 7th January 2019 - The children in Year 6 have been practising the songs for the Boys Town Concert which is on 3rd February - Please see the links below - the children should continue practising at home.

November 27th - Shuk HaCarmel Comes to Kerem! Year 6 have worked hard to prepare their very own Market -Shuk!

Year 6 tell us about the stalls they are running.

Still image for this video

November 22nd 2018 - Year 6 have come to the end of their learning for the topic Shopping - עוֹשִׂים קְנִיּוֹת. They are now preparing for the oral assessment in the form of a market - שׁוּק which will be held on TUESDAY 27TH NOVEMBER. The children need to provide the items for their stall (they only need to bring in a small amount - maximum 10-15 items in each stall) and cannot bring anything that has been home made if it is a food item. Please make sure the children practise the conversation that they will be assessed on (see attachment).

November 5th 2018- Year 6 are going shopping - עוֹשִׂים קְנִיּוֹת

Still image for this video

Welcome to the cake shop!

Still image for this video

October 23rd 2018- Year 6 are having conversations practising previously learnt vocabulary.

Still image for this video

8th October 2018- Year 6 have been given their Ivrit reading book for the ‘Silent Reading’ session. The book is about an ‘Embarrasing Dad’!

This book is about a boy who loves to ‘Look For’ things...

September 27th 2018 - Vocabulary Shopping Year 6 - עוֹשִׂים קְנִיּוֹת

September 17th 2018 - Artishrei in Ivrit - Year 6 design their own 3D Sukkah inspired by 'Linea Construction' by Naum Gabo. They spoke about the images they see in the construction in Ivrit.

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