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Happy Birthday to:

JoJo who turned 9 this week.

Ella who turned 10 this week.

Jenna who turned 10 this week.

Yonatan who turns 5 this week.

Friday 25th September 2020


Everyone has been working hard this week, books are filling up with amazing work and wall displays are emerging. These are the things that we missed so much when we were not at school.


Heard in the Corridor


Each day I love listening to the children as they go past my office, chatting away to each other, or popping their heads round my door to tell me about what they have been up to. The children at the EYU also have plenty of news to share. Here are some of the comments heard this week:


"I liked planting the vegetables so they will grow". Eliya, Nursery


"I am Shabbat Aba, I can say the prayers all by myself". Joey, Reception


"I have enjoyed playing with my friends at break time". Zachary, Year 1


"In Science, we learnt about animals and their babies. My favourite was the fox cub". Jasmine, Year 2


"I loved doing technology club this week. We used BBC microbits to add shapes to a display". Gaby, Year 3


"I have enjoyed learning about Roman Numerals. We played games to help us learn". Blake, Year 4


"In Maths Mastery we learnt a strategy to multiply large numbers". Max, Year 5


"We are making a video about Shakespeare which we will turn into an iMovie". Ella and Zak, Year 6


Staffing news

Ms Turner-Arbeid will be leaving Kerem at the end of this half term to work in different areas of education. I am sure that you will join me in thanking her for all that she has done since joining Kerem and wish her every success moving forward. 





Happy Birthday to:

Isaac who turned 5 this week.

Ella Bracha who turned 10 this week.

Friday 18th September 2020


Another busy week at school with lots of preparations for Rosh Hashana. Thank you to everyone who got involved in the ‘Have a Blast’ initiative and designing Shana Tova stickers. 


I had the pleasure of spending time at Forest School on Thursday. Have a read of the Forest School blog which can be found here to see what we all got up to. 


For anyone who was not able to join us on the evening, or for anyone who wishes to see it again, below you will find the video of the presentation made by the Strategic Leadership Team on the 7th of September. We are not sure that we will ever have a career as television presenters but hope that our message still comes across!


Next week we will be sharing information with you about our blended learning plan, which is the plan we will be implementing should an individual or whole class need to isolate for a period of time.


Heard in the Corridor!


Each day I love listening to the children as they go past my office, chatting away to each other, or popping their heads round my door to tell me about what they have been up to. The children at the EYU also have plenty of news to share. Here are some of the comments heard this week


" I liked raking up all the leaves in the garden. I do it at home". Dylan, Nursery


“I feel happy because I love Forest School” - Yonatan, Reception


“In Maths I was doing 1 more and 1 less. It was fun”. Freya, Year 1


“I enjoyed computing. We learnt how to touch type” Roy, Year 2


“We had to make numbers to 1000 and it was challenging”. Shachar Year 3


“I did some writing about the sounds of the amazon. I read it to the whole class using great expression”. Adam, Year 4


“I liked our art lesson. We did still life. We drew fruit on a tray. We used a pencil and colouring pencils”. Ella-Bracha, Year 5


“In Maths we revised different strategies for calculations. I really liked that if I wasn’t sure of something, the teacher could give me 1:1 attention”. Zac, Year 6

Message from the Strategic Leadership Team 2020/2021

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.



Happy Birthday to:

Joshua who turned 9 this week.

Ben who turned 4 this week.

Another birthday celebration and this time a donation of 2 wonderful books to the class library

Friday 11th September 2020

It has been a busy week here at school and it really feels like we are back where we belong. 


Over Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings it was lovely to see so many parents, albeit through a screen. I hope that you left each of the sessions with a greater understanding of our hopes for the year and with a positive feeling about the care and education that will be given to your child. 


As I sat listening to all of the teachers I was filled with pride at the amount of passion, experience and dedication that our staff team has and I am excited for the children about the experiences that they are going to have this year. 


The overarching message was excellence in all that we do with the key messages that:


  • We care deeply about the holistic development of each child
  • We want all of the children to be happy because happy children learn
  • We have excellent teaching teams who will challenge and support all children
  • We will have meaningful dialogue with parents about their children's progress
  • We will be integrating Jewish life and learning with National Curriculum Subjects

Heard in the corridors!


Each day I love listening to the children as they go past my office, chatting away to each other, or popping their heads round my door to tell me about what they have been up to. The children at the EYU also have plenty of news to share. Here are some of the comments heard this week


"I loved painting a rainbow" Ruby T, Nursery


"I love learning new things" Max Reception


"I have enjoyed being back at school as I like being with my friends". Emily, Year 1


"I love our new classroom as there are new things to discover". Joey, Year 2


"We started verbal reasoning today and it was really fun". Jemima, Year 3


"I have enjoyed mental maths because it was hard". Hillel, Year 4


"I enjoyed our first Geography lesson where we started learning about rivers. We needed to find rivers on a map and see which towns they went through. I found The River Thames and The River Trent". Ari, Year 5


We had our first art lesson. We learned about impressionist artists and we had to recreate a picture of their work". Hollie, Year 6 


Birthday celebrations included a donation to Camp Simcha





Happy Birthday to:

Rafael who turns 5 this week.

