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Nursery end of year picnic. Releasing the butterflies.

Nursery Graduation. You were all amazing and made us all so proud.


Observing our caterpillars
Symmetrical butterflies
Giant fruit
Planting sunflower seeds

Caterpillar watch

Still image for this video

Wow what a busy week we have had, with Sports day kicking off the week. All the children enjoyed taking part in the different activities and receiving their medals. This week the children have been enjoying learning about mini beasts. They made creepy crawlies; went on a mini beast hunt and voted for their favourite bug. The children have been observing their caterpillars to see how much they have grown. The children really had a fantastic Forest school experience, they went on a bug hunt; built a den for some furry friends; used some new tools including a saw and drill; made natural necklaces and bracelets and most importantly had a great deal of fun! In Phonics, we have focused on the letters g and o and next week we will be looking at c/k and e, please encourage your children to sing the songs and make the actions. We are expecting some lovely weather next week, please apply sun cream to your child and send in their sunhats.



Our Week in pictures

Counting my tsedakah
Story time
Playing puppies
Walking on stilts
Making a birthday cake
Blowing bubbles
My caterpillar
Looking for bugs
I found a slug!
Building a den
Drilling my wood
My natural necklace
Making jewellery
Looking for woodlice
Bug mezuzah

Forest School

Still image for this video

We had great fun on our second Forest School adventure.

Some very hungry caterpillars!

We had such an amazing time at our first Sports day.

Saying our Bracha before eating our strawberries.

Still image for this video

Picking strawberries and homegrown lettuce


Forest School

Still image for this video

Forest School

Still image for this video

We had an amazing time at Forest School today.


This week the children have enjoyed learning about Shavuot. The children painted flowers in a variety of ways and with a variety of media; made flower crowns and some delicious cheesecake.

In Phonics we learnt the n and m sound please make sure to send in objects for our circle time. Next week on Tuesday we will be learning d and on Thursday we will introduce the g sound.

In PE the children have been preparing for Sports Day practising using a variety of equipment.

In Music we have begun learning songs for our End of year show, which will be on the morning of 5 th July.  Please can all parents who have not voted on the doodle  for their preferred date for our end of year picnic, please do so by this weekend. 

Next week we will have our first Forest school session on Thursday, please ensure your children are dressed appropriately with the correct footwear and waterproof jacket. 


Colour mixing
Making challah
Monster maths- 2D shape game
Colour mixing
Happy flower challah
Gingerbread man challah
Reading in the library
Making flower challah for Shavuot.
Looking at the snail through the magnifine glass.
kabbalat Shabbat.
Davening in Shul.

Nursery Tikkun /Shavuot

Writing our own recipes in the mud kitchen.

Tapping to the beat of the music.
Writing our name.
Spelling out CVC words.
Making sums using the Numicom.
Showings objects for the weekly sound learnt.

Making play dough.

Grass heads


Practising my number formation
Pollock spaghetti
Spaghetti art
Blow art
Library story time
Balancing skills
Balance beam
Making an aeroplane
Flying to Israel



This week the children explored the Artists Jackson Pollock and Pablo Picasso, they used a variety of media to  create their own abstract pieces of art. The children listened to Jazz during their Music Lesson and we discussed how the music made us feel ; the children had the opportunity to accompany the music using a variety of instruments and movements. In P.E. the children continued practising for our upcoming sports day and were assessed on their physical ability. The children focussed on their throwing skills (including javelin, discus, balls) and jumping hurdles. In Phonics, the children learnt the sound p and i, after half term we will be learning n and m. Please encourage your children to tell you the sound, the action and sing the song corresponding to the new sounds learnt so far. We hope you have a lovely half- term and see you all in June. 

Lag Ba’omer Picnic

Picnic in the park
Picnic in the park
Picnic in the park
Picnic in the park
Picnic in the park


This week the children learnt about the artists Kandinsky and Matisse, they made their own interpretation of Circles using a variety of media. They painted Matisse flowers and explored painting with scissors. This week in P.E. the children continued to prepare for our upcoming Sports day (17th June). In Jewish studies, the children learnt about Lag Ba’Omer and made colourful kites, heard stories and sang songs. Emphasising how to be a good friend and modelling friendly language . In Music, we played ‘Statues’ and musical chairs. In Phonics, we discussed the sounds, letters and actions we have learnt so far and encouraged the children to write the letters or words containing them.

Fizzy art

Scientist at work
I want to mske an explosion!
Making signs for the vegetable garden.
Making moon sand.
Making signs for the vegetable garden.
Fizzy Art
Making signs for the vegetable garden.
Painting flowers in the style of Matisse.
Making a collage in the style of Matisse.
practising our cutting skills.
Drawing with candles and then painting over.
Being a great helper doing the washing up.


Planting grass heads
Planting seeds
Making a card
Children learnt about opposites by playing a game
Kandinsky circles
Phonics letter formation
Loving yourselves Omer activity
Musical statues music lesson
Yoga and Mindfullness
Kandinsky collage
Ivrit lesson- Yom Ha’atzmaut.
Ivrit lesson- Yom Ha’atzmaut.
Making 2 colour patterns.
Making 2 and 3 colour patterns.



