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In honor of Yom Yerushalayim yesterday we held a zoom meeting with our Twinning school Moreshet. This was another exciting link between our students and the students in Israel near Galilee. 

The students sang songs for Yerushalayim together and excitedly recited greetings and wishes.

Both us at Kerem and the team at Moreshet agreed that the experience of this meeting between our schools was very special and memorable. We are grateful to have been given the opportunity to build a relationship with each other. Please G-d one day maybe we will meet in person 

April 2022 - We had the final Ivrit Library hour of the term today today. Mrs Weinberg came in to tell a story about Dr Sues in Ivrit and all the opportunities that he has ahead of him.

The children were delighted with the Greeting Cards that were sent to them from the children at the Twinning School Moreshet

March 2022 - Year 5 had the privilege to join a virtual tour of the tunnels in Yerushalayim courtesy of the Jewish Agency and Ministry of Education in Israel. This was possible due to the links with their Twinning school ‘Moreshet’ in the Galil in Northern Israel.


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March 2022 - Book Week in Ivrit - the children read the famous story הַדִירׇה לְהַשְׂכִּיר - The Appartment for Rent.

February 2022 - Year 5 are now twinning with a school called Moreshet in Israel. They met the children from Year 5 and introduced themselves in Ivrit.

February 2022 - Ivrit Library Hour- Year 5 enjoyed listening to a story in Ivrit with Mrs Slagel

January 2022 - The children in Year 5 are now able to describe their bedroom including colours and prepositions - עַל, תַחַת, לְיׇד, מוּל.... Some children are able to use the plural form to describe items such as מְגֵרוֹת - ‘drawers’.

23/11/2021 - The children had great fun in today's תְּצוּגַת אוֹפְנָה - Fashion Show, showing off their oral knowledge of clothing items, colours and the various verbs used for 'wearing' (חוֹבֵש/נוֹעֵל/לוֹבֵש)


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November 23rd 2021 -  תְּצוּגַת אָפְנָה - Fashion Show. We will be finishing the topic on Clothes - בְּגָדִים with a Fashion Show on Tuesday. The children should bring their clothes in a bag and change at school for the Ivrit lesson. We will provide accessories like funny hats and scarves. The children will be required to say what they are wearing and describe their peers.

November 2021 - Chag HaSigd and the Beta Yisrael community (see Ivrit page - Whole School Events - for more details). The children learnt about the Amharic language and translated into Ivrit. They compared the Amharic letters to the Ivrit Alef Bet.

October 2021- The children have started the topic of Clothes - בְּגָדִים. They have started learning the vocabulary and will get weekly spelling tests on key words.

September 2021 - Year 5 have been reading the book ‘What We’ll Build Together’ in Ivrit - ‘מָה שֶנִבְנֶה יַחַד'. They have been focusing on the word יַחַד - ‘Together’. They created an ‘ideal classroom’ and in groups decided which area of a classroom they would like to focus on. They named the classroom areas in Ivrit.

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