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Kerem's 1-1 iPad Project

iPad Project



We developed from an introduction of iPads, initially into ICT lessons and at our EYU, thereafter to Year 6. Each child was given a 1-2-1 iPad to use to enhance their learning across the curriculum. Based on its success we rolled out the iPads on a 1-1 basis across the junior classes. From September 2015 all children from Year 3-6 (122 children) had personal iPads. The children in Nursery-Year 2 were familiar with the iPads and used class sets in lessons in addition to their computing lessons.


We are constantly continuing to upgrade our core ICT infrastructure for our staff and pupils alike as well as further developing our Computing curriculum. This has been a huge success allowing pupils to take control over their own learning. In our recent ISI inspection, where we achieved excellent in all areas, the inspectors picked up on the use of the iPads in the classroom, reporting “Teaching uses a broad range of resources imaginatively; [uses of] tablet computers enhances the pupils’ interest and their learning.” They also felt that iPads are “used productively and imaginatively enabling pupils to increase their learning.”


As one of our former pupils said, “Having my own iPad means I can take control of my own learning at my own pace.”

Why iPads?

Apple has a long history in the education sector and the iPad ushered in a new era of interactive educational content. We have seen how they add a whole new dimension to the children’s learning. At the simplest level, we have identified Apps we will use that aid specific subjects – whether it is games that develop Maths skills, reading Apps that include interactive elements, or Ivrit and Kodesh tools. On the other end of the spectrum we integrate email, video, word processor, presentation and collaboration software into the wider curriculum, which in turn we expect will drive interest in computing and ICT.

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