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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

Jewish Studies 21st January – 19th Shevat

At the start of the week, we celebrated Tu B’Shevat with a fruit party (thank you for sending in the fruit!) and we explored the Torah verse “Ki ha-adam etz hasadeh” – that man is like a tree of the field, discussing all the similarities between people and trees.


We examined the Jewish calendar, looking at why we need to have leap years and we introduced our new topic of Shabbat by creating word clouds from our current Shabbat knowledge.  We talked about the meaning of not working on Shabbat, and examined the Torah-meaning of “work” which introduced the concept of the 39 Melachot.


We reviewed the Hebrew reading rule of the week – the new rule is now on Google Classroom along with this week’s Parasha Choice Board.  Please ensure the children are practising their Hebrew reading on an almost-daily basis.


Wishing you all Shabbat Shalom and a relaxing weekend,


Mrs Hill

Friday 21st January


This week the children had another busy week. In history, we continued learning about the Victorians and the children researched events from Queen Victoria's lifetime. On Monday we will be having our Great Victorian Bake-off; we are looking forward to seeing all your children's creations. 

In English, we continued reading Chimney Child ( Chapter 2 and 3) and the children completed a comprehension and retold the story so far. The children looked at perspectives and chose whose point of view they wished to tell the story from. Our grammar topic this week was homophones and we looked at commonly misspelt homophones or near homophones e.g. accept or except. The children also had an opportunity to apply their inference skills to decode information and word meaning from a more complex text. All the children impressed us with their proactive approach. In guided reading we looked at another article about the RMS Titanic and the children were really captured by the story and showed tremendous empathy for the people who had lost their lives.

During our Robo Think  session the children made a Ferris wheel and began to plan and design their theme park. The children worked collaboratively and some children were able to enhance and alter their designs to improve speed. The children were introduced to some new scientific vocabulary e.g. momentum and inertia. Do ask your children if they remember what each word means. 

In Science this week, we began our topic on Properties of Materials. The children looked at the properties of materials learning the meaning of scientific vocabulary and completed a quiz to test what they had learnt.

In mathematics we began our topic on  multiplication. The children used the column method to tackle calculations from 2 digit by 2 digit to more complex questions and worded problems.

In PSHE, we discussed friendships and dealing with difficult situations. We are encouraging the children to think about the language they use when talking to their peers. 

Thank you to all the parents who joined the virtual Kabbalat Shabbat this afternoon.


Wishing you all a restful weekend,


Shabbat Shalom,


The Year 5 Team






Friday 14th January


This week we began our Victorian topic for this term. This topic is cross-curricular and the children have shown so much enthusiasm already! 

In history, we looked at the life of children during the Victorian era and in particular the lives of chimney sweeps. In art, the children created silhouette portraits with intricate cutwork frames. 

In English we read the poem "The Chimney Sweeper' by William Blake and discussed the use of literary techniques to engage the reader e.g. figurative language, stanza length and rhyme. We also began our class text-The Chimney Child. We read the first chapter and the children answered questions relating to the text. 

Our grammar focus this week was self-correction and we asked the children to both identify and correct spelling mistakes. In guided reading we looked at a newspaper article relating to Liverpool's connection with the Titanic. This text contained some challenging vocabulary and we discussed their meaning in depth. Many children were fascinated by the concept of a facsimile. Do ask your child if they can explain it to you.

In maths, we looked at time focussing on converting between different units of time and worded problems. 


This week the children had their first gymnastics lesson after a long overdue break. The children were enthusiastic about using all the equipment and practised using the parallel bars, trampoline and floor gymnastics.


This week the children had their first Robotics lesson following instructions to make a lizard or scorpion. The children worked in pairs and displayed excellent collaborative skills.


On the 24th of January we will be having a Great Victorian Bake-off Competition. We are looking forward to seeing all of your children's creations. Please make sure to use kosher ingredients and your entry should be nut free.


Wishing you all a lovely weekend.


Shabbat Shalom, 


The Year 5 Team



Jewish Studies 14th January – 12th Shevat


Our focus this week has been Tu B’Shevat and the Shivat HaMinim.  We looked at the Passuk in Devarim 8:8 which teaches us about the seven special fruits of Israel, and linked to p.124 of Etgar where we read about which brachot to say after eating any of these seven types.