Dael who turns 6 this week.

Rosie who turns 10 this week.

Jonah who turns 10 this week.

Louis who turns 9 this week.

4th September 2020


And just like that we are back! The buzz around school these past couple of days has been such a joy. It is easy to forget how exhausting it is to learn new routines and to slot back into the rhythm of school but hopefully the children (and staff) will manage to have a good rest over the weekend.   


The start of a new school year always brings much to consider and this year we have had an additional focus on ensuring that we are following government guidelines. Please be patient with us if we need to make changes, we are doing all that we can to ensure the health and safety of the whole Kerem community.


The staff and I are looking forward to meeting with parents at their Meet the Teacher sessions, which will give you an opportunity to hear more about what is happening in your child's class.


Shabbat Shalom

Ms Simon





Happy Birthday to:

Ethan Z who turns 5 this week.

                          School Year 2020/21
                          School Year 2019/20



Happy Birthday to:

Samuel who turned 6 this week.

Sophie who turns 8 this week.

Natalya who turns 6 in the holidays.

Carrie who turns 11 in the holidays.

Hollie who turns 10 in the holidays.

Isobel who turns 9 in the holidays.

Adam who turns 8 in the holidays.

Kitty who turns 11 in the holidays.

Liv who turns 5 in the holidays.

Yoav who turns 11 in the holidays.

Natalie who turns 8 in the holidays.

Ori who turns 8 in the holidays.

Ely who turns 5 in the holidays.

Sophia who turns 6 in the holidays.

Chloe who turns 7 in the holidays.

Leah who turns 11 in the holidays.

Sadie who turns 10 in the holidays.

Dvorah who turns 11 in the holidays.

Freddie who turns 4 in the holidays.

Leo who turns 11 in the holidays.

Jamie who turns 7 in the holidays.


Happy Birthday to:

Liora who turned 10 this week.

Jake who turned 9 this week.

Doron who turned 9 this week.

Levi who turned 5 this week.

Sebastian who turns 9 this week.



Happy Birthday to:

Reuben who turned 11 this week.

Coco who turns 11 this week.

Zac who turns 7 this week.




Happy Birthday to:

Ariel who turned 6 this week.

AJ who turned 4 this week.

Joshua who turned 4 this week.

Blake who turns 8 this week.

Lielle who turns 4 this week.

Arya who turns 4 this week.




Happy Birthday to:

Lily who turned 11 this week.

Daniel who turns 7 this week.

Joshua who turns 9 this week.



Happy Birthday to:

Joseph who turned 10 this week.

Jared who turned 11 this week.




Happy Birthday to:

Rafaela who turned 4 last week.

Yael who turned 11 last week.

Joshua who turned 5 last week.

Ethan who turned 11 last week.

Lila who turned 11 last week.

Odelya who turns 11 this week.

Maya who turns 11 this week.

Ari who turns 7 this week.

Mila who turns 5 this week.




Happy Birthday to:

Jenna who turned 11 this week.

Scarlett who turned 9 this week.

Teddy who turns 11 this week.

Hillel who turns 8 this week.

Charlie who turns 7 this week.

Lielle who turns 10 this week.

Adele who turns 7 this week.




Happy Birthday to:

Jessica who turned 4 this week.

Roy who turned 6 this week.

Jasmine who turned 6 this week.

Ari who turned 7 this week.

Zac who turns 10 this week




Happy birthday to:

Jake who turned 11 this week.

Lyla who turned 6 this week.

Layla who turned 6 this week.

Jamie who turns 6 this week.


Happy Birthday to:

Ella who turned 10 this week.

Mia who turned 5 this week.

Sophie who turned 4 this week.

Eli who turns 5 this week.

Joshua who turns 4 this week.



Happy Birthday to:

Anoushka who turned 7 this week.

Isaac who turns 11 this week.

Bella who turned 8 this week.

Mia who turns 8 this week.

Joshua who turns 6 this week.





Happy Birthday to:

Lexi who turned 9 last week.

Henry who turned 4 last week.

Ethan who turned 11 this week.

Olivia who turned 5 this week.

Rafael who turned 5 this week.

Seth who turned 11 this week.

Ollie who turned 6 this week.


Kerem Staff Say Shabbat Shalom


Still image for this video




Happy Birthday to:

Daniel who turned 9 this week.



Happy Birthday to:

Rafi who turned 11 this week.

Jemima who turned 7 this week.

Mia who turned 10 this week.

Ollie who turned 8 this week.

Orli who turned 11 this week.

Raymond who turned 4 this week.

Chloe who turns 11 this week.

Raphael who turns 8 this week.

Archie who turns 11 this week.



Happy Birthday to:

Daliyah who turned 5 this week.

Zak who turned 10 this week.

Yasmin who turned 8 today.

