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June 2022- The children used the letters of SHAVUOT שָבוּעוֹת to make a flower.

May 2022- Making מְדוּרוֹת - Bonfires, and learning about Lag BaOmer in Ivrit.

March 2022- Year 1 are learning about פַּרְפָּרִים for the season Spring - אַבִיב.

March 2022- Book Week in Ivrit! The children read a book חַמִישִים כּוֹבַעִים ‘Fifty Hats’ and had fun with the hats!


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February 2022 - the children in Year 1 are learning all about animals חַיוֹת in Ivrit. They had fun placing their animals in the trees they created.

January 2022 - The children in Year 1 are learning the vocabulary for טוּ בִּשְבַת. They created beautiful flower pots and learnt the word for flowers פְּרׇחִים

November 2021 - Chanukah in Year 1. The children have started learning the words in Ivrit - סֻפְגָנִיָה, נֵר, לְבִיבָה, סְבִיבוֹן,. כָּד and learned how to say חַג חֲנוּכָּה שמֵחַ

November 2021 - Chag HaSigd and the Beta Yisrael community (see Ivrit page - Whole School Events - for more details). The children learnt about music and dancing.


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October 2021- The children in Year 1 have been learning the vocabulary for the season Stav - Autumn. They learnt about the special bird Nachalieli- נַחַלִאֵלִי the song bird who visits Israel in Autumn.

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