We also discussed all the many different things that trees provide for us within the world, creating a word cloud from all our ideas, and we thought about all the times that trees make an appearance in the Torah and the vital role they play in our Mitzvot.


Please complete your leaf pledges over the weekend and send them back to school on Monday. 

Parashah homework is on Google Classroom as usual.

Thank you in advance for sending in a piece of fruit for Monday’s fruit party.


Have a lovely weekend and Shabbat Shalom,

Mrs Hill


It was lovely to welcome the children back yesterday and they have thrown themselves straight back onto working hard.


In maths this week we have been revising all the topics from last term, ensuring that the children have a secure knowledge of all areas covered. We also looked at a variety of word problems, requiring careful reading of the questions so that the children choose the correct operation to use.


In English yesterday, we continued developing our comprehension skills looking at how to back up views with evidence or quotes from the text. Some children also revised Homophones, focussing on those most commonly misused e.g there/they’re/their,  here/hear,  to/two/too etc.


At Forest School  this week the children showed excellent collaboration when they had to lead each other around the forest blindfolded. They also displayed great team work building and using zip lines.


In history this term we are starting our new topic on the Victorians; for homework the children have been asked to write about one Victorian invention of their choice.



  • Gym is on a Wednesday
  • Forest School is on a Thursday
  • There is no p.e this half term- after half term p.e will resume and will be on a Thursday in place of Forest School


Shabbat shalom


The Year 5 Team


Jewish Studies – 7th January 2022 – 5th Shevat 5782

Welcome back to the Spring Term – before we know it, Pesach will be upon us!

This week we have taken the opportunity to catch up on the story of the Parashah from the past couple of weeks, as we have missed many major storylines.  We have also learned about this week’s Parashah, being Parashat Bo. 

We discussed the ten plagues, and how HaShem sent each one ‘middah k’neged middah’ – measure for measure.  We also discussed why the first Mitzvah given to Bnei Yisrael was that of Rosh Chodesh, and discussed how it is a privilege to be able to choose how to use our time, so we should always use it wisely and not waste it!

Jewish Studies 6th Tevet – 10th December


In Year 5 this week, we completed our learning about Chanukah, which led on to the topic of the Menorah in the Beit HaMikdash.  We looked at the (Etgar) dates of the destruction of each of the Batei Mikdash and then went on a (virtual) trip to The Arch of Titus in Rome to see the engraving of the Menorah there, which served as sound proof that the Menorah existed, exactly as described in the Torah.


We learnt the story of this week’s Parashah, focussing in detail on the reasons why Yoseph may have asked his servants to leave the room when identifying himself to his brothers.  This week’s Parashah Choice Board is on Google Classroom, due in for Tuesday please.


Enjoy the winter holidays, and keep safe and healthy!

Shabbat Shalom


Mrs Hill

This week in pictures

10th December 2021


This week our maths focus was angles and geometry. The children learnt about the different types of angles and their mathematical names. We also looked at directions(North, South, East and West) and turns eg. quarter, half and three quarter turns. This week the children practised estimating and measuring angles with a protractor and identified which type of angles they were.

In English, we continued working on our comprehension and inference skills and looked at extending our answers. Our grammar focus this week was clauses (subordinate and embedded). Our spelling focus was -ible ending words eg. invincible. We also looked at poetry, focusing on rhyming couplets and other techniques used in poetry. The children each wrote their own winter themed poem.

In science, we looked at simple mechanisms and machines. Do ask your children to name  a pulley, a lever or a gear.

In art this week, the children drew a one perspective river scene. The children focused on creating perspective in a drawing and then added details to add interest. We discussed how objects appear larger in the foreground of  a picture.

On Thursday, we had a special party to say farewell to Blake, Rafi and Ms Vinokur. We wish them all the best and they will all be sorely missed in the Year 5 classroom.

On Friday, we completed a quiz on all topics from this week. I was really impressed by all the children's efforts and enthusiasm. Our maths puzzle this week, needed perseverance and it was so lovely to see all children working together to solve it. 


