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Have a look at the different houses we have at Kerem and view the LIVE points total for this term.



Hadassah is a hospital in Israel where there are over 1,000,000 patients.  There are also  1,300 beds and 45 operating theatres. There are two hospitals in the world called Hadassah Hospital. The Hadassah hospital in Israel was established in 1934. Hadassah is also a medical organisation. The other hospital was established in 1912 in NYC. In 1918 Haddasah established the American Zionist medical unit it was managed by 45 medical professionals.


In 1919 Haddasah organised the first school hygiene department in Palestine to give routine health examinations to Jerusalem school kids. The Hadassah Medical Center is the largest hospital in Jerusalem. In 1926 Haddasah established the first tuberculosis treatment center in Israel.


By the Hadassah House Captains



Alyn is a hospital in Jerusalem, located next to Kerem. The Alyn hospital caters to physically challenged and disabled children, adolescents and young adults.


The Alyn Hospital was founded in 1932 by an American orthopedist, Dr. Henry Keller, who dedicated his life to voluntary work amongst physically challenged children in Jerusalem.


Alyn is a private, nonprofit facility and treats all patients, regardless of religious belief, nationality or ethnic beliefs.


By the Alyn House Captains



Laniado is a hospital in Netanyahu, Israel. It was opened in 1976 by Rabbi Yekusiel Yehuda. It is also known as the Sanz Medical Center. It is known as the only hospital in Israel that has never closed due to a strike. It has 430 beds. Laniado is the only medical hospital in Netanyahu. Laniado contains a 3 story Geriatric and Rehabilitation Center. 

Hospital Laniado is provided with all new medical equipment. Treatment rooms and hospital wards are equipped so that the stay of the patients was comfortable. This is especially important for foreign nationals. Laniado maintains a huge ambulatory care program in general medicine, pediatrics and women’s health. Besides the hospital’s impeccable medical/surgical departments and units, diagnostic, therapeutic, and research facilities, the growing Laniado Medical Complex includes a three-story Geriatric and Rehabilitation Center, an award-winning School of Nursing, a state-of-the-art Children’s Hospital, and an all-inclusive Diabetes Center.


By the Laniado House Captains



Rambam is a hospital in Israel. It is located in Bat Galim, Haifa. The hospital opened in 1938 and is open for 24 hours. It has over 1000 beds, 80,000 people are hospitalized there every year, and another 600,000 are treated. It is the largest medical center in northern Israel and the fifth largest in northern Israel. The Rambam hospital has helped over 2 million residents of the north of Israel. There are 5260 employees. In 2018, 251,969 unique patients treated, 729,578 outpatient visits, and 4,931 births.


By the Rambam House Captains

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