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Meet our warm and welcoming team 


Qualifications Other
Interim Head Teacher Ms N Simon BEd, National Awards for SENCO, NPQH   
Deputy Head  Mrs A Sharman MA BA (Hons) PGCE  
Head of Jewish Studies and Ivrit  Mrs S Hill MA BEd (Hons)  
Head of Early Years Mrs N Craig BA (Hons) QTS  
Inclusion Lead Ms S Turner-Arbeid BA(Hons) QTS  
Year 6 
Mrs A Sharman MA BA (Hons) PGCE Deputy Head 
Mrs N Teacher BSc (Hons) PGCE Art Co-ordinator
Miss J Weiner BA (Hons) QTS  
Year 5 Ms S Dalwai MSc, BSc PGSE

Science and STEAM Co-ordinator

Year 4 Ms A Rose BA (Hons) PGCE Humanities Co-ordinator
Year 3 Mrs A Collins BSc (Hons) QTS Maths Co-ordinator 
Informal Education Co-ordinator
Mrs C Kanzen DipEd (SEN) BEd  
Year 2 Mrs M Burland BA (Hons) BEd (Hons)  
Mrs L Steel BSc (Hons)  PGCE  
Year 1 Mrs G Borman Cert Ed Lower School Lead
PSHE Co-ordinator
Mrs H Rosenberg BSc (Hons) QTS  
Reception Mr D Menaard BEd (Hons)  
Nursery Miss T Cowen BA (Hons) PGCE Outdoor Co-ordinator
Creative Writing Teacher Mrs S Sondhelm BA (Hons) PGCE Literacy Co-ordinator
Jewish Studies Teacher Rabbi Z Ford BA (Hons) QTS
Tefillah Co-ordinator
Jewish Studies Teacher Mrs H Roodyn LLB (Hons), NVQ3  
Jewish Studies Teacher Mrs R Stahl BEd (Hons) QTS, DipEd Key Stage 1 Kodesh Co-ordinator
Jewish Studies Support Mrs D Shannon BA (Hons) NVQ  
Ivrit Teacher Mrs S Walters BA (Hons) QTS

Ivrit and

EAL Lead

Ivrit Teacher Mrs N Gologosky BEd (Hons)  
Ivrit Teacher Mrs A Shoolman Hebrew Teachers Cert  
Ivrit Support Mr O Greenman    
Year 5 Mrs A Goldfarb NVQ4  
Year 4 Ms V Wang    
Year 3 Mr D Portnoi    
Year 2 Mrs N Harooni BA (Hons)  
Year 1 Mrs E Sassoon    
Wellbeing Mrs J Jackson Certificate in Humanistic Integrative Counselling  
Inclusion Mrs L Elliott NVQ3  
EYU - Reception Mrs M Haziza NVQ2  
EYU - Reception Miss S Le Fort    
EYU - Reception Ms K Reiff NVQ4  
EYU - Nursery Miss J York NVQ4  
EYU - Nursery Mrs M Jungbacke NVQ3  
EYU - Nursery Mrs J Dagul NVQ3  
EYU - Nursery Mrs R Gigi NVQ3  
EYU - Nursery JS Mrs N Stalick NVQ3  
Music Teacher Mr B Fingerhut BMus (Hons)  
Computing and PE Teacher Mr D Moses BA (Hons) PGCE

Apple Teacher

Google Certified Educator

Independent Schools Football Association Coaching Award

Upper School Lead
PE Coach Mr A Mugabo

FA  Level 2

Level 1 Basketball
Val Sabin Gymnastics
Baseball Level 1
Diploma in delivering and supporting PE in schools


Netball Coach Ms S Reichenstein BSc (Hons) MSc, MA  
Office Manager Mrs K Globe    
Bursar Mrs J Sagal    


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