Shabbat shalom,


The Year 5 team



Jewish Studies 29th Kislev – 3rd December


We finally made it to Chanukah!!  We’ve had a really busy Chanukah week here, with each day beginning with full-school Tefillah and Hallel, and each day ending with Chanukah candle lighting and a sing-a-long.  We have even had a few Year 5 children lighting the Chanukiah for the whole school. 


The main sing-a-long on Tuesday afternoon was really excellent – a huge well done to all of Year 5 for their amazing contribution, and a massive thank you to Mr Fingerhut and the Ivrit team for preparing the children so incredibly well!  You will be receiving the video of the event really soon.


We have been learning about the different laws connected with candle lighting, including how, where and why we light them. Chanukah would not have been complete without a game of Sevivon, which we did with a difference, with thanks to Seed’s amazing Sevivon Game.  Hopefully the children have brought this home and you can play over Shabbat!


I wish you all Shabbat Shalom, Chanukah Same’ah and Chodesh Tov!

Mrs Hill


This week the children have enjoyed a variety of Chanukah activities from a Chanukah fair to a Chanukah sing-a-long show. It was so lovely to hear all the children singing together.


During maths this week we continued our topic on measures focussing on conversions and worded reasoning problems. On Tuesday the children took part in a whole school Maths Day. Year 5 spent the morning creating maths games for every year group. They made tangrams, tessellation puzzles and even a maths themed guess who.


This week in English we looked at the use of apostrophes for possession or contraction and the spelling pattern - able. The children completed a comprehension exercise with an inference focus. We discussed how answers are not always literal and identified strategies to help us infer meaning from a text.

Our creative writing focus this week was using a variety of sentence openers during our writing- by adding spice to our writing! Our guided reading topic this week was based on a factual report about parachuting.


In science, we looked at water resistance and the meaning of streamlining. The children then tested out their theories to discover the best streamlined shapes.


In geography, we looked at the features of a river; the children played a game to find the names and definitions of different river parts. Furthermore, the children used an atlas to label and identify rivers of the world.


On Wednesday this week the children took part in an E-safety morning. Thank you to those parents who gave up their time to attend. It was a very informative discussion and all of the children enjoyed taking part. After the session, we discussed the importance of privacy settings and how to keep ourselves safe online.


Wishing you all shabbat shalom and a lovely chanukah. 


The Year 5 team.







Jewish Studies 22nd Kislev - 26th November


Chanukah is most definitely in the air this week!  Our main focus this week has been miracles. We discussed open miracles and hidden miracles.  We figured out that although at Chanukah we famously celebrate the miracle of the long-lasting oil and the miracle of the success of the small Jewish army over the large Syrian-Greek army, there is also a third miracle too.  That is, the survival of the Jewish people.  The class were amazed to learn that Jews make up a mere 0.2% of the world population - and yet we seem to be just about everywhere.  Meanwhile, what has become of the mighty Greek Empire, or the mighty, Roman Empire, or the Babylonian Empire.... etc! They all tried to wipe us off the face of the Earth, and yet we're still here to tell the tale - Baruch HaShem!!


This week's Parashah homework is on Google Classroom, as is this week's Hebrew reading - thank you for your support - it is greatly appreciated!


I wish you all Shabbat Shalom, and a Chag Chanukah Same'ach!


Mrs Hill




This week in maths the students began their topic on measurement. They weighed a variety of objects to visualise what a gram and kg look like and how 1000grams is equal to 1kg. For the children to visually see this representation made them consolidate the concept with more ease. We then looked at length and measured the length of a range of items in both mm, cm and m so they could see and understand why there are different units of length. We then moved on to capacity and the students were able to measure and again visualise what the different units of measurement represent. Next week we will be taking part in a baking activity to aid further consolidation of conversion of metric units.



In English this week the students read the Legend of Marathon. They discussed what are the key features in a legend, answered comprehension questions, acted out the legend and wrote their own interpretation of the legend. The children's dramatisation of the story had some humorous additions. This week we made additions to our Grammar Glossary. Please do ask your children the differences between homophones, homographs and homonyms. This week we completed a spelling dictation to assess the children’s application of the spelling patterns taught this term. We were very pleased to see that children are applying the patterns they have been taught. This week as part of our guided reading programme we looked at some crazy recipes by Heston Blumenthal, analysing the meaning of some adventurous vocabulary. The children were both excited and disgusted by his creations.