Max who turns 9 this week.



Celebration Tea Party 13.3.2020



Happy Birthday to:

Izzy who turned 11 this week.

Zachary who turns 5 this week.

Celebration tea party 5.3.2020



Happy Birthday to:

Rafi who turned 8 this week.

Ariana who turns 5 this week.

Jesse who turned 4 this week.

Sara who turns 11 this week.

Amelie who turned 8 this week.


Champions! Year 6 win the Macabbi Netball Tournament

28.2.2020 - Homework Forums


This week I was joined by just over 50 parents at the homework forums. Each discussion was different from the last but they were all full of rich conversation which has provided me with a real insight into the views of parents. I learnt a lot from what was shared with me and look forward to sharing a summary of responses with you in the near future. The next stage of this process is for the Strategic Leadership Team (SLT) and me to work through the responses to understand how the parent body feels about homework. These will be discussed alongside the views of the SLT who will consider how this might impact our current homework policy. 


I really enjoyed the experience of open discussion with so many of you and hope that this is something I can build into life at Kerem. Should you have any thoughts on future forum topics, please contact Karen who will pass this information on to me. 



28.2.2020 - Friday celebrations - Tea Party and Alef Champ

27.2.2020 Forest School


The Girl Guide in me knows that there is no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing! Year 6 had a great time at Forest School. The last time the children attended Forest School it was the summer so it was great for them to see the environment in different weather conditions. Pop over to the Forest School blog to read up about what each class got up to there today. 


25.2.2020 - Jewish Interactive Year 6 workshop


This evening Year 6 and their parents were lucky enough to be joined by Sammy Morhaim from Jewish Interactive who ran a session on the theme of Purim. They were tasked with the challenge of creating a game for their iPads based on the theme of ‘Things are not always as they seem.’ Their Jewish knowledge, creativity and computing skills combined brilliantly to produce some excellent games. 







Happy Birthday to:

Elijah who turns 4 this week.

Ava who turns 11 this week.





I am not sure I can remember such an action-packed week at school. The buzz around Book Week was great both at the EYU and the Norrice Lea site. 


The children debated, they read poems, they were visited by authors, they participated in a quiz, they hot seated characters (ask your child what this means),  parents wrote with their child and this was in amongst regular lessons! The number of minutes that the children reached in their reading was quite phenomenal and we hope that they continue to read with such enthusiasm long after the sponsored read has finished. 


It was also the last week of this first Forest School block for Year 3 and 4 so some of the children were joined by their parents to see what happens. 


I hope that everyone has a great break. I am looking forward to meeting with those of you who are attending the homework forums in the first week.


Shabbat shalom

Today I was joined by these children at the tea party - congratulations to all of them for all of their efforts in class this week

This week there were even more children showing the progress that they are making in the Hebrew reading. Congratulation to all of them for their hard work

12.2.2020 - Author and illustrator Ted Dewan visits children at the EYU


The nursery and reception children had a wonderful morning when the author and illustrator Ted Dewan visited the EYU. They really enjoyed listening to some of his stories and were fascinated to see him draw the characters Bing and Flop. He was very impressed with the questions they had prepared for him and happily answered them. He also joined the reception children in the playground at break time and they were so excited to chat with him and share their thoughts. 




Happy Birthday to:


Leo who turns 7 next week.

Chloe who turns 11 next week.

Shai who turns 9 next week.

Ariella who turned 5 this week.

Emily who turns 5 next week.

Amelie who turns 10 this week.

Freddie who turned 7 this week.

Ethan who turns 5 next week.

10.2.2020 - DfE health information ahead of half-term


We have received advice from the Department for Education (DfE) regarding the Coronavirus. The overall risk of Coronavirus remains moderate. The purpose of this letter is to share the guidance that we have received with you which emphasises the importance of good hygiene.


The DfE has advised that you should not be unduly worried about the possibility of your children catching the Coronavirus and there is no reason why your children should not continue to attend school as normal.


The DfE recognise that some families or children may be planning to travel to China or affected areas during the forthcoming half-term period. Public Health England and the Foreign Office have issued advice for anyone travelling or returning from the area. This can be found at:


What action we can take


A UK wide campaign has been launched to provide clear advice on how to slow the spread of Coronavirus.  Please help to support the campaign which promotes basic hygiene practices, such as regularly washing hands and always sneezing into a tissue, to stem the spread of viruses. 


The latest information can also be found at:  


We continue to monitor the wider situation and will keep you informed of any further guidance we receive.


7th February 2020

Congratulations to the children who reached the next level in Alef Champ and to the children who joined Mrs Sharman for the tea party.

6th February 2020
Today we took part in Inside Out Day - children and staff chose to wear an item of clothing inside out to symbolise that how people look on the outside does not always mirror how they feel on the inside. £107 was raised for JAMI which supports mental health in the Jewish community.
As part of the JNF Festival of Spoken Ivrit, we were privileged to be visited today by the Israeli Orna Porat Theatre Company. Years One to Four watched a fantastic presentation of Town Mouse and Country Mouse, performed mostly in Ivrit. This was followed this afternoon for Years Five and Six with an incredible performance of Herzl, Dream come True.   The children were totally captivated by these amazing performances and thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the production as well.


