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Kerem's Core Principles of Learning

Kerem’s Core Principles of Learning


Our commitment to our learners

Kerem pupils experience a nurturing, engaging, and joyful learning environment. They are supported to grow through a purposeful, ambitious, researched, and innovative curriculum. We build our curriculum on the three core principles: 


  • Myself and my personal value
  • My faith and my community
  • My understanding of the world and my role within it


Myself and my value - Holistic education 

The development of the whole child is integral to successful outcomes for our pupils. We acknowledge that to achieve academic excellence and to be an inward and outward-looking person, with a positive sense of self, it is key to develop the whole child. This ensures that we have limitless aspirations for our pupils and that they have the same for themselves.


This includes but is not limited to:

  • Character curriculum (Kerem Characteristics)
  • PSHE, personal development (emotional literacy) and wellbeing curriculum
  • Middot curriculum
  • A culture of belonging and care 


My faith and my community - Jewish and Israel education 

Jewish and Israel education at Kerem both explicitly and implicitly deepens a pupil’s understanding, love of their faith, and connection to HaShem. This supports them to develop a sense of their place in the Jewish community, Israel, and in the wider world. 


This includes but is not limited to:

  • Jewish Studies curriculum
  • A meaningful connection to Israel
  • A living Jewish culture
  • Making connections between Judaism and the wider curriculum
  • Festival celebrations
  • Nurturing pupils to be proud of and confident in their faith in the wider world


My understanding of the world and my role within it - Knowledge and skills education 

We have high aspirations for all children regardless of prior attainment, and academic rigour is at the heart of what we do. The curriculum is carefully crafted to be coherent, developing knowledge, skills and understanding of big ideas over time. Our curriculum is a living document and is responsive and relevant to the needs of our community and the wider world. 


This includes but is not limited to:

  • High standards of teaching, learning and achievement
  • The value attached to every subject in its own right 
  • Positively challenging learning environment
  • Beautiful and enriching learning opportunities both in the taught and extra curricular curriculums


Interconnectivity of the three principles is what gives education at Kerem purpose and makes it unique.


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