This week the children made still-life sketches of some orchids. Our focus was adding detail, perspective and shading techniques. The children impressed me with their perseverance and attention to detail.



The children took part in a Mitzvah Day activity, creating get well cards for children at Great Ormand Street Hospital. We discussed how to show empathy to others and what would cheer them up if they were in hospital. The children went on to make both artistic designs and thoughtfully worded inscriptions.


NVR and VR 

Our NVR focus this week were 2D shape reflections and rotations and paper folds. We gave the children manipulative to aid them solve the questions and help them visualise what happens.

Our VR focus was letter pairs and letter codes.



The children used an atlas to find rivers of the world. The children learnt about the features of a river and labelled them. 



Next week we have some exciting Chanukah related activities as well as a Maths Day on Tuesday. Just a gentle reminder to send in food items for our whole-school Chanukiah making activity. Thank you to all who have sent items in already.


Shabbat Shalom,


The Year 5 Team


Friday 19th November


This week was Anti-Bullying Week and we launched the week with our ‘odd socks day’ and an assembly after the whole-school tefillah on Monday. Mrs Sharman introduced the mantra ‘One Kind Word’ as a way to live our lives, not just for this week, as the words of others can really affect how people feel about themselves. This week we discussed what makes us all special and the importance of listening to others ideas.


This week the children had a debate, as part of our topic on UK Parliament. We turned our classroom into the House of Commons. The children debated  whether 10 year olds should have mobile phones and if we should be wearing a school uniform. The children were so enthusiastic and had some very valid points both for and against each topic.


In maths, we continued our topic on fractions with the children ordering and comparing fractions greater than 1. On Friday, the children applied all their fraction learning to solve a maths mystery. The children solved a series of clues which involved multiplication, addition, subtraction, ordering and creating equivalent fractions.


In English, the children learnt about the various parts of speech creating a grammar glossary and applying their learning to identify the different parts of speech with in a sentence. The children completed crosswords  as part of our spelling activities. As part of our guided reading programme we looked at the opening chapter of Peter Pan discussing new vocabulary, characters and the key points from the story.

the children also completed two comprehension texts, applying their inference skills to look for hidden meaning within a text. For creative writing, the children wrote a descriptive piece about a grandparent. We discussed descriptive techniques and the use of figurative language to enhance and add interest.


In science, we looked at the work of Isaac Newton and his discovery of the laws of motion. The children researched his life and answered questions about his theories.


In geography, the children began our topic on 'Rivers of the World'. The children used an atlas to locate and name UK rivers.


This week I introduced the children to my weekly quiz. Which will cover learning from the week and previous weeks. This week was mainly based on our learning relating to Parliament week.


Shabbat shalom 


The Year 5 Team




Jewish Studies 15th Kislev/19th November

This week, we've gone all out on our Chanukah preparations.  We began by creating an awesome answergarden word-cloud on what we remembered about Chanukah and then we 'read' the story of Chanukah, dingbat style.  The children figured out their own definitions for a hero, and thought about what super-power they would want to have if they were heroes.  The question is, do you need to have superpowers in order to be a hero?  Based on the characters from Torah and Jewish History that the children chose as their heroes, the answer to the above is clearly 'no'.  Anyone can be a hero if they are kind, thoughtful and helpful towards other people.


Wishing you all Shabbat Shalom and a lovely weekend.

Mrs Hill

Jewish Studies - week ending 12th Nov - 8th Kislev

Following on from our learning about Sigd last week, we spent much of the week learning the history of the Beta Israel community.  We learnt the details of Operation Moses and the secret runway that the Mossad built in the desert in order to land planes to bring the Ethiopian Jews to Israel.  The boys also learnt about Operation Solomon, the 35 hour mission that safely brought 8000 Jews to Israel in 1991.  The class have produced some excellent pieces of creative writing, imagining that they were involved in these dangerous operations.