This week we continued our pirate theme;  the children designed and built pirate ships, made telescopes and constructed a pirate ship. During PE, the children practised their hurdle technique and javelin throwing as well as playing the ‘Shark Attack’ game. On Thursday we celebrated Yom Ha’atzmaut with Reception. The children waved flags, made hamsa hands, wrote notes to Hashem, painted the Kotel and made Israeli salad. The children also enjoyed a Stretch and Grow session with an Israeli theme. They learnt about the different muscles in our bodies and performed a variety of movements using them eg. Gluteus maximums, obliques, triceps, biceps, hamstring, calf and abdominals. Please ask your children to use them over the weekend! Please look at our key information page for upcoming important dates in the diary.

Yom Haatzmut



This week we began our Pirate theme. The children made treasure maps , telescopes and handprint pirate paintings. We taught the children some pirate themed tunes and played an action game. Please can all children come in in blue and white on Thursday for Yom Haatzmut  and could each child bring a pound.We would like to remind parents that all boys need to wear a kosher Tzitzit when at school. In P.E. the children practised using a javelin and were introduced to hurdles. In Jewish studies the children learnt about Lag b’omer and made handprint bonfires. The children were told the story of Rabbi Akiva and l learnt the importance of loving our friends the way we love ourselves.





We have had such a lovely Spring term! This week, we continued preparing for Pesach. The children completed their Pesach counting books and made “matza” crowns. We were delighted that so many parents were able to join us for our Pesach workshop. We had so much fun! The children loved joining in with the activities and songs. We would like to thank you for your generosity in supporting our EYU sale of school-grown vegetables and flowers. The children helped to plant, water and harvest all our produce as well as making the signs and preparing the stalls. We raised over £100, thank you! The children really enjoy our weekly gardening sessions, and this week they had the fantastic opportunity of seeing the “fruits of their labour” and to feel rightly proud of their achievements. Please do send in photographs of you and your children using the produce to prepare meals. Wishing you all a wonderful Pesach.

Harvesting and selling our vegetables

Nursery Seder

Rhyming and alliteration games on Busy things

5th April 2019


This week the children have continued to learn about Pesach. The children had the opportunity to try Pesach foods that we eat at a Seder. They made and baked their own matzah. In Phonics, we looked at oral blending and segmentation of CVC words eg. Cat is c-a-t and p-e-n is pen.  We are still reinforcing the concept of rhyme and alliteration in order to consolidate these concepts. In P.E. the children were preparing for our Summer Term sports day and the children practised throwing javelin, beanbags and discus, running skills and the game rocket ships. In Maths, we have been encouraging the children to practise their counting skills and number recognition by playing games such as bingo, ten green bottles and snakes and ladders.

In Music, the children have been learning Pesach songs including Ma Nishtana.

Oral Segmentation and Oral Blending

Using are home grown veg to make salad.

Making Matzah

This week learning about Pesach



This week the children began our Pesach topic; they made Matza rubbings, searched for chametz using their 

bidichet chometz sets and learnt about the 10 plagues of Egypt. We also sewed our own Afikomen bags. We  also explored colour mixing, the children did plate twisting and scrape painting. This week we were looking for bugs and insects in the garden and did some garden maintenance by weeding our flowerbeds. The children made rainbow mud cakes in the mud kitchen. In Music, the children sang and learnt Pesach songs. 


29th March

Bidikat Chometz.
Watching the worm.
Filling our containers.
I found a Dandelion.
Bidikat Chometz.
On a bug hunt.
Looking through the bugnoculars.
Making mud cakes.
Stirring the cake mixture.
Putting the mixture in the muffin tray.
Pouring in the different ingredients.
Looking through the bugnoculars.
Searching for bugs.
Looking through the magnifine glass.
Pulling out the weeds.

25th March

Painting numbers.
Making sums using sticks.
Matching objects to the numeral.
Making a rocket.
Writing numbers.
Making a picture with numicom.
Using card to scrape a pattern.
Painting letters and numbers.
Using card to scrape a pattern.
Using card to scrape a pattern.
Filling our containers.


number printing
Making greggors
My favourite purim character
My favourite purim character
Decorating mishloach manot boxes
Happy Purim
Giving mishloach manot



This week we celebrated Purim. The children looked amazing in their costumes and enjoyed our Purim play. They decorated their mischloach manot boxes and handed them to their friends. We also heard an abridged version of the Megillah by Rabbi Guttentag. The children enjoyed making hamantaschen too.

In Jewish studies with Mrs Stalick, the children enjoyed making greggors and reinacted the Purim story.

In PE, we had our first session in the park. From now on we will be having P.E. in the park, and therefore please ensure all children are dropped at the Norrice Lea site. If bad weather is forecast, we will inform by email of any changes to the drop off arrangements by 8am on a Wednesday. This week the children were practising their javelin, discus, and throwing skills.

In Music, we sang Purim songs. 




21st March- Purim