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May 2022 - Picnic BaPark Lag BaOmer Fun.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

May 2022 - Taste testing in Ivrit. Year 4 have learnt all the flavours and tried a variety of foods whilst blindfolded. They had fun trying to work out what the food was (especially פִּלְפֶּל חַרִיף - chilli pepper!)

April 2022 - Year 4 are now able to make sentences using the infinitive verb לֵאֶכֺל - To Eat, לִשְתוֺת - To Drink. They worked out the sentence structure from scrambled words.

March 2022 - Book Week in Ivrit. The children read the book ‘הַכִּיסִים שֶל עַנׇתִי' They were familiar with many words from previous topics and enjoyed the story.

January 2022 - The children in Year 4 are now able to describe what is in their pencil case - קׇלְמָר including colours. Some children created their own pencil case and made oral presentations in Ivrit describing what is inside.

November 22nd 2021 - IVRIT TEST בֵּית הַסֵּפֶר שֶׁלִּי - My School. Please see the 'Topic Vocabulary' tab for vocabulary to revise. 

November 2021 - Chag HaSigd and the Beta Yisrael community (see Ivrit page - Whole School Events - for more details). The children compared life in Ethiopia and Israel for the Beta Yisrael community, looking at food, language, dress and homes. They focused on the traditional food of the Beta Yisrael community and made ‘Dabo’ (Ethiopian Challah bread)

October 2021 - Year 4 have started learning the topic of בֵּית הַסֶפֶר שֶלִי and learning the subjects and the days of the week for a timetable. They practised saying some of the subjects that they learn on Tuesday - יוֹם שְלִישִי.

September 2021 - Year 4 have been reading the book ‘What We’ll Build Together’ in Ivrit - ‘מָה שֶנִבְנֶה יַחַד'. They have been focusing on the word חָלוֹם - ‘Dream’ and created beautiful hot air balloons - כָּדוּר אֲוִיר writing their חֲלוֹם inside. They wrote their dreams for the world and dreams for themselves in Ivrit.

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