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This February half term the children have started the topic ‘Eych Ani Nirah’ - ‘How Do I Look?’. They have learnt many adjectives in Ivrit and how to describe parts of the body (curly brown hair, small nose, red mouth etc). They will create their own characters and describe them in oral and written Ivrit.  See Topic Vocabulary for the relevant vocabulary. 

Welcome back to the Spring Term in Ivrit - בְּרוּכִים הַבָּאִים. The children have finally finished the topic of My Bedroom - הַחֶדֶר שֶׁלִּי. They have learnt many items in a bedroom and can describe them using adjectives and plurals. They are also able to use a range of prepositions to describe where the items are. The children were assessed on describing their room orally. They chose to make posters, 3D models and video clips. 

Year 5 have finished the topic of Bgadim - Clothes. This half term (November 2023) they are learning the topic of My Room - Cheder Sheli - חֶדֶר שֶׁלִּי. See topic vocabulary for the words and phrases.

Fashion Show Year 5- the children described what they were wearing in Ivrit.

Year 5 have been enjoying learning about the topic of clothes - בְּגָדִים. They can describe what they are wearing using the verbs - 

לוֹבֵשׁ/ לוֹבֶשֶׁת (wearing clothes)
נוֹעֵל/ נוֹעֶלֶת (wearing shoes)
חוֹבֵשׁ/ חוֹבֶשֶׁת (wearing hats)

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