Happy Birthday to:


Mia who turns 10 this week.

Sophie who turned 11 this week.

Raphy who turned 9 this week.



5.2.2020 - Hot off the press!


Our Celtic warriors return from their day out. Read the Year 3 blog later in the week to find out more about what they got up to. 


Book week


Preparations are well underway for our book week which is taking place next week. There is a book quiz, a debate, guest authors, a poetry recital and many other activities. 

JW3 is also holding a Children's Book Festival.




Here is a list of their activities. Below is a link should you wish to book any of the activities.

11.30 - 12:15   Helen Peters: Anna at War                       £6 9+   
12:00 - 12:45 Frann Preston:I am the seed that grew that tree                          £6  5+
1:00 -  1:45  Kate Pankhurst : Great women                    £6   6+  
1:30 -  2:15      Andy Stanton: Historical innacuracy Guaranteed                        £8   7+  
2:00 - 2:45   Helen Peters: An Otter Called Pebble                £6   5+  
3:00 - 3:45   Benji Davies: Meet Tad the Tadpole                £6   4+

4.2.2020 - Chaggigut Siddur


Wow! What a morning. It is events like this that leave me feeling so proud of everything that Kerem does. It was a joy to see how delighted the children were to receive their own siddur, they are so excited to use it during teffilah tomorrow. A big thank you to Mrs Roodyn, Mr Fingerhut, Morah Neta and Mrs Shannon for preparing the children for today. Thank you also to Mrs Borman, Mrs Rosenberg and Mrs Sassoon, the children’s confidence has really grown since they have been in Year 1. Final thanks must go to the parents for the time and effort they put into decorating the siddurim. I am sure the children will cherish them.


3.2.2020 E-safety evening


The many parents who attended the E-safety evening were both entertained and educated by Heather from ECP. She gave parents good advice about how to support their children to ensure that they are safe online. She was not advocating for children not being online, although there were some games and apps that she warned parents might not be as they seemed. She showed parents how to ensure security settings were at the right level and which search sites are safer alternatives to the mainstream ones. She signposted a number of good websites that parents can use, a particularly good one being one where you can type in the name of an app and it will give you all of the information you need to know if it is appropriate for your children. 


Thank you to all of the families who attended. Heather will be sending us the slides that she used and as soon as she does we will forward them on to you. If you were not able to attend, I recommend that you take the time to look through them. Thank you to Mr Moses for organising the day for the children as well as the evening for parents and to the PTA for supporting the event.





Happy Birthday to:

Samuel who turned 7 this week.

Maya who turned 5 this week.

Naomi who turned 8 this week.

Shachar who turns 8 this week.

E-safety evening


On Monday evening from 7.30pm - 9.30pm we will be holding an e-safety evening for all parents. These evenings are incredibly informative and whatever stage of internet use your child is at, there is plenty to learn. I have attended these meetings in my capacity as a member of staff and a parent and I am always astonished/terrified by what I hear and learn. We hope to fill the room and for parents to leave feeling that they have a good understanding of the range of apps and games that are available to children of all ages and how best to ensure they are safe online.  


Mazel Tov to the following children who reached the next level in Alef Champ and who joined me this morning for the tea party



Kerem has a great reputation for netball. They train hard and play harder. Before, during and after school I see girls and boys coming in from or going out to train. Today I was lucky enough to watch the Year 6 team at Brookland School and I have to say, I was blown away. The speed and accuracy in which the children moved the ball down the court was quite something. I knew they were good but they were really good! What was also lovely to see was their sporting etiquette and when, after many shots, Brookland scored, our team clapped for them. Well done to all of the children and a big thank you to Shar, Debbie and Mr Moses for the time and energy they put into training. 



Year 3 trip to The Apple Store


Year 3 had a fantastic time on their outing to the Apple Store in Brent Cross, where they took part in a special workshop using iMovie. Led by some Apple facilitators, the children chose a film genre and created their own movie trailers. The children were very enthusiastic and engaged throughout their workshop and enjoyed watching their work on a huge screen. 





The word journey can conjure many different images for us, relating to both physical and metaphorical journeys. It would appear that was also the case for our creative Year 6s as they embarked on their open homework. 


Pupils in Year 6 were asked to produce a project based on the theme of a journey. The finished products were quite spectacular and the range of topics they chose demonstrates their wide range of interests. Today, they exhibited and talked about their projects to their parents as well as pupils from Year 4 and 5. The buzz in the room was phenomenal and it was a real 'Kerem' moment that demonstrated the freedom and creativity that is encouraged and the high quality of work that is achieved. 


Kol ha Kavod Year 6 and thank you to their parents for supporting them with the work that they did. 

Tea Party 24.1.2020


Happy Birthday to:

Ashton who turns 6 this week.