We have practised our Hebrew reading - please remember, the children should be practising their reading at home for around 5 mins per day, 5 days per week, and we looked in detail at the story of this week's Parashah.  We even played 'angels and ladders' - our own version of snakes and ladders, which represented Yaakov's dream in this week's Parashah.  Parashah homework (Choice-board) is on the JS Google Classroom and is due in for Tuesday.


Shavuah tov - have a lovely week ahead!

Angels and Ladders

Week of the 15.11.21



This week students continued their unit on fractions by comparing and ordering fractions under 1, next week we will continue with this, using fractions over 1. They also had the opportunity to participate in the Primary Maths Challenge. Today the children were excited to complete our soft start activity, some have worked out the answer and some are working on it. Can you find the solution?

[see below]



We continued with our book study and looked at the next chapter; 'The Pearl Earring'. During creative writing, children wrote a piece entitled 'Stolen', retelling the story in their own words. We discussed the feelings and emotions of the main characters and used this to plan our writing. Y5 enjoyed doing a comprehension on a non-fiction text and applied their inference skills to analyse a text. 



Children enjoyed investigating the difference between weight and mass. Children were able to see the relationship between them and explain the difference. They used Newton meters to compare various items from the classroom and recorded their results.



Children have begun preparations for the Chanukah concert. Please remind children to go over the words (posted in Y5 Classroom).


This week we focused on UK Parliament week. The children took a virtual tour of The Houses of Parliament. We had many in depth discussions about the various roles in government and how laws are made. Please ask your children to share what they have learned. 



Thursdays- we have Forest School (for this term). Please ensure your child has waterproofs, wellies and a spare change of clothes. 


Wishing you all Shabbat Shalom,


The Year 5 Team.


Frazzled Friday puzzle


I am so proud of Year 5.


They have been incredible and such a joy to teach. It was amazing to see their resilience when they were faced with a challenging situation. I was truly inspired by them.  



They wrote incredible stories based on an image of someone in a trapped location. 

For Parliament week they wrote a persuasive speech  that was used for a class debate on 2 topics. 

1) Computer games are bad for you. 

2) Should Animals live in a zoo. 


We then had a class debate on these topics which got a bit heated (you can ask them about that).



We introduced our fractions topic by learning about equivalent fractions, reducing fractions and converting between improper and mixed fractions. 



In Science they experimented air resistance with hand made planes. 




The children researched and designed images of different Greeks Gods or Heroes. 


I am looking forward to seeing them on Monday. Shabbat shalom and keep safe 


Ms Vinokur 



22nd October - 17th Cheshvan 5782

This week in Jewish Studies we have been examining different numbers and their relevance within Judaism.  We have created mini number books and are working on a shared Google Slides to create a visual guide to larger numbers.


We have also been working on creating a Biblical timeline.  We were amazed to learn that there were over 1500 years between the end of Creation and the Noah's flood, and enjoyed the fact that Avraham was born in the (Jewish) year 1948.


In our Parashah lesson we considered the huge amount of Emunah that both Avraham and Yitzchak show in HaShem, and recognised a number of other lessons, too, that we can learn from this week's Parashah.


I wish you all a beautiful Shabbat and a healthy and enjoyable half term week.


Mrs Hill



We can't quite believe it is already half-term. This past few weeks have flown by.



In maths this week we did baseline assessments and reviewed dividing 3 digits by 1or 2 digit numbers. The students also completed a range of math puzzles, some were given for homework. The children enjoyed playing the 'Mathopoly' quizzes they created last week.



Whilst completing a range of assessments, the students also wrote a piece of creative writing and reviewed synonyms and antonyms of words.



The children carried out a fair test experiment to design the best parachute. The children then wrote a scientific write-up of their results, which included a prediction and conclusion.



The children drew a half self-portrait.



The children took part in some kahoot quizzes (created by their peers) based on our Greek topic. The children also reviewed what they have learnt during Black History month. As a class we discussed the differences between being a slave and a prisoner.


After half-term we will be having Forest School every Thursday. Please make sure your children have waterproofs, wellington boots and spare clothes.


