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June 2023 - The children have learnt numbers up to 10 in Ivrit. They listened to the story סֶפֵר הַמִסְפַּרִים - The Book of Numbers

May 2023 - the children in Nursery learnt words in Ivrit for Shavuot - eating dairy such as חָלָב, עוּגַת גְבִינָה, (cheese cake, milk..)

April 2023 - The children learnt the song כָּל הֲאֲרֶץ זְגָלִים דְגׇלִים- All of Israel is made up of Flags.


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April 2023 - The children have been preparing for Yom HaAtsmaut this week by learning the songs ‘Kachol vLavan’ (Blue and White) and looking at the map of Israel and some cities they might have heard of in Ivrit.

March 2023 - Learning about the season Aviv - אַבִיב - Spring. And Pesach. The children learnt greetings in Ivrit for Pesach and the special food we eat and don’t eat during Pesach.


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February 2023- Purim in Nursery in Ivrit. The children have learn the words for ‘מׇסֶכׇה' - mask. And רָעַשַן - Noise Maker, מֶלֶךְ, מַלְכָּה - King, Queen.


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W/C 16/01/23 Book Week in Ivrit! The children read the story בַּררַכֶּבֶת יוֹשֶבֶת אֲרְנֶבֶת - BaRakevet yoshevet Arnevet - On the train sits a Rabbit.

W/C 12/01/23 - the children were introduced to the characters from Israel - יְלׇדִים מְיִשְׂרׇאֵל


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W/C 5/12/22. Chanukah fun in Nursery. The children learnt how to say the greeting Chanukah Sameach - חֲנוּכָּה. שָׂמֵחַ. They learnt to count the נֵרוֹת - candles, and how to place them onto the חַנוּכִּיָה.

W/C 28/11/22. We celebrated Zac’s birthday in Ivrit this week.


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W/C 14/11/22 The children are learning אֲנִי in Ivrit

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W/C 31/10/2022. The children were introduced to Benzi - the Israeli tortoise! They learnt how to greet him and each other in Ivrit using the greeting words שָלוֹם , לְהִתְרָאוֹת.


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W/C 19/09/22 Nursery children are learning the greeting Shana Tova and greeting the family - mishpacha- Aba, ima, yeled, yalda

W/C 12/09/22 The children in Nursery learnt the basic greeting words in Ivrit - שׇלוֹם, בוֹקֶר טוֹב. They learnt that in the Chag of Rosh Hashanah we say שׇנׇה טוֹבׇה to each other.

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