Emmi who turns 7 this week.

I am thrilled to have been able to share with you the outcome of our recent ISI inspection. Below is the link to the report.





Tea Party - 17.1.2020


A new invitation was used for today's tea party. This one was designed by Lily in Year 6. Keep an eye out for any other designs that might be used. At the tea party we talk about the week that is finishing and look forward to the next week. The children tell me about something they have really enjoyed, something that they have learnt or can now do that they could not do at the beginning of the week and something that they hope to focus on next week. I love spending this time with the children and getting an insight into their week.


Today I visited Forest School with Year 4 and Reception



I am so proud of our Year 6 football teams. Not only did both teams make it to the final of the Barnet South League, with them both qualifying for the regional final, but they also won an award for good sportsmanship. 


A big thank you to Mr Moses for taking the teams. 


Well done boys!


Happy birthday to:

Rafi who turned 9 this week.



Today I was in Year 3 for the unveiling of the new ukuleles!


The children, Mr Fingerhut, Mrs Collins, Mr Portnoi and I are all very excited about the children learning to play the ukulele. I am sure that Mrs Collins will keep the Year 3 blog updated with their progress as the weeks go on. I am sure that we will have a chance to hear the children play during the summer term show. 



New Kerem Cards


Back in September, the children were invited to design greeting cards to be used by the school on different occasions. Dvorah's design was chosen and adapted for use for all occasions.


Congratulations Dvorah - we are all very excited about being able to use these new cards.





Happy Birthday to:

Freeya who turned 5 in the holiday.

Ori who turned 11 in the holiday.

Ofri who turned 6 in the holiday.

Annabelle who turned 6 in the holiday.

Nili who turned 5 in the holiday.

Jonathan who turned 5 in the holiday.

Joey who turned 4 in the holiday.

Jordan who turned 4 in the holiday.

Jamie-Anna who turned 11 in the holiday.

Samuel who turned 4 in the holiday.

Joey who turned 6 in the holiday.

Charles who turns 11 this week.

Hannah who turns 7 this week.

Eliana who turns 8 this week.

Bella who turned 8 this week.

Bronze STARS Award


As a school, we have been working towards STARS recognition. STARS is Transport for London's Sustainable Travel: Active, Responsible, Safe Programme. The travel initiative supports lowering congestion and pollution on Barnet's roads and promotes active lifestyle choices and behaviours. We have been using our daily travel tracker to assess how well we are doing. 


Achieving a bronze award is a really good start but always wanting to be the highest achievers means that we would now like to aim for the gold award. Each family can help to contribute directly to our achievement. It would be amazing if everyone who lived in the roads surrounding Norrice Lea and Kingsley Way were walking to school. For families that live further away, 'Park and Stride' is a great alternative which still promotes the values of the programme. 




Welcome back!


I hope that everyone has had a marvellous break and is ready for all of the excitement of the Spring Term.


Staff have spent the last 2 days engaged in great training, allowing for time to consider and discuss as a whole staff team, different areas of school life. There was a focus on the school development plan, maximising the impact of teaching assistants, homework, assessment, developing the use of a new Jewish/Ivrit interactive programme and the development of characteristics of learning. We are excited to share more with you about the latter on the parent evening on May 6th. 


We are all excited about what the new term will bring. Years 3 and 4 get to have their first Forest School experience of the year and Reception continue with theirs. Amongst other things we have Book Week, Internet Safety Day, Tu Bishvat, Purim, STEM week and Pesach.


Our 3 Kerem Cares committees will be busy making suggestions and improvements and our Year 6s will continue to take on their roles and responsibilities. 


I hope to be able to share the published ISI report with you in the next couple of weeks. 


Wishing everyone a great term.



End of term shows

Primary Maths Challenge 12.12.19 A very big well done to all of our winners, especially Ella who goes through to the next round

12.12.19 Year 6 sang to members of the HGSS community


Happy Birthday to:


Alexa who turned 4 this week.

Oliver who turned 5 this week.

Maya who turned 5 this week.

Ari who turned 9 this week.


Winners! Congratulations to our netball teams who came 1st and 3rd in the Maccabi Netball Tournament. What a great achievement.

More books!


Today (10/12/19), more children came to see me with their books. It was so lovely to see how keen the children are to come and show off their hard work. I can see just how hard they and their teachers have been working this term. 

Bingo Books 9.12.19


Each week, different children come to see me with their books. We have a look at the work that they have been doing in each subject, they show me work that they are proud of, they tell me about what they have been learning and we talk about how they can make improvements to their work. Today, some of the children from years 4 and 6 who have already been to Bingo books, came back to see me, to tell me how they have used the feedback to make further improvements to their work. They were very excited to show me the piece of work that they are most proud of. 





What an amazing week it has been. There is nothing better than being able to show off something you are passionate about to a group of people who are keen to hear it and I can assure you, we more than showed them everything that is wonderful about Kerem. The children were also a credit to us and you, talking confidently and enthusiastically about life and learning at school. 


