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Inclusion and Wellbeing

We have been fortunate enough to have received specialist training and resources from a range of Occupational Therapists. Some of the material we have been given is very informative and useful not only for us but also for you, as parents.  

Below you can find a selection of documents which can be used to help your child's physical development at home.

Please get in touch with Mrs. Blakeney if you would like any further information or if you have any concerns about your child.





This programme is aimed at children with emotional and behavioural difficulties. This aims to promote self-confidence. Please see flyer and contact Norwood directly.

Dear Parents,


Welcome to the Inclusion Team.


Our team is made up of:


Claire Blakeney (EYU and KS1 Inclusion Coordinator) Email:


Dalia Haber (KS2 Inclusion Coordinator) Email:


Janet Jackson (Wellbeing Assistant) Email:


At Kerem School we support children in order to enhance their learning and wellbeing. We provide this additional support either 1:1, in small groups or in class depending on the needs of the child. 


If your child is currently seeing a specialist, please let us know. This may include a speech and language therapist, an occupational therapist or a developmental paediatrician. We are here to support you and liaise with specialists so that we can best support your child.


Please feel free to be in contact if you have any concerns or questions relating to your child.


We look forward to a great year ahead!


Letter from Inclusion Coordinators

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