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This February half term the children have started the topic ‘Picnic BaPark’ - ‘Picnic in the Park’. They have learnt many foods and drinks in Ivrit and are beginning to look at the adjectives to describe them (flavours, healthy, tasty etc). They will start learning the infinitive verbs (LeEchol- To Eat and LiShtot - To Drink) and make more complex sentences. Please see Topic Vocabulary for the relevant vocabulary. 

Welcome back to the spring term in Ivrit - בְּרוּכִים הַבָּאִים. Year 4 have been working hard on the topic of My Classroom - הַכִּתָּה שֶׁלִּי. They can now say what is in their classroom, their pencil case and their bag (some children can use adjectives and plurals) using prepositions ‘in’ and ‘inside’ - בְּ, בְּתוֹך. Some children are able to add the verbs - ‘study’ and ‘write’ - לוֹמֵד, כּוֹתֵב to say sentences using the prepositions, words and phrases they have learnt. The next topic will be Picnic Ba Park - פִּיקְנִיק בַּפַּרְק which will start after half term. 

Year 4 have finished the topic of Bet Hasefer Sheli - My School and can say what they learn during the school week and which subject they love best in Ivrit. This half term (November 2023) the children have started the topic of Kita Sheli -My Classroom. They will learn about all the items in their classroom including what is in their pencil case, using prepositions and adjectives. See topic vocabulary for the words and phrases.

Year 4 have been enjoying learning the topic of בֵּית הַסֵּפֶר שֶׁלִּי - 'My School' this half term (October 2023). They can say which subjects they learn at school and on which days using the verb לוֹמֵד/לוֹמֶדֶת (learn). They have also used previously learnt vocabulary  אוֹהֵב/ אוֹהֶבֶת to say which subject they like best.

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