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Shuk HaKerem

January 2022 - The children in Year 6 have started learning the topic of Shopping (see topic vocabulary). They have learnt the names of the shops and some children are able to use the verb עוֹלֶה/עוֹלׇה to say how much something ‘costs’.

December 2021 - Year 6 have finished the topic of Daily Routine and now starting the topic of Shopping. Please see Topic Vocabulary for vocabulary.

November 22nd 2021 - IVRIT TEST סֵדֶר הַיּוֹם שֶׁלִּי - My Daily Routine. Please see 'Topic Vocabulary' tab for revision. 

Morah Sharon's group  - clocks and verbs

Morah Neta group - Test date and information TBC

November 2021 - Chag HaSigd and the Beta Yisrael community (see Ivrit page - Whole School Events - for more details). The children learnt about Operation Moses and Operation Solomon - the two missions which helped Ethiopian Jewry make Aliya. They talked about comparisons between their lives in Ethiopia and their lives in Israel. They focused on artists and researched famous Jewish Ethiopian artists in Israel, recreating their paintings in the same styles.

October 2021 - The children in Year 6 have started revising telling the time. They are able to tell the time on the hour, half past, quarter past and quarter to. Some children are able to say minutes to and past the hour. Next week they will start getting weekly spelling tests.

September 2021 - Year 6 have been reading the book ‘What We’ll Build Together’ in Ivrit - ‘מָה שֶנִבְנֶה יַחַד'. They have been focusing on the word שָעָר - ‘Gate’ and created beautiful gates writing the purpose of their gates in Ivrit.

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