I want to thank you all for your supportive words before and during the inspection. Thank you also to those parents who took the time to fill in the questionnaires. The results were mainly positive which was lovely to see. If there was a question which you answered 3 or 4 to then please do come and talk to someone at school about how you feel. 


Inspection reports are normally available in 3 working weeks which means that due to all of the December bank holidays it will probably be early January before we hear anything. As soon as the report has been published it will be available on the ISI website and we will share it with you. 


I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend.


Shabbat Shalom





Weekly Statistics - Week ending Friday 6th December



Number of children late: 39

Number of children taken out of school for an appointment: 8

Number of children out of school for a family event: 7


Number of parents who missed a security duty: 1

Tea Party 6.12.19

It was such a joy to see muddy smiley children returning from Forest School yesterday. The children are really enjoying the experiences that they are having at Forest School each week and we can really see their skills developing. You can find out what has happened each week by reading the Forest School Blog. 


Tea party 29.11.19

More Alef Champ success!

Weekly Statistics - Week ending Friday 29th November



Number of children late: 26

Number of children taken out of school for an appointment: 10

Number of children out of school for a family event: 8


Number of parents who missed a security duty: 1



This week, staff in Years 1-6 have been preparing for parents’ evening. Part of this involves all staff who teach a year group meeting together to talk about the attainment and progress of the children. Everyone discusses how the children are getting on in all areas of their learning as well as socially and emotionally. These meetings allow for great dialogue between staff and ensure that everyone has the same expectations of all pupils. From hearing the conversations, I know that you are going to be hearing valuable feedback about your children when you meet with teachers in the coming weeks. 


On Wednesday we turned purple! Thank you for supporting this initiative. We raised £323.90 which we know that Grief Encounter are very grateful for. 


As the weather is getting colder, it is important that all children have coats in school. Please check your child's coat to see that it is named and that it has a hook to hang it on. 

Weekly Statistics - Week ending Friday 22nd November



Number of children late: 12

Number of children taken out of school for an appointment: 7

Number of children out of school for a family event: 3


Number of parents who missed a security duty: 2

It was a pleasure to hand out Alef Champ certificates today. Well done to the children for doing well with their hebrew reading. Lots of other children told me how hard they are working to make progress with their reading.

I love the start of Fridays as I get to spend 20 minutes with the children who had been chosen to come to the tea party. We always talk about what has been great about the week and how children are looking to challenge themselves further next week.

Weekly Statistics - Week ending Friday 15th November



Number of children late: 23

Number of children taken out of school for an appointment: 6

Number of children out of school for a family event: 2


Number of parents who missed a security duty: 2



As part of Maths week, Mrs Collins ran a Maths quiz. Children represented their houses and it was great to see the enthusiastic buzz around Maths. There were even questions for the audience to answer too.


This morning some of our Year 6 pupils led us in a Remembrance Day ceremony. They told us about the history of Remembrance Day as well and read some poems. The whole school observed a minute's silence.


This week is Maths Week which will see the children engaging in lots of 'addition'al - pun intended - Maths activities. Maybe you can get involved at home by asking lots of number related questions or giving extra focus to an area of learning - eg number recognition, number bonds, times tables, prime numbers. The aim of the week is to engage children in maths activities outside of traditional maths lessons in order that they can see the value of maths in everyday life. I hope that they have lots of fun. Thank you to Mrs Collins who has led the staff team in the planning and preparation of this week.

10.11.19 We are all so privileged!


As I reflect on the Shabbaton, I keep coming back to one thought, and that is how privileged we all are. Although the experiences of the weekend highlighted it, the reality is that we are blessed every day.


The staff are privileged to have the opportunity to work with children and families who are enthusiastic and committed to learning and exciting new experiences. This weekend, parents were generous enough to trust us with giving their children a wonderful Shabbat experience away from home, being cared for by staff. The children engaged fully in their experiences, letting themselves be looked after by their teachers, who, in their words "are very different out of school!"


Similarly, our children and families are privileged to have staff who will go over and above to offer great experiences for pupils. To leave their own families for a weekend to be with the children speaks volumes about their care, commitment and dedication to the children and the families of Kerem School and I would like to take this moment to thank them all. 


With such a strong staff, parent and pupil team, it is no wonder that Kerem is a wonderful school. 

Shavua tov from everyone at the Shabbaton

We have spent an amazing shabbat together. The ruach has been wonderful and great fun has been had. Before making havdalah the children reflected on their favourite part of shabbat and it was very special to hear many of them reflect on the learning and davening that they have done together. Now for our motzei shabbat activities and hopefully a little more sleep than last night! 

Shabbat shalom



The weeks seem to be flying by and the fog this morning was a gentle reminder that winter is just around the corner. Please remember to send your children with appropriate clothing for the colder days.


The children have all been working hard and as I have visited each class I can see how their learning behaviours are developing and their focus and effort is increasing each week. Every week I meet a child from each class and they have an opportunity to show me their books. If you ask them about this, they will know it as Bingo Books. It is a great opportunity for them to show me how hard they have been working and how their skills and knowledge are increasing week on week.


