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Ma Yesh baGina- ‘What is in the Garden?’ in Ivrit

June 2022 - Nursery class meeting ‘yeladim me Yisrael’ online and playing on the interactive game ‘Ivrit mSviv LaOlam’

May 2022 - The children have learned about the Degel (flag) in Kachol VLavan (blue and white)

April 2022 - Nursery children learning words for Pesach in Ivrit

March 2022 - Nursery children have started learning about the season Aviv (Spring) and the flowers in the garden ‘Prachim Ba Gina' פְּרַחִים בַּגִינָה

March 2022 - Purim fun in Ivrit in Nursery

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March 2022 - Book Week in Ivrit. The children listened to a story about Pinuki who went to Nursery - פִּנוּקִי הוֹלֵךְ לַגָן

January 2022 - Nursery children are learning the song for Tu Bishvat in Ivrit

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December 2021 - Chanukah in Nursery in Ivrit. The children learnt the vocabulary נֵר, חֲנוּכִּיָה, סְבִיבוֹן . They learnt about how family - מִשְפַּחַה celebrate Chanukah.

October 2021- Nursery children are having fun playing ‘musical statues’ stopping only to greet each other in Ivrit - Shalom, Naim Meod


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Nursery children have learnt how to greet each other in Ivrit - Shalom, Lehitraot.

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