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Aviv higiya Pesach ba! אָבִיב הִגִּיעַ פֶּסַח בָּא - Spring has arrived - Pesach is here! The children in Y2 learnt a song about Aviv (Spring) and decorated pictures to make into a puzzle. They now know the words to the song and can sing along with understanding.

Purim in Ivrit. The children learnt many words in Ivrit for Purim and the greeting Purim Sameach - פּוּרִים שָׂמֵחַ. They decorated decorations - kishutim- קִשּׁוּטִים saying the words in Ivrit.

March 2024 - Book Week in Ivrit. The children learnt about non fiction books so in Ivrit they learnt about the life cycle of a butterfly - ParPar - פַּרְפַּר

February 2024 - The children have been learning all about ‘Mishpacha’ - Family. They can say all the members of their family and make a family tree in ivrit.

They are able to use the verb ‘Gar’ - ‘Live’, in masculine and feminine conjugations to say who lives in a house.

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January 2024 - Welcome back to the Spring Term in Ivrit - בְּרוּכִים הַבָּאִים. We have been learning all about flowers - פְּרָחִים and especially the white and pink flowers ready for Tu BiShvat. - פְּרָחִים לְבָנִים, פְּרָחִים וְרֻדִּים. The children are able to understand how to say adjectives in the singular and plural, פֶּרַח אָדֹם-פְּרָחִים אֲדֻמִּים. They learnt a lovely song about fruit and even got to see and taste the fruit from the song. For Tu BiShvat they decorated a tree with the flowers, saying the names and colours in Ivrit. They produced a beautiful Shkediya (Almond Tree) which comes out in Israel at this time of year.

November 2023. Year 2 are learning the song Shnay Chaverim - שְנֵי חֲבֵרִים - Two Friends. They learnt how to use the adjective Sameach/Atzuv שׇמֵחַ/עַצוּב - Happy/Sad. They can use these adjectives in all the gender conjugations.

November 2023 - Year 2 have learned all about the season Stav- סְתָיו- Autumn. They learnt a rhyme and created beautiful posters.

Year 2 have been enjoying learning Ivrit words for Sukkot. They decorated their own Sukkah and described the סְכָךְ (roof), קִשּׁוּטִים (decorations), welcomed in אוֹרְחִים (guests), added the אַרְבַּעַת הַמִּינִים (four kinds) and finally said חַג שָׂמֵחַ (Happy Holiday) . They had 1 of their Ivrit lessons in the Sukkah this week.

Year 2 have started learning the words for Rosh Hashanah and making short sentences. בְרֺאש הֲשָנָה אֲנִי אוֹכֵל תַפוּחַ בְּדְבָש.

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