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June 2023 - the children used Ivrit M’Sviv La’Olam interactive program to learn about colours in Ivrit.


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May 2023 - the children learnt the Ivrit vocabulary for Yom Yerushalayim. They learn about the city - הַרִים, חוֹמָה, מִגְדָלִים, כֺּתֶל They listened to the story זֺאת יְרוּשָלָיִם

April 2023 - Yom HaAtsmaut and learning about Israel. The children in Reception visited cities in Israel and discovered their different characteristics using the interactive program Ivrit MSviv LaOlam.

April 2023 - The children have been preparing for Yom HaAtsmaut this week by learning the songs ‘Kachol vLavan’ (Blue and White) and looking at the map of Israel and some cities they might have heard of in Ivrit.

March 2023 - Learning about the season אַבִיב - Aviv- Spring and Pesach greetings in Ivrit. חַג שֺמֵחַ

February 2023- Purim in Reception in Ivrit. The children have learn the words for ‘מׇסֶכׇה' - mask. And רָעַשַן - Noise Maker, מֶלֶךְ, מַלְכָּה - King, Queen.

W/C 16/01/23 Book week in Ivrit. The children learnt the story about Magafayim - מׇגׇפַיִם - Boots. They listened to the story and learnt the colours in Ivrit.

W/C 12/1/23 The children used the interactive Ivrit programme - Ivrit MSviv La Olam and were introduced to the ‘yeladim mYisrael’. They learned about people from different countries and their flags. They decorated their own flags of Israel

W/C 5/12/22. The children learnt all about the activities that Benzi did with Emma at home. Benzi had a few words to say to the children about his experience...

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5/12/22. The children have started learning words for Chanukah. They practised saying סוּפְגָנִיָה (sufganiya- donut) and talked in Ivrit about how they like it (עִם רִיבָּה?) -with jam?

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W/C 28/11/22 The children in Reception sang a song for the rain גֶשֶם this week.

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W/C 14/11/2022 The children started taking Benzi home and sharing with the class in Ivrit their experiences.

They are continuing to learn about Stav - Autumn on the game Ivrit M-Sviv LaOlam

W/C 31/10/2022. The children started learning the vocabulary for the season סְתָיו - Autumn in Ivrit and learnt about the special Israeli bird נֲחַלִאֵלִי and the flowers that grow in Israel during this season - חַצַבִים

The children have enjoyed using the interactive white board on the program Ivrit MeSaviv LaOlam. They met ‘Podi’ and his family who only speak Ivrit!

The children are learning the verb אוֹמֵר/אוֹמֶרֶת (say) to make sentences using the greeting words they have learnt in Ivrit.

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W/C 19/09/22 In Reception this week the children learnt the colours of the ‘Rimon’ (adom) and the ‘Tapuach’ (yarok)


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W/C 12/09/22. The children in Reception learnt to sing the song שׇנׇה טוֹבׇה and greet each other when it is Rosh Hashanah. They revised some basic words from last year such as אִמׇא, אׇבׇּא, סׇבׇּא, סׇבְתָא, יְלׇדִים, יְלׇדוֹת...

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