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Jewish Studies

Our broad-based Jewish Studies curriculum aims to instil a love, understanding and knowledge of Jewish tradition and values. Through our curriculum, we aim to develop within our pupils an awareness and love of their Jewish identity and heritage.


The teaching of Jewish Studies constitutes about 20% per cent of the school day. Our morning begins with Tefillah, for which we have a Tefillah progression curriculum, ensuring that our pupils become familiar with the main Tefillot at an age-appropriate level.


The Jewish Studies curriculum has a number of elements, including Hebrew reading, Chumash, Jewish Living, Tefillah and Parashat Hashavua. Different emphasis is placed on these areas depending on the age of the class and the time of the year. For example, there is a far greater emphasis on the teaching of Hebrew reading in the younger classes, whereas, in older classes, where children have acquired this skill, more time is spent learning Chumash with Biblical commentaries.


Throughout the year, children are taught about the festivals and other important days in the Jewish Calendar. Wherever possible, we celebrate these together, for example on Sukkot, Chanukah, Purim and Yom Ha'atzmaut, for the children learn far more effectively by experiencing these events rather than just learning about them.


We aim to involve parents as much as possible and we invite you to attend events during the year, such as our Chagigat Chumash and Chagigat Siddur, model Sedarim and Rosh Chodesh Tefillah. We also organise various classes to suit the interests and needs of parents, including Hebrew reading and Jewish parenting. As a parent, you are a key role model for your child and can show them that you value Jewish learning by becoming a learner yourself.


We believe that Jewish Studies needs to be relevant, interesting and experiential, which is why we make excellent use of technology in our lessons as well as ensuring that there is cross curricular work happening between Jewish Studies and secular studies.  This way, our pupils learn that being Jewish and living according to Jewish values is relevant at all times and in all situations, not just in Jewish Studies lessons.

By the time a child graduates from Kerem Year Six, they should: 

Demonstrate a pride in their Jewish identity;

Appreciate the religious significance of Eretz Yisrael and the importance of Medinat Yisrael; 

Respect the inherent value of every human being regardless of various differences; 

Understand the importance of community and communal involvement especially within Chessed projects; 

Use (Jewish) sensibilities and sensitivities when making moral decisions and value judgements.


They should also be able to:

Read Rashi script and translate parts of Rashi; 

Use knowledge of prefixes, suffixes and shorashim to aid translation independently.

Analyse a variety of Torah texts independently.

Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of the Parasha and be able to apply the relevant middah learnt through Parashah to daily life. 

Demonstrate a knowledge of key personalities in Nach.

Be familiar and comfortable with Shacharit Tefillot including the full Amidah.

Be confident to help lead a Shabbat morning service.

Have a strong connection to HaShem as the Creator of the world.

Navigate accurately the way around a Siddur.

Have a good knowledge and understanding of the key elements of all chagim, including being able to explain why we celebrate each chag. 






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