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Physical Education

Kerem School aims to encourage children to enjoy exercise and to see it as part of a healthy lifestyle that will continue into adulthood.


Sports and physical education form an essential part of school life. The children play a range of sports including football, netball, tennis and hockey. Classes have regular PE lessons incorporating gymnastics, movement and dance. Years 3-6 visit a local swimming pool as part of their sports curriculum for one term a year, where under the supervision of qualified instructors, they develop their swimming skills. Years 1-6 visit a local gym for two terms which enables a wide range of physical education and gymnastics skills to be taught.  An additional charge is made for these swimming and gym lessons.


On top of this, Kerem holds a number of school-wide sports events which include a swimming gala, cross country events and our annual sports day.


Pupils at Kerem will leave Year 6:


  • with a knowledge and understanding as to why exercise is good for them;
  • knowledge and understanding of the rules of a range of different sports;
  • able to apply different tactics to different game situations;
  • being able to work as a team player;
  • able to swim a length of 25m

Curriculum Overview

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