A message from Mrs Sharman:
'As part of anti-bullying week, the BBC are asking children to design an anti-bullying poster. The theme this year is 'ONE KIND WORD'. Please can your child use the attached sheet for their design. Posters should be handed in to Mrs Sharman directly after half term (closing date Tuesday 2nd November).
All entries will be displayed in school and be sent to the BBC. The BBC will select some posters to be shown on their website.
Anti-bullying week this year is 15th-19th November 2021- more information to follow.'


The poster can be found in the google classroom.


Wishing you all a lovely break.


Shabbat Shalom,


The Year 5 Team






This week in pictures

15th October - 9th Cheshvan 5782

This week in Year 5 Jewish Studies we have started to look at the Timeline of Jewish History, starting with the dates of Creation, the Flood and the birth of Avraham.  We discovered that Avraham had already been alive for 37 years before the Tower of Bavel, and that Noach and Avraham were both alive at the same time for 48 years.


We have started learning the Etgar numbers and have been creating a Book of Jewish Numbers to help us learn.  In Parashah we discussed why God had told Avraham to leave his land, his hometown and his father's house, rather than just mentioning one of these.


This week's Parashah homework is on Google classroom and work should be submitted by Tuesday please.


Have a lovely weekend and Shabbat Shalom!

Mrs Hill

15th October 2021


We have had a very busy week and can't believe it is almost the end of this half-term. The boys took part in the Maccabi football tournament and we had children representing Kerem in a cross-country race.


In maths, the children learnt about prime, composite numbers and square numbers. The children also learnt strategies for multiplication or division by 10,100 and 1000. On Friday the children applied all the skills they have learnt this term to create a Mathopoly board game which they will play next week. 


In English, the children continued learning about the different types of figurative language and focused on personification this week. In creative writing, the children improved  a text by creating interest and depth via the use of  figurative language and description. WE continued reading our class book 'The Diver's Daughter' and the children acted out scenes from the text. In guided reading, we explored the lyrics of the song 'Out There' from the Disney film 'The hunchback of Notre Dame'. The children explored complex vocabulary and had to infer meaning via examination of the text. We also examined the theme of the song and discussed the character's feelings.


In science, we looked at the work of Galileo Galilee and explored air resistance, friction and other forces. Next week we will be completing several experiments looking at these topics and testing out hypotheses.


In history, the children looked at famous ancient sites and created adverts for them.


Next week we will be having our formal assessments for the Autumn term.


Shabbat shalom,


The Year 5 team

Jewish Studies 8th October – 2nd Cheshvan

It’s been a full week in more ways than one this week, as the children have been working exceptionally hard in JS, and enjoying learning about more than Chagei Tishrei!


We have reviewed the family tree of Avraham, the class being visibly surprised that both Yitzhak and Yaakov had married their cousins.  We have also examined the 7 Noachide Laws, both as part of our Parashah lesson as well as in preparation for Etgar.  The children split the laws into different categories, based on their own understanding of the laws, and we did the same thing with the Ten Commandments.  In Tefillah today we read our first ‘Nothing Just Happens’ Story, which aim to show the children how HaShem is completely in charge of His world, and that nothing happens by coincidence. 


Wishing you all a Shabbat Shalom and a lovely weekend,

Mrs Hill

8th October 2021


Yay! Finally a full week at school and what a busy week it was. 



We went over factors, multiples and understanding place value when multiplying 2 digits by 2 digits. We will be teaching the students about prime numbers, square numbers, and review multiplying multi-digit numbers. It is really important that the students continuously work on their timetables daily on doodle timetables. 



The students went over figurative language and will continue with this next week. In creative writing, the children wrote a character description. Our comprehension this week was based on a Greek mythological story.


In science, we started our Forces topic the children created a glossary of scientific vocabulary and we completed a Science quiz. The children looked at the interaction of forces and learnt the difference between weight and mass.


In history, we looked at words with Greek origins.

This month is Black History Month, and w will be looking at the life and work of Olaudah Equiano a campaigner against slavery. We also began our class book ' The Diver's Daughter' which tells the story of a girl living in Elizabethan. London.


In art, the children began a watercolour depiction of the Parthenon.



Please let us know if you did not receive the email with the homework timetable and the questionnaire we would like you to fill out about your child. 

