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Ivrit - עִבְרִית

W/E 28th June-this week we learned about: גַן חֲיוֹת(zoo)

and what animals are in the zoo

6th June 2019 - Cheese cake making and crafts ready for Shavuot!

W/E 24th May- This week Y1 learnt about ל״ג בַּעֹמֶר.

They learned the words : מְדוּרָה(bonfire), אֵש(fire), חֵץ וַקֶשֶת(bow and arrow).

W/E 17th May- Y1 learnt the verb;   גָר- גָרָה (live)

  They listened to the story ''אֶרֶץ יִשְרָאֶל,,.

In this story the children learnt where each child lives and have become familiar with the map of Israel and its cities.


W/E 5th + W/E 12th April-  We learnt the words for Pesach and the song:''שִמְחָה רַבָּה,,


 We also made pyramids and decorated a plate for Pesach.


W/E 29th March -this week we learned about the spring season.

We learned the words: parpar(butterfly), perach(flower), shemesh(sun)and cham(warm/hot).

 Year 1 listened to the story-'' שְלוֹשֶת הַפַּרְפָּרִים,, 

W/E 22th March- The children  learned the clown's dance and made a marionette clown.

W/E 8th March- This week we started learning about Purim.


Shabbat UK-(w/e 1st March)

We learnt the words: חַלָה, נֵרוֹת שָבָּת, יַיִן 

Year 1 listened to the story-  "יוֹם שִישִי שֶל יוֹיוֹ,,(Yoyo goes on Friday to buy food for Shabbat).

Book week(w/e 15th February)-

Y1 read the story: הַלוֹ הַלוֹ אַבָּא 

Week ending 31 January 2019-This week we learnt the verb -רוֹצֶה-רוֹצָה

The children made a booklet according to the story we read ''לֹא רוֹצָה" (do not want).

21st January 2019 - The children in Year 1 in Ivrit learned all about planting seeds to make an Almond Tree - Shkediya - שקדיה for TuBiShvat. They designed and produced their own plant pots

Week ending 18 January- Tu Bishvat

Y1 learned the words:

עֵץ- עֵצִים    פֶּרַח- פְּרָחִים   שְקֵדִיָה- שָקֵד



Week ending 11 January- Tu Bishvat

Y1 learned the story: Shisha be`sakik  

Related imageImage result for ‫תמונה של שישה בשקיק‬‎

December 10th 2018 - Year 1 perform their song in Ivrit for the Chanukah Show - what a treat!

Still image for this video
Week ending 7th December- Chanukah Svivonim 
30th November 2018-  This week Year 1 started learning about Chanukah and continued rehearsals for the Chanukah show.

16th November 2018- This week in Ivrit it’s all about STAV (Autumn)

10th November 2018- This week in Ivrit the children are learning about Stav(Autumn)-

22nd October 2018 - This week they learnt the rest of the colours:

Kachol, TzahovVarodSagolYarokChoomShachor and Lavan (white).

15th October 2018- This week in Ivrit the children are learning Colours- Tzvaim - צְבָעִים

They learnt the colour: Adom -  אָדֹם



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