This weekend sees our Year 4 and 5 children along with some very excited members of staff heading off to the Shabbaton. Spending Shabbat with your friends is very special and I know we are going to have a great time. I look forward to telling you all about it next week!


Thank you to those of you who have supported the poppy appeal. The Head Prefects enjoyed the opportunity to organise a rota for selling poppies for this great cause. You will see that an email has been sent out about the Camp Simcha toy drive. I know how generous everyone is and how lucky the children who receive the gifts are. 


Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.



I was joined by these children at the tea party today. They were telling me the different curriculum areas that they are feeling more confident in this week.

This week I was lucky enough to be at the EYU in time for Reception’s Shabbat Party

Children created a news reel at coding club this week

Still image for this video

Weekly Statistics - Week ending Friday 8th November



Number of children late: 12

Number of children taken out of school for an appointment: 6

Number of children out of school for a family event: 2


Number of parents who missed a security duty: 0

Steve McQueen: Year 3 Project at Tate Britain


Last year our current Year 4s took part in a special art project for Turner prize-winning artist Steve McQueen. He undertook a large scale project to capture a glimpse of the capital's future, a hopeful portrait of a generation to come. You can read more about the project here.


A photograph of the class was taken and this has been put together with thousands of other class photos to create a single large-scale installation. The exhibition can be seen at Tate Britain between 12th November 2019 -3rd May 2020. These photos can also be seen on large billboards across London so if you see one of our children then please take a photo and send it into school.



PaJeS, together with the Jewish News, are delighted to announce the launch of the Jewish School Awards 2020. Taking place on 11th February 2020, we will be celebrating five years of this prestigious event.


Awards Categories

The last four years have seen teachers and non-teaching staff recognised in four categories. The 2020 awards will differ as they feature three new categories, focusing on collaboration in both primary and secondary education.  We would like to encourage you to urge your staff, colleagues, parents and students to nominate their teachers.

There are three categories in total and in each one, an award will be made both to a primary and a secondary school.  


Curriculum Collaboration Award
Collaboration between Jewish studies and secular studies

This award will recognise a team of Jewish or Ivrit studies and secular studies teachers who have implemented a joint initiative that has enriched teaching and learning across both Jewish and secular curriculum areas.

Beyond the Classroom Award
Learning about the wider community

This award will recognise a teacher or group of teachers who have initiated a programme that takes students out of the classroom in order to offer them a broader range of learning experiences.  This could include engagement with the wider community and initiatives that have contributed to a deeper understanding of British values.

Volunteer Award
Honouring school-based volunteering

This award will recognise an individual or group of volunteers, governors, parents or others, who are not employed by the school but who have significantly contributed and improved aspects of school life. 


If you feel that you would like to nominate anyone for any of these catergories then please click on the link below which will take you directly to the Pajes website.

1.11.19 These are the children who joined me at the tea party this week

Weekly Statistics - Week ending Friday 1st November



Number of children late: 5

Number of children taken out of school for an appointment: 8

Number of children out of school for a family event: 3


Number of parents who missed a security duty: 0

29.10.19 Today I visited Immanuel College and was lucky enough to have a catch up with ex Kerem pupils who are now in Year 7.

The children were very excited to play on the new equipment in the playground

Weekly Statistics - Week ending Friday 25th October



Number of children late: 6

Number of children taken out of school for an appointment:2

Number of children out of school for a family event: 15


Number of parents who missed a security duty: 0

Pupil Voice


I am passionate about children making a meaningful contribution to school life. This year we have moved from all Year 6 pupils being a prefect to having a smaller number. Anyone who wanted to be considered for the role needed to fill in a detailed application about the attributes that they would bring to the role.  


In addition to this, we have expanded our school council into 3 groups, each with a specific purpose. We will be focusing on community, charity and the environment. Children who wanted to be in these councils needed to present a manifesto and were voted by children in the class. 


I am thrilled to announce children who are going to be representing the student body this year are.


Year 6 Prefects 2019/2020


Head Prefects

Chloe G




JS Prefects





Library Prefects





Office Prefects





Sport Prefects





Technology Prefects







Kerem Cares Committees




Tikkun Olam

Year 1

Ofri A








Year 2











Year 3











Year 4



Ella Bracha








Year 5

Mia B. 







Mia C



Year 6TS











Year 6W









11.10.19 - I was joined at the tea party by these children

Weekly Statistics - Week ending Friday 11th October



Number of children late: 17

Number of children taken out of school for an appointment: 4

Number of children out of school for a family event: 13


Number of parents who missed a security duty: 0

Thursday 10th October

Today Mr Moses took a large squad to the Barnet Cross Country Heat 1 event. There were between 70 and 90 participants in each race from over 35 schools.


Our runners did extremely well in the tough 1 mile course, with one Y6 boy qualifying to represent Barnet which is a great achievement.  Stay tuned to see where the school came overall. 

