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June 2023 - Year 1 are learning all about animals - חַיוֹת in Ivrit

Yom Yerushalayim in Ivrit. The children in Year 1 learnt many words connected with Yerushalyim - כֺּוֹתֵל, חוֹמׇה, זׇהׇב . They decorated the Kottel and wrote יְרוּשׇלׇיִם and watched ‘live’ from the Kottel.

March 2023 - The children have learnt vocabulary and greetings for Pesach. They can say and write מַצָה, יַיִן, אַבִיב הִגִיעַ פֶּסַח בׇּא . They made and decorated pyramids - פִּרׇמִידוֹת.

February 2023 - Y1 this week learned new words for טו בשבט:  tree- עץ, almond- שָקֵד, birthday- יוֹם הלֶדֶת.

They learned about the Shkediya- שְקֵדִיָה-Almond tree and create them.

January 2023- Y1 started learning colors in Ivrit. They learnt the colours : ADOM, KACHOL, YAROK, SAGOL, KATOM, TZAHOV, LAVAN.

They listened to the story 5 balloons- "חֲמִישָה בַּלוֹנִים', which tells the story of 5 children, each child has a balloon of a different colour...

November 2022 - The children in Year 1 have learnt lots of vocabulary for Chanukah. They have written words and made their own ‘svivonim’

W/C 14/11/22 The children in Year 1 have learnt the verb שָר/שָרָה - ‘sing’. They know when to use the verb for male and female.

W/C 24/10/2022 The children have started learning about the season סְתָיו -Autumn. They have learnt to write some words such as חָצָב - A special flower that grows in Israel during סְתָיו

W/C 3/10/22 The children have been learning the Ivrit vocabulary for Sukkot this week. They learnt how to say חַג סֻכּוֹת and סֻכָּה and wrote out the words in a creative activity.

W/C 12th September 2022 - Year 1 have started to learn simple vocabulary for Rosh Hashanah and practising writing in Ivrit.

W/C 5th September 2022 - The children started Ivrit lessons this week and learnt to say שׇלוֹם כִּיתׇה א. Hello Year 1.

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