1st October - 25th Tishrei 5782


As we rewind the Torah scroll to the start of Bereishit once again, we asked ourselves what exactly is the Torah.  The children gave a number of interesting and well thought-out answers.

We asked the question, why does the Torah begins with the letter bet rather than any other letter.   We came up with many different suggestions, including the idea that the letter bet equals the number two to represent the two Torahs - the Written Torah and the Oral Torah.


Have a beautiful Shabbat Bereishit and looking forward to a full week back next week!

Mrs Hill

This week in pictures

Friday 1st October


Another busy week has flown by and we can't believe it's Friday already, we hope that all our families had an enjoyable Succot.


In creative writing, the children wrote a piece entitled 'The Door' inspired by the class book "What We'll Build". The children explored the different locations their doors would take them.


In guided reading this week we had great fun looking at the lyrics to 'Be Prepared' from The Lion King. We identified key vocabulary and looked at double word meanings. eg, What are the two meanings of the word pride?


In history, we continued learning about Greece looking at its location and surrounding countries and seas. we then explored the Greek number system and the children solved number calculations and gave their answers in Greek.


In maths, the children developed their understanding of subtraction. We then continued to explore column subtraction. The children partook in several challenges applying their knowledge to solve puzzles learning  a variety of strategies to make subtraction calculations easier. The children then applied these strategies to play a deduction version of snakes and ladders.


Due to Yom Tov, the children only received a maths task on Thursday  which should be completed by Monday. 

Shabbat Shalom,

The Year 5 team

Jewish Studies - 24th September ~ 18th Tishrei 5782


I hope you have all had an enjoyable first half of Sukkot.  Year 5 have been working hard to create a guide to Kosher Arba'ah Minim, learning about each of the 4 items in detail and what they should (or should not) include in order to be considered appropriate for the Arba'ah Minim.


We have been celebrating Sukkot by shaking our Arba'ah Minim in the Sukkah each day (see pics below), whilst also enjoying munching biscuits so that we could say the Brachah of Leishev baSukkah.

Wishing you all Shabbat Shalom and enjoy the second half of this beautiful chag.

Mrs Hill



Please find below a brief overview of this week's learning.



This week the students began their topic of addition in maths, they explored different sums using a variety of manipulatives. They also enjoyed using their knowledge to solve challenging questions. 



The students were given their spelling words for the next 2 weeks. They followed to rules and patterns of either 'cial' or 'tial'. They will continue with these words next week. 

They also wrote a detailed and descriptive piece of creative writing on receiving a letter and worked on expanding their sentences to build up tension.



We explored ancient Greek pottery and its historical significance. The children played a roll a Greek vase game and designed a vase including greek borders and figures.


We also assessed the children in verbal reasoning.


Shabbat Shalom

Year 5 Team





Jewish Studies 17th September - 11th Tishrei 5782


I hope you all had a meaningful Yom Kippur and an easy fast.

It's been quite a week this week,  with preparing for Yom Kippur, remote teaching and starting to learn about Sukkot!


We learnt about the three 5's of Yom Kippur - the 5 things we do on Erev Yom Kippur, the five things we can't do on Yom Kippur and the five services that we say on Yom Kippur.  


Today we began discussing Sukkot, firstly reviewing the basics and then starting to learn about what is needed to make our Arbah Minim kosher.  Next week we will look in more detail at these Four Species.


Wishing you all Shabbat Shalom and an enjoyable weekend.

Mrs Hill



Friday 17th September 


Another busy week has flown by and we can't believe it's Friday already, we hope that all our families had a meaningful Yom Kippur and fasted well for those who did.


In creative writing, we introduced the children to the concept of choice in their writing. The children wrote a piece entitled 'The Burglary' applying their choices in reference to characters and plot, using a checklist to ensure they have an interesting hook( opening sentence); engaging characters and plot, and an understanding of motive.


In guided reading this week we had great fun looking at the lyrics to 'I've got a dream' from Tangled. We identified examples of negative adjectives, discussed the value of dreams and the word choices made by the lyricist.


In history, we made a timeline of ancient Greece. We then looked at the modern-day and ancient Olympic games and compared them. Do ask your children what they learned.


