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Class Blog 18th September 2020


We can’t quite believe the beautiful weather we have had this week, we hope that you have all had some time to enjoy it.


The children were so excited to receive their iPads this week! We have enjoyed using them in some of our lessons and look forward to extending our use of them. 


We have been working hard in our handwriting sessions and general presentation of work is gradually improving. Some of the children are working on general letter formation and others on some handwriting joins, and our challenge is to ensure that everything we do in our handwriting lessons is showing through in the children’s general writing.


In English we read chapter 2 of The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark and discussed why the old lady felt that dark is kind. We then looked at the title for chapter 3, Dark is Fun, and the children wrote their own prediction of who Plop might meet in this chapter, and why they feel that dark is fun. Next week we will continue reading the text and using it to learn about dialogue and speech punctuation.


In Maths this week we learned about numbers to 1000, focusing on the place value of each digit and the importance of zero as a place holder, for example in the number 508. We have also been working hard on our reasoning skills, so that the children are able to explain what they know and refer to their Maths knowledge in their reasoning. This is a very tricky skill so we will be doing a lot of work on this throughout the year.


In Geography we learned about coordinates, identifying the locations of various countries and seas on the world map. It was challenging work but the children did such a good job!


In Science we explored what having a ‘balanced diet’ means. We identified different food items which belong to each of the 5 food groups and completed a food pyramid to display our understanding. 


We have worked hard to set up our reading system and hope it will run smoothly. Please check the front cover of your child’s reading record to see their allocated reading day. Reading folders must be in school on that day, when your child will be read with and have the opportunity to have their book changed if needed. Please make sure that all reading folders are at school on Monday so that we can write the reading days on the reading records. 


Well done to all the children for their homework last week. A couple of requests, please make sure that all photos submitted are rotated to be the right way before uploading. Secondly, there is no need to send the homework books in to school, so please ensure these stay at home so that the children aren't needlessly carrying them back and forth.


We wish you all a Shana Tova, may it be a very happy and healthy one.


Shabbat Shalom,


Mrs Collins, Mrs Kanzen and Mr Portnoi

Forest school - We made leather pouches and tie dyed materials!

Monday 14th September


We would like to do a collage activity in Art on Friday in honour of Rosh Hashanah. If you have any coloured magazines, catalogues or newspapers that you are no longer in need of, please send them in to school for your child to use. Many thanks!

Friday 11th September 2020


We have really enjoyed our first week with the children, getting to know them and setting off on their Year 3 learning journey. Thank you for joining us at the ‘Meet the Teacher’ meeting on Tuesday night, we hope you found it informative and helpful. Key points about homework are summarised below.


This week in Maths we started our new unit- Place Value. Knowledge and understanding of place value in numbers, for example understanding that the digit 1 in the number 153 represents one hundred, or that the number 351 is a different (higher) number despite using the same digits, underpins all other areas of number, so we will spend as much time on this unit as the children need. 


In English we then began our new class text, The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark, in which Plop, a baby barn owl, explores his fear of the dark and listens to the advice of those around him to see the dark in different ways. Before reading chapter 1, we discussed our own fears, why Plop might be afraid of the dark, and thought of ways to convince him not to be afraid. We discussed the role of nouns (person, object, animal or place) and adjectives (words used to describe nouns, including colours) in sentences. Please ask your child to identify any nouns or adjectives they find in their reading, or when you read aloud to them. We also learned about alliteration, when the initial sound of words in a  phrase is repeated, and wrote our own paragraphs describing Plop using some examples of this, such as ‘fluffy feathers’. 

Each child has been given a copy of the text so that they can answer their homework comprehension questions. We would really appreciate your support in ensuring that these are looked after well and brought back to school each day so that the children have them for lessons. Thank you!


We had such a lovely art lesson where we made a first draft of sketching owls. The children did a brilliant job! We talked about drawing skills such as looking carefully and sketching. We used the lesson as an opportunity to discuss growth mindset and moving away from expecting perfection the very first time we try something and then giving up. Next week we will use what we have learned to make a pencil drawing of a barn owl.


In our Geography lesson we started our new unit- All Around the World. Key vocabulary discussed included globe, Equator, Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere. We wrote a list of countries in each hemisphere and along the equator, looking at a world map. We then chose one country from the Northern Hemisphere, one country from the Southern Hemisphere and one country on the Equator and wrote a brief fact file about them, with information such as official language, population and average rainfall. The children showed real enthusiasm for Geography and we are looking forward to next week's lesson.


In Science, the children started a new topic called Animals Including Humans. We learnt about the difference between herbivores, omnivores and carnivores and began to classify different animals within these groups. 


Our first session of Forest School was fantastic! The children had a great time. Have a look at our photos to see the different things we created.


The JS team asks that all Alef Champ books taken home last year are returned to school as soon as possible. If you have mislaid your book, £4 will be added to your school bill. Many thanks!



Homework will be set on Google Classroom on Friday afternoons and should be submitted on Google Classroom by the following Wednesday. We have provided each child with a Maths Book and an English book for them to complete their work in. You can print off the homework sheets if you wish, or your child can look at the digital version without printing it. As discussed on Tuesday evening, we will be focussing on handwriting and presentation of written work at school, so we ask that you support this in making sure that homework is presented neatly. If this takes a while and means that your child is not able to fully complete the work from concentrating on this then we completely understand, please just add a comment on the Classroom to let us know. You will find some information about presentation expectations for English and Maths at the front of the exercise books we have sent home. We aim to set homework that provides practice or revision for skills learned in class. Children should spend 20 minutes on each piece of work. Many thanks for your support.

Spelling homework will be set every Thursday and tested on the following Thursday.


We have now read with all of the children and provided them with a reading folder, reading journal and reading book. We aim to read with each child and change their reading book at least once a week.


Well done if you have managed to read this post all the way until this point, we promise that we are not planning to include this much detail every week.


Our email address is , please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you need.


Shabbat Shalom,


Mrs Collins, Mrs Kanzen and Mr Portnoi

Maths in Year 3. Have a look at the different resources we’ve been using.

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