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w/c 08/03/21 -בְּרוּכִים הַבׇּאִים - Pronounced 'Broochim HaBa-eem' - Used widely in Israel meaning 'Welcome'. Look out for this phrase when you come into school. 

w/c 7/12/20 -אַהְלָן - Pronounced 'Alaan' - Used colloquially to mean 'Heyyy' in Israel. Originates from the Arabic word 'Ahalan' meaning 'hi' - you are like family'. 


w/c 30/11/20 -נוּ כְּבָר - 'Come on Already' - Used colloquially to mean 'Get on with it'. Some people use נוּ on its own - 'Come On!' 


w/c 23/11/20 -חֲבָל עַל הַזְּמַן - 'Chaval Al HaZman' - Literally means ‘Shame about the Time' (used colloquially to either mean 'don't waste your time' or the complete opposite, 'Unbelievable/Fantastic') 


w/c 09/11/20 -בָּאלָגָן - 'Balagan' - ‘Mess'/‘Chaos' (used colloquially to describe a mess or a messy situation) 

w/c 19/10/20 -לֺא נוֹרָא - 'Lo Norah' - ‘Never mind'/‘It’s not so bad'/‘It doesn’t matter’(used colloquially to console someone and make them feel better) 

w/c 12/10/20 -תַּכְלֶס - 'Tachless' - ‘The Point is...'/The bottom line' (stems from the Yiddish word Tachlit', now used colloquially to mean anything from 'the point is' to 'get to the point', 'the bottom line is..', 'let's just say it as it is'). 


w/c 04/10/20 -יָאללָה - 'Yaahla' - ‘Come On' (stems from the Arabic word 'Ya-ahla', now used colloquially to mean anything from 'come on' to 'let's go', 'ok', 'right', 'no way'). 


w/c 28/9/20 -תִתְחַדֵש /תִתְחַדְשִי - 'Titchadesh/Titchadshee - ‘Wish you well for something new' (a word used to bless someone who has something new including clothing, a toy, a house, a pet etc). 

w/c 21/9/20 - בְּרֹגֶז - שֹׁלֶם - 'Brogez-Sholem' - 'Argue-Make up' (used colloquially to make 'peace' after an argument. A typical rhyme after a fight would be 'שֹׁלֶם שֹׁלֶם לְעוֹלָם בְּרֹגֶז בְּרֹגֶז אַף פַּעַם' - 'make up make up forever, argue argue never'


w/c 14/9/20 - סַבָּבָּה - Sababa - Cool/OK great! (used colloquially to 'agree' and show everything is ok)


w/c 7/9/20 - בְּתֵאָבוֹן - B'teh'avon - Good Appetite (used when someone is eating to wish them a healthy appetite to enjoy their food)

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