In PSHE we continued to make our way through the story of What We’ll Build. We focussed on the toolkit page. Discussing what we need in our class toolkit. We brainstormed ideas about attributes we feel are important such as flexibility and resilience.


In maths, the children developed their understanding of place value and extended this to rounding. We then continued to explore numbers to million. The children read and interpret numbers and partook in several challenges applying their knowledge to solve puzzles. We also introduced maths comprehensions and the children read a maths story and answered questions relating to it. 


Due to Yom Tov, the children will have homework today and then homework will begin again after Succot. In the meantime, children can complete work from the remote learning days, read a good book or revisit concepts on Doodle maths and Doodle English.

Shabbat Shalom,

The Year 5 team


Jewish Studies 10th September - 4th Tishrei 5782

Shanah Tovah to you all 🍎🍯!


Year 5 have made such an excellent start to the new year in Jewish Studies, displaying so much enthusiasm and excitement for JS.  Our focus has been on Rosh HaShana (for obvious reasons!) and we have had some really interesting conversations and discussions.  I was blown away by the exceptionally perceptive and intelligent answers offered by many of the children in class.


We have learnt about Tashlich, the sound of the Shofar, considered why we eat apple and honey (beyond the obvious) and lots more too.   We went out to the stream that runs down the side of the playground and together we recited the Tashlich prayer.  Today we experienced first hand the power of Teshuvah by watching our mistakes vanish before our very eyes (see pics) - I'm sure your child will tell you all about it!


Wishing you all a peaceful and relaxing Shabbat!


Mrs Hill

Friday 10th September


I hope you all had a happy and sweet new year.

This week the children completed some English and maths assessment exercises. The children’s comprehension skills were tested by looking at a poem called ‘Foreign lands’ and an informative text on extreme weather. We then discussed strategies to help us analyse texts and word looking at context and using skimming and scanning techniques.
Our focus in maths was mental strategies and we reviewed year 4 topics. The children were given a maths mystery to solve and maths puzzles to crack. Next week we will be looking at place value.

We also began our history topic on the Ancient Greeks. The children learnt about Alexander the Great’s empire and his conquering of Egypt and Thebes. The children used what they had learnt and read to give their opinion on the impact of the Grecian empire on the region.

The children were set their first homework on the Greeks. They have a selection of activities to choose from and a week to complete.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend.


Shabbat Shalom,


The Year 5 Team.







Welcome back to the new year at Kerem and welcome to Year 5. The children have settled in quickly and are definitely ready for Y5.


On Thursday we had a fantastic whole-school assembly for the first time in such a long time! It was amazing doing tefillah altogether. During assembly, the children were read the book 'What we'll build'. In class, we discussed behaviour expectations and how to be a mindful learner and spent some time catching up about our summer.


Despite being in school for two days we have been very busy. The children learned the terminology, synonyms, and antonyms and created word maps. We read and discussed the first chapter of 'Around the world in eighty days' focusing on vocabulary and word meaning. The children were very lucky to have an extra JS lesson, where they played games to get them in the mood for Rosh Hashanah. We reread the story What We'll Build and discussed building emotions and how to represent them in a creative way. The children began a sculptural art piece to represent a variety of emotions. We also reviewed maths strategies via a selection of games, including a column addition and subtraction dice game, furthermore, the children completed a mental arithmetic test.


The iPads will be brought home by the children today so that they can use them for the remote learning day on Monday. Please remind children to bring them to school on our return next Thursday. Please as always encourage the children to work independently and try their best. Instructions for tasks, a timetable for the day, and links for ‘live’ sessions can be found on the new Year 5 2021/2022 Google Classroom. The timetable for remote learning can also be found below.


This term the children should come to school in their PE kits on Tuesdays and Thursdays. PE will begin next week.


We will be uploading work on Sunday evening for the remote learning day on Monday 6th September; they will receive maths, English, and art. They should complete the tasks in their maths and English homework books which we have sent home. The art activity should be done on paper. The remote learning timetable is attached below. Here is the tefillah and Kabbalat Shabbat link :


Shabbat Shalom and Shana Tova


Year 5 Team



Remote learning timetable

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