Thursday 10th October


Today parents from Years 1 and 2 were invited to join their children at Forest School. I was lucky enough to get to the Year 2 session. 



At Kerem, a short week is no less busy than a regular week. I had an opportunity to get into every class this week and the children were all working hard. I saw children in a range of classes learning about Yom Kippur and could see how their knowledge progresses as they move up the school. I saw children creating non-fiction texts, other learning how to use their iPads to record their learning and a comprehension lesson being based on a video. Year 5 and 6 pupils participated in a Shakespeare workshop, really bringing their learning to life.


Democracy was also in action this week with children from Year 1 to Year 6 standing for a position on our new school councils. The councils are all going under the umbrella Kerem Cares and will give pupils a chance to have a real influence on decisions made at school. In addition to this, many Year 6 pupils have submitted their application forms for the position of prefect or Head prefect. All of these positions will be announced next week.


Wishing you Shabbat Shalom



Weekly Statistics - Week ending Friday 4th October



Number of children late: 15

Number of children taken out of school for an appointment: 2

Number of children out of school for a family event: 11


Number of parents who missed a security duty: 1

Tea Party and Lower School Kabbalat Shabbat

3.10.19 Today I saw the amazing collaboration and determination at Forest School. I was with Reception as they used flints to create sparks and fires.

Friday 27th September

This week has flown by and I can't quite believe that the next time we come to school it will be October!


I am fast learning that in this role, no two days are the same! I have spent plenty of time in the office, working my way through policies and paperwork in order to develop a clear strategic development plan which will enable the Strategic Leadership Team, the Leadership Team and the rest of the staff, to implement good practice moving the school to the next stages of its success. 


'Pupil Voice' is really important to me and I am keen for the children to feel that they have a real impact on the school. This week also saw the launch of our new Kerem Cares school council structure and we are looking forward to announcing these groups after Yom Kippur and getting them started after Succot. We also gave out applications to Year 6 pupils for the role of prefect. Any pupil who wants to be considered for the role of prefect or Head Prefect needs to complete a detailed application form. We also gave the children the chance to design a new invite for the tea party as well as design greeting cards which can be sent to members of the community whether they have a birthday, a Simcha, bereavement or any other reason. I will be posting the winning designs on this blog when they have been chosen.


I have also spent time with every class this week, even going swimming with Year 3 and 4. In every class I found children who were engaged in learning, teachers who were delivering exciting lessons and assistants who were supporting teaching and learning. 


A highlight of my week was stepping out of my office in time to see the Year 2 children heading off to Forest School, with their wellie boots and bright smiles. It might have been raining but it did not dampen their spirits. 


Please take a moment to reflect on the statistics of the week and think about what you can do to avoid lateness, leaving school for appointments and missed security duties. 


I want to take this opportunity to wish you and all of your families, shana tova umetuka with only health and happiness for 5780 



Weekly Statistics - Week ending Friday 27th September



Number of children late: 14

Number of children taken out of school for an appointment: 9

Number of children out of school for a family event: 3


Number of parents who missed a security duty: 1

27.9.19 - It has been a busy day...Schlihot, Kabbalat Shabbat and Tea party!

I had a lovely treat today, Thursday 26th September, when some Year 4 pupils came to show me the Rosh Hashana artwork that they had completed

20th September - 3 of the highlights of my week!

Weekly statistics - week ending 20th September


Each week I am going to share the statistics of the number of children who have been late to school, left school for an appointment or have been absent from school for an event. Please remember, without your children here, it will be hard for us to maintain the high standards that I promised.


I am also including the number of missed security duties as these are vital to the safety of our community 


Number of children late: 10

Number of children taken out of school for an appointment: 7

Number of children out of school for an event:


Number of parents who missed a security duty: 2

Kabbalat Shabbat

Today I had lunch with Reception

Tea party 13.9.2019


It was really exciting to host my first tea party this morning. The children talked to everyone about why they had been chosen to come to the tea party. They then shared something that they had enjoyed in school this week.



What a week!


It has been a great few days back at school. 


The Nursery team have enjoyed meeting families at home visits and the Reception team have enjoyed meeting children and their parents at the EYU.


Children from Years 1-6 got straight into their learning and 3 classes even had their first trip to Forest School.


I was lucky enough to be invited to a chocolate tasting lesson in Year 4 and got to experience two ruach filled Kabbalat Shabbats. Kol ha Kavod to the children who helped to lead those.


Don’t forget to have a look at the different class blogs to find out more about what the children have been up to.


Shabbat Shalom

Ms Simon

4.9.19 - WELCOME BACK!


There has been a fantastic buzz around school today. The day started with whole school teffilah and the ruach of Adon Olam was just amazing. The children then spent the day finding out about new routines in their classrooms, the playground and the dining room. I am sure that they have lots to tell you about.


I would like to thank everyone for their warm wishes for the start of the new year, I have been really touched by them. I look forward to working closely with all of you this year. 

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