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Ivrit Teachers

Morah Neta (Neta Gologorsky)


Support Teacher - Moreh Ophir (Ophir Greenman)

Morah Sharon (Sharon Walters)




Monday 1.15pm-1.45pm, Tuesday 1.15pm-1.45pm, Thursday -2.15pm-2.50pm 



Lesson Structure



Lessons are taught as a whole class by Morah Neta with Moreh Ophir/Morah Sharon as Ivrit support.


Study Programme


Chalav U Dvash -Essentially oral based 'Ivrit b-Ivrit' fun and interactive lessons using games, songs and story telling combined with some literacy and creative activities.

The purpose of the programme is that children familiarise themselves with the language by Understanding (listening)

and Speaking (repeating and saying words and short phrases).


Ivrit lessons do not always follow the curriculum. There are

many cross curricular lessons for example during Book Week, Ivrit is taught through books and story telling. In Art Week,

Ivrit is taught through paintings and drawings. During the Chagim, Ivrit lessons include relevant songs, activities, foods and stories from Israel. The language is taught in tandem with the culture. Where possible the culture is brought into

the classroom through videos, Israeli guests, drama, foods

and song.



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