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June 2023 - The children in Year 3 have finished the topic of יום הולדת - ‘Yom huledet’ (Birthday). They are able to make an invitation to a birthday party in Ivrit. They have now started the topic of גר/גרה ׳ ‘gar/gara’ (live) and can say where they live (street, town and country) using the verb and the preposition בְּ (in). See topic vocabulary for revision. 

May 2023 - Year 3 have learned the Days of the Week in Ivrit and are now ready to start the new topic Yom Huledet - Birthday. See Topic Vocabulary for the words and phrases needed for this topic.

April 2023 - Welcome to the summer term in Ivrit. We have been learning all about the culture in Israel in preparation for Yom HaAtsmaut. In Year 3 we are focusing on food. And also jewellery and accessories. So far we have looked at lots of Israeli food and discovered most of it is not originally Israeli but in fact comes from other cultures. The children listen to the ‘Falafel’ song.

March 2023 - The children have continued focusing on Numbers this term. Some are able to use them to ask and answer questions about their age and the age of family members using previous vocabulary and pronouns הוּא/הִיא


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February 2023. The children have been learning their numbers in Ivrit. Some children are able to say their parent’s mobile phone numbers and do simple maths in Ivrit using numbers up to 20. 

W/C 16/01/23 Book Week in Ivrit. The children listened to the story הַאׇרְיֵה שְאׇהׇב תוּת - The Lion who loved Strawberries.

W/C 28/11/22 Year 3 have been working hard on writing and presenting their families using complex structures and grammar - Kol HaKavod Year 3!

W/C 21/11/22. The children are continuing to make complex sentences about their family. They are starting to describe their own family and their peers’ family using complex phrases such as:

זֺאת אִמָא שֶל שָרוֹן. קוֹרְאִים לָה גִילָה. זֶה אׇבׇּא שֶל יוֹשִי  - The is Sharon’s mum. Her name is Gila. This is the dad of Joshi..

7/11/2022 The children were practising using זֶה/זֺאת and שֶלִי to describe their family.

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W/C 24/10/2022 - The children in Year 3 started a new topic -Family - Mishpacha - מִשְׁפָּחָה. They will learn phrases and adjectives such as יֵשׁ לִי ,אֵין לִי ,אָח גָּדוֹל ,אָחוֹת קָטְנָה

W/C 19/09/22 The children have been working hard to learn the greetings and when to say them. They have also been working hard on their script writing.

W/C 12/09/22. The children are starting to use some of the vocabulary they have learnt to converse with each other in Ivrit.

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W/C 5th September - The children learnt how to greet each other in Ivrit using the greetings ?בֺּקֶר טוֹב, צֳהׇרׇיִים טוֹבִים, יוֹם טוֹב, מָה שְלוֹמְךָ?,. מָה שְלוֹמֵךְ....

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