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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


We are Year 5, the only double year group in the school! We look forward to sharing with you what we have been doing each week. 


Year 5 is a really important year, as the children head towards Year 6 and most importantly in the direction of deciding whether they are going to sit for a selective schools. 


Coming up in only a couple of months we have one of the highlights of Year 5, the Shabbaton. Very soon we are going on an outing to the Tate Britain as part of Artishrei during Chol Ha'moed Sukkot. In November we will visiting the Houses of Parliament.


We will be updating the blog on a regular basis. This blog will be used for a number of purposes.


  • to share photos of your children in their lessons or doing special activities.
  • to update you on the events of the week (in the style of previous class newsletters.)
  • to give you messages or reminders


Minimally, it will be updated once a week, on a Friday so please get into the habit of checking it each weekend. It may be updated more often so feel free to look more regularly.



Barnet Virtual Skipping Challenge

Click the link below to see the Year 5 Ivrit Blog
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